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Willi Nolan Shares

About this Site

Willi Nolan is a Semi-Retired Community Activist, Grandmother, Elder, Teacher, Human & Environmental Rights Defender, and Friend of Humanity


Current Cases & Important Works

Stay Tuned: Gramma Willi & Youth take action after the UN Climate Conference!

Dialogue with Lena Longtoe, Abenaki – Indigenous Peoples Alliance UFlorida@Tampa 13 Nov 2016

Standing Rock Solidarity

Standing Rock Solidarity

#NoDAPL Standing Rock Solidarity Rally Moncton 12Nov2016

NoDAPL Mni Wiconi

Oh Lache Rien! We Don’t Give Up!

Jonas Colter & Willi Nolan @ Evolve July 2016

Jonas & Willi @ Evolve 2016

Jonas & Willi Evolve2016

Facebook Page:  COP21Paris – Willi Nolan – Facebook Page 

#COY11 #COP21Paris

Peoples Lawsuit – In June of 2013, SWN began seismic testing for shale gas deposits in the unceded territory in the area of Kent County, New Brunswick against the wishes of both Indigenous Peoples and their Settler-alliess. In June 2014, Willi led the filing of the Peoples Lawsuit to to stop SWN (Southwestern Energy Resources Canada) and the New Brunswick and Canadian government from continuing involvement in shale gas operations.

READ: Peoples Lawsuit Plaintiffs Statements

to New Brunswick  Commission on Hydrofracturing Oct 2015

READ the Peoples Lawsuit Statement of Claim


Friends of John Harmon – Willi has taken on the case of John Wayne Harmon, a peaceful Native American elder, veteran and organic farmer who was robbed of all his worldly goods while police looked away and then subjected him to unlawful deportation.


Jane Doe SLAPPS Back!  Defending Lawsuit to Silence & Intimidate Anti-Fracking Protests – Willi has brought the right to protest and defend human rights to a national and international level… she is joining the struggles of ALL peoples against destructive corporations, especially fracking.  Sued and placed under injunction by SWN, she is challenging this SLAPP lawsuit, one brave step in a global challenge to protect the rights of the People of the Earth against silencing and intimidation by corporations.


Spiritual Activism – Since integrating her activist ministry more closely with her spiritual gifts, Willi’s work is holistic and effective in ways that are a delight and a wonder, adding new sources of information and understanding to assist humanity while acknowledging and embracing the global awakening now seen in movements such as Occupy and Idle No More.


About the site – Willi Nolan Speaks

This site was created to help me to share important and useful things with my loved ones, which includes all of humanity.

I get a lot of requests to share the knowledge, experiences and opinions that were created from my 39 years as an activist.

It is my hope that the things that you find here will inform, affirm, move and inspire you to come to understanding that will help you to fulfill your unique and divine life’s purpose. We are all needed to make the world a brighter, better place. You are invited to join the works you see here…

All My Relations,

Willi Nolan

More about Willi Nolan’s work and contributions to humanity…