Collective Evolution: Youth & Elder Relationships

Youth from Bonar Law High School in Rexton New Brunswick skipped school to join the Warriors saying NO to Shale Gas September 2013

Youth from Bonar Law High School in Rexton New Brunswick skipped school to join the Warriors saying NO to Shale Gas September 2013

Messages from Spirit: Youth and Elders

Sharing teachings on good relations between the desires of youth and the hopes of their elders for assisting with the conscious collective evolution of the People of the Earth.

It is well stated that most parents place their hopes higher for their children that for themselves. We naturally hope that our children will be smarter, wiser, healthier and live better, freer lives than ours.


At the same time, youth are often unpredictable in their abilities to recognize and accept that their elders are not all seeing, all knowing, all powerful, that they are just people, spiritual beings in human form who have, for the most part, not having yet attained the highest levels of spiritual perfection, information and understanding. Instead, many of your young ones blame their elders for making the world that they will inherit such a mess.


So many of your young people do not see hope and some are even deciding not to bring any more children to live in your sick societies.   All but gone are the times when your elders were relied on for guidance in all aspects of society. Historically, many of your societies relied more on philosophers than they do in present times on your planet.


But the ancient wisdom is still there, written in your DNA, in the stars and in your hopes and dreams for the future. You still have knowledge and wisdom keepers left on your planet and your spirits are all capable of achieving enlightenment and mastery over your own beings.


The Platonic Allegory of the Cave clearly articulates the essence of what is meant by enlightenment, coming into the light. These times of change upon you are calling forth aspects of your collective psyches that can enable humanity’s transition to what many are calling the era of Light and Life.


Some of you have awakened more fully than others, the progression being gradual and steady as your beings become accustomed to receiving new information, information that could not be received while the human consciousness was held in bondage in the realms of enslavement and subjugation. Now you are as free of those influences as you will let yourselves be. No more Satanic energy can ever reach your planet; in your new reality it has become annihilated, it is as though it never was, or it can be, if you will let it be.


We encourage you to keep bringing your youth to decision making tables. They will learn more from your actions than by your words alone.   Remember that you are not only rescuing your ecological systems from the brink of extinction, you are rescuing your history, your cultures and your spiritual progressions from being hindered, hidden under the veils and shrouds of the dark realms of existence.


Every time that one of you frees yourself from addiction, anger, jealousy or harbouring ill will towards another, you are, in reality, freeing a portion of your collective psyche, you are creating space for true joy and real freedom to replace the realms of tyranny and oppression. And so must it be as you traverse this transition time.


We know that it can be hard on you to withstand the endless epiphanies of the depth and intricacies of the problems that must be resolved and healed in order for your race to continue on your planet.   These times are trying for even the most enlightened human beings, and they are not easy for those of us in spirit world who have chosen to be here at this time to assist you either. As has been said by your philosophers and wise persons “No change can come without effort.”


Some of you have identified that it is not the effort that is the most difficult, it is the change in thought patterns and perspectives that is actually the greatest challenge to your peace and good way of life.


As we have said many times, learning to adjust your energy frequencies to be in harmony with your true purpose in Creation is essentially your reason for your being present as a human on the Earth.  And now you are collectively choosing to overcome humankind’s greatest challenge – to free yourselves of enemies that lurk within your own beings, to free yourselves to move forward within your birthright as children of the Creator.


Can you see how important you are? If we could, we would show you the love in which you are held, the unwavering faith in you that is and always has been expressed by all who know and love your race. Your adventure is held by many of us who live in spirit world to be the greatest experiential adventure of all.

Grandmother and Toddler

Youth & Elders have a special relationship

Recognize that your youth see the mistakes made by your societies throughout the ages. What they want to see now are the correct actions and patterns of thought that will lead humanity away from the path of destruction and self-annihilation and into the richness of being in oneness with the creative potential of the universe.


And so we leave you with our blessings. Know that our faith in you is unwavering. Via Willi Nolan  10 May 2014