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Submissions to New Brunswick Hydrofracturing Commission

”Caveat Emptor”

from the Wulustukyeg Traditional Council of Tobic

Dear Commission,

Re: Caveat Emptor
With this, and all that we say and do, we are of one mind with the Ancestors.

With this, and all that we say and do, we hold uppermost in our hearts the well-being of the Seventh Generation.

With this notice the Wulustukyeg Traditional Council of Tobic issues a legal “Caveat Emptor” addressed to any person, interest, or corporate entity that may be planning, considering or contemplating the purchase, the sale or the development of any and all lands within our homeland, which we have always known as Oskiginweekoag. The natural boundaries of our homeland consist of the following: Wulustuk River – northern boundary, Suebec – eastern boundary, Kennebec River – southern boundary and Gaabec – western boundary.
This proclamation addresses, challenges and duly forewarns the general public regarding the validity and legality of buying, selling, developing or claiming title to lands which have never been sold, ceded, surrendered, traded, bartered, given-up, exchanged, or compromised in any way shape or form by its original owners – the Wulustukyeg (Maliseet) People.

Individuals who fail to heed this legal notice leave themselves vulnerable to any and all legal action including international, civil and criminal.
Signed: Dan Ennis, K’chi Saugum, WTCT
September 23, 2015
Submitted by: Dan Ennis, Tobique NB

Source: http://www.nbchf-cnbfh.ca/submission/caveat-emptor-from-the-wulustukyeg-traditional-council-of-tobic



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