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The Theft Of Our Homeland Through Genocide

By The “Moon Buyers”

In 1604 when the european invaders arrived in our homeland they were always asking our people to sell some portion of our beloved Sacred Earth Mother to them.

Having never thought in such terms, the concept of buying or selling our Sacred Earth Mother was completely foreign and offensive to our people and remains so today.

One did not sell or buy our Sacred Earth Mother. As with our biological mother she is the one who gave us life, who nurtures life, who sustains life, and the one who loves, provides for, protects and respects her Indian children.

Our traditional teachings tell us that our Sacred Earth Mother does not belong to humans, instead humans belong to Mother Earth.

To our people, then and now, the idea of buying and selling our Sacred Earth Mother was so ludicrous, so profane, so disrespectful and demonstrated such contempt for Great Creator and all of her creation, that in time we began referring to the white invaders as “moon buyers” in their attempt to buy a portion of the Great Earth Mother.

And our reply to the white invaders each and every time that they asked to buy our homeland was with laughter and derision.

After hearing this same request over and over again of “sell us some land” we made the fatal mistake of allowing the white invaders to construct a few wigwams for shelter, but we did not sell any of our homeland.

As with all things white, they made great assumptions of our peoples’ permission to construct a few wigwams. With the assumptions being based on their white more-superior-than-thou arrogance along with their white is right and might is right attitude.

The consequences to our people for this act of humanitarian kindness has been, and continues to be, very devastating and lethal for our spiritual ancestral homeland and for the Ancestors, the People, and the Seventh Generation.

We felt sorry for these poor, ignorant and homeless white invaders so we gave them permission to build some wigwams within our homeland. They in turn demonstrated their appreciation and gratitude by stealing our homeland through genocide and through colonization.

It is through this conscious exertion of brutal power that our now white oppressors continue to hold on to their ill-gotten gains, our homeland.

Over time our people were forced, at the point of a gun, to sign whiteman written treaties. But in none of those white treaties did our people sign away any of our homeland.

Once the illegitimate and genocidal nation state of Canada was formed by our white oppressors they immediately set about enacting different laws/legislation as a means of isolating, controlling, confining and terrorizing the Indian. And began in earnest their work, which continues into the present, of colonizing the Indian so as to create a terrorized, obedient, compliant and christianized brown-skinned white Canadian.

Which is the situation we have today. The Indian incarcerated on those white-made Indian reservations is where the brutal colonization continues. And where that iron collar of colonization is continually being tightened around our collective necks so as to keep the Indian from remembering that he once was free, and that this is still his homeland and that it was stolen by our white oppressors through the art of genocide.

All of this from our ancestors’ simple gesture of humanitarian kindness toward those “moon buyers” whom we considered our brothers.

All My Relations,

Dan Ennis

July 28, 2014


Statement of Particulars

The Indian Problem: My Story

– Born at the Tobique Indian Reserve some 70+ years ago and have lived most of my life there

– I am aWulustukyik and am a citizen of Wulustukyik Nation the same as my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and on and on back thousands of generations

– I am neither a Canadian nor a Canadian citizen, the citizenship thing is another example of a white government imposing its will upon our people

– The history of our people and our homeland did not begin upon the arrival to our homeland of the European invaders

– Our Past, which is written within our hearts, goes back some 15,000 + years

-While your history within our homeland goes back only about 400 years

– In 1604 Samuel de Champlain arrived in our homeland at the mouth of the Wulustuk River (aka St. John) and was greeted and welcomed in peace by our people. We could have just as easily killed them all but our people are not into war and violence

– Our ancestral homeland, which we have always known as Oskigineeweekoog, has the following natural boundaries: North – Wulustuk River. South – Canibas River (aka Kennebec). East – Suubag (aka Atlantic Ocean). West – Gaabag (aka St. Lawrence River)

– The spiritual center of our ancestral homeland is Mt. Katahden and the heart of our homeland is the Wulustuk River valley

– At the time of contact our people were a free, sovereign, happy, self-determining, self-reliant, independent, healthy and deeply spiritual people

– We had no shortage of anything be it air, water, land, trees, four legged, winged ones, etc. etc.

– For those 15,000 + years prior to contact our homeland and everything within our homeland was abundant, clean, unpolluted, unspoiled and pristine. It was a paradise on earth as Champlain and Lescarbot noted many times in their journals

– And it only took 400 years for the European invaders to lay waste to our once pristine paradise on earth

– All of the wanton destruction of our people, homeland and its natural resources was done as a way of civilizing and christianizing the Indian

– And was done in the name of pathological avarice, greed, bottom line profit and in the name of progress and development

– Through our world view, values, beliefs as handed down from our traditional teachings our people had no need for standing armies, police, judges, prisons, lawyers, law books, insane asylums. THINK WHAT THIS MEANS!

– We lived by the Spiritual and Natural Law of K’cha-Mendo our name for the one who created Creation

– Our Nations had all of those institutions that whites claim are required for a People to be labelled a civilization e.g. political, economic, justice, health, education, etc.etc.

– About 10 years after the white invasion of our homeland our people experienced our first mass suicide which was directly due to the wanton destruction and the extreme nature of the violence and murder perpetrated by the white invaders

– In 1801 our people and our nation was torn and broken into small bands and at the point of a gun was force-marched to different locations along the Wulustuk River with my community being situated at its current location where the Tobic River meets the Wulustuk River

– And our once half-million + strong nation was reduced to near present day population of about 12,000 human beings. What happened to all those Indians?

– The deliberate diaspora of our Wulustukyik nation by the white invaders is one of many different ways of keeping our people divided and conquered

– It was at this time that the colonization of our bodies, minds and spirits began in earnest

– The colonization process continues into the present through various means including white laws/legislation

– All white man made legislation/laws designed enacted and directed specifically at our people are meant to enforce, reinforce and maintain the colonization of our Nation

– The first law/proclamation designed specifically for Indians was the Indian Scalp Proclamation, proclaimed by Governor Shirley on October 19, 1744 and it was meant to terrorize and to eventually annihilate said Indians

– In 1867 the dominion of Canada was formed by a gang of white guys and began enacting government legislation

– in due course Duncan Campbell Scott introduced the Indian Act, an act designed to control the Indian from cradle to grave

– Then the Indian reservation Act was introduced and enacted by the white parliament

– These two white man laws together were enacted to accomplish one thing, the elimination of Canada’s Indian Problem either through the assimilation or annihilation of the Indian

– Over time when the Indian showed no sign of either being assimilated nor annihilated white government began enacting more white laws designed to confine, isolate and control the Indian

– Indians, then as now, who are born on an Indian reservation are born in bondage and in chains

– And so the genocide of Indians began with the genocide of the peaceful Beothuk and continues into the present but on a more subtle basis

– In 1873 the RCMP were formed by the government of the day to create war with the Indian and to terrorize, confine and control the Indian

– Presently, as in the past, whites continue to display and act upon their extreme contempt for and fear of the Indian

– We are still your brother and you are still our killer

– In the 1960’s the white government came up with another one of its harebrained ideas and called it “devolution”

– In plain English what this meant was that the Indian would be forced to manage his human and societal poverty and misery

– Through this white government scheme it hoped to accomplish some white deceit

– The white government was able to begin bribing elected Indian leaders openly and legally by providing funds for chief and council members to receive salaries which is how it is today

– But no monies nor additional resources for any kind of community infrastructure

– All agreements between the Indian and white government were/are introduced by the white government and come with an already drawn up version to be rubber-stamped by the coopted Indian council and presented on a take it or leave it basis at the point of a gun

– With all of the Indian blood on the collective hands of white Canadians one would think that the good christian Canadians would be eager to help the Indian in any way possible such as what was done to help the Germans after WWII, the German who started two world wars

– But to compound the Indians situation the white government instead consistently sets artificial and arbitrary annual caps assuring failure for Indian Chief and Councils

– What with all the years of social engineering the Indian you would think that by now we would have a very patriotic, christian, law abiding, well adjusted, contributing member to white society and brown-skinned white Canadian citizen

– But instead what we have is a drunk, substance abuser, dysfunctional, PTSD, terrorized, uncivilized, unchristian, suicidal, with nothing to lose, rage filled, colonized Indian

– In contrast, at contact in 1601 the Indian was free, healthy, happy, proud and at peace

– Our white oppressors have a long, historical pattern of systemic abuse, systemic neglect, systemic denial, systemic racism and systemic discrimination

– They also have a long history of blaming the victim – the Indian- for being the author of his own misery

– The evidence is there in plain sight, staring everyone in the face…the Indian is still here and still a reminder

– The Indian still incarcerated within our oppressors creation – the Indian Reservation

– Still being controlled by our oppressor’s legislation/laws, the Indian Act

– Still being imprisoned in our oppressor’s prisons in huge, disproportionate numbers

– Still imprisoned in our white oppressor’s white education system being taught how to be white

– Still creating thousands and thousands of jobs for our oppressors in the Department of Indian Affairs and the Correctional Department to name but two government agencies

– As in the case of all those “good” Germans who refused to hear, see, heed or act on what their Nazi leadership was doing to the Jewish population, to the Jewish Problem

– This is what we have today with all of those “good” christian Canadians refusing to hear, see, heed or act on what is being done to our people

– All whiteman legislation/laws created, designed, directed at and specifically designed to impact Indians, and Indians only, is by definition unethical, immoral, illegitimate and illegal

– What has been shared here speaks to patterns of systemic racism and discrimination

– And to government credibility and to white attitudes towards Indians

– This complaint of systemic discrimination will cover only the province of New Brunswick

– For Eurocanadians the nature of the relationship between Indians and Eurocanadians is a matter of collective and selective amnesia, with their selective amnesia evolving over time into a nationwide case of group-think. A group-think that thinks and says that the theft of our homeland was not done through genocide

– Today, July 6, 2014, as I amend my SOP our community is faced with a very serious and dire situation. We are under a threat by Department of Public Safety officials to remove all RCMP policing services from our community in their effort to force our elected governing council to sign another Community Tripartite Agreement. An agreement which not only does not provide a much needed and substantial increase in monies and resources, but which actually cuts our present level of funding.

– Under all previous policing agreements the white-government-made First Nation Policing Policy (FNPP) could not and did not provide Indian nations access to police services that are professional, effective, culturally appropriate and accountable to the communities they serve. And instead of contributing to improving social order, public security and personal safety this current threat from the Department of Public Safety creates social disorder, public insecurity and no personal safety

– This in turn makes for a community membership (especially the most vulnerable such as children, women and the elderly) which is living under constant stress and fear which makes for sick, sickly and unhealthy individuals

Terms of Settlement

* We want the discrimination to cease.

* We want the Department of Public Safety to immediatelyimplementall of the recommendations made by the Auditor General of Canada in the Spring 2014 Report of the Auditor General of Canada, Chapter 5 First Nations Policing Program – Public Safety Canada.

* The Tobique First Nation to have a trained standalone police service.

* New in-community police services facility/building along with the requires state of the art equipment and resources, e.g. vehicles, radios, computers, etc.

* Increased number of RCMP members and support staff, the number to match the number of members at Big Cove and/or Restigouche.

* Any and all supervisory staff posted to the TFN to be full Indian.

* Creation of a community police management board to replace current community policing committee.

* Creation of community policing Traditional Elders Council to be part of the RCMP community oversight function. 

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