Energy Thieves & Living the Prophecies

Energy Thieves


A Spirit-Sister was feeling very low in energy and wanting help to rid herself of some old patterns and asked what I thought about it…


My Sister,


Your words have a crying need for help in them — to me anyway. It is not my way to tell people what to do in the way of tradition, so I will share with you some of what I do and have learned.


I have studied the prophecies of many nations and cultures that agree that a time of change would come. In this time, it is said that the changes will be a kind of a war and the Earth herself would go into some kind of upheaval. As many others have been saying, I also believe that this is the time that we were told about long ago.


I’ve been studying this for many years, and have listened to what Elders, family, books etc. have to say — but mostly I listen to my own Spirit. I often pray for guidance in this time of change.


I leave you with a simple message – “things” are happening around us and pets/people — to remind us to guard ourselves – shields up!


As with the many different teachings about False Face-Trickster, not everyone is who/what they appear to be. Some who show great kindness and wisdom on the surface can show themselves, if we watch in awareness, to be carefully manipulating the energy of others. It is important to watch!


These are the energy thieves; one Elder that I know calls them time thieves. To help me to recognize this, I am careful about to notice what is in myself that is like this. Sometimes I see I am like a little child seeking negative attention from its parents, who needs to be guided toward Goodness.


You and others call it things like past lives, negative life patterns and so on. For me, time is a continuum, past present, future all being one, and it doesn’t matter where we learn negativity now or before, only that we recognize and deal with it in a Good Way. If I choose to look at the light at the end of the tunnel, I can trust that I will pass through the difficulties. Although this doesn’t always make hard times less difficult, this thinking helps me to maintain a sense of direction – closer and closer to Creator-God, no matter what is in front of me at the moment in time. Strong in faith in my Spirit, I can look for the tools to help me to grow away from the negativity in myself or others.


I have learned to spot energy thieves, because they give some fairly obvious clues in the way that they behave. One indication is that they expect me to be constantly available, no matter what else may be going on in my life.


There are times when I need to do important work to do in Spirit, in my personal Path of growth. At these times, I have noticed that some energy thieves don’t support my choosing to take time to look inside, to grow and change. Some will make a show of imitating the painful Journey toward personal growth that they have seen in myself or others. Being aware of the clues allow me to watch out for anyone whose actions serve to discourage or block me from freeing myself from negativity.


Some time ago, I joined in some gut-wrenching work with a trusted sister. We spoke for many days without holding back about the state of the world and Spiritual warfare that we felt was happening under our feet. We talked about what we needed and didn’t need in our lives to help us to strengthen and go forward. We spent many days and nights drinking tea, praying, learning, eating and sleeping in rhythm with the Guidance we were receiving. We used smudge when we felt the need for it. I find that the medicines are useful for inviting communication with our Higher selves, especially when they are used with prayers.


However, the most important thing I learned in that work was to keep the awareness that Creator is by my side, listening, watching, and waiting for me to ASK for help. Waiting to see if I was aware enough, humble enough to ask the right questions, for the right kind of help. With Creator, prayer is very powerful and always Good. With these things always in my mind and heart, it is important for me to wait, to watch and listen, and to try not to think too much. I have learned to leave room for Guidance and answers to come to me from for Creator-God. Here are some questions that I asked recently:


Am I feeling discomfort because I need food, comfort or rest, or is there another influence that is making me feel this way?

Is this person acting from the heart, is my communication with them distracting me from the Light?

Is the person communicating with me under the influence of his own Spirit-Truth or are there others manipulating her/him without their knowledge?

Is there something that I am thinking, feeling or doing that is causing me to feel uncomfortable with this person?

What is true about my communication with others in this regard?

What effect is this communication having on me, my family and loved ones?

Is this communication helping me or others?

What can I do to lift myself up and stay in the Light?

What do I trust and believe about my own Spirituality?

How can I use the Power of my Spirit to bring forth the Good that is needed?

What is the best choice, and why?


You ask about ways to use Tradition to help. To me using Tradition means asking for help in Life in the Old Ways, to cleanse, purify and strengthen yourself. Here are some ideas for you, some things that I use when I seek help in Spirit:


Go to an Elder’s house and sleep on the couch or floor for a few days. I always give back to the Elders that help me, especially by doing chores and giving and cooking food. Sometimes I don’t talk much, sometimes not at all while I’m there. Just to be in a Good place with a Spiritual person is healing for me. Sometimes I ask to go into Ceremony for extra help to pray, purify, heal and nourish my body and Spirit. I may ask a Pipe Carrier to smoke the Pipe for me and for my family. Sometimes I drum and sing Sacred songs. Sometimes I make food and tobacco offerings to Spirit in Good clean places. I may take a bath with medicines or herbs to feel clean, energized and soothed, light a candle or make a little Sacred fire


I pay special attention to dreams, daydreams and “odd thoughts” that pop into my head). When, I take a walk in Nature and watch what’s happening, I can learn so much – just by watching the wind, rain, sun, birds, insects and animals. It may help to get a professional counselor to talk to, or find a therapy group with people who are going through similar troubles. Sometimes I fast, meditate and pray alone for one day. In times of change and renewal, I believe that it is wise to learn as much as you can about oneself and about self-care, making sure to get extra rest, lots of clean water, private time, and nourishing foods.


I sometimes find that staying away from people (for a day or week or two, once a week or month) gives me an opportunity to think about what is different in my Life without other people’s moods, opinions and influences around. A journal can be a useful tool for reflection on past experiences and dreams.


When I pray and look carefully at my Life and thoughts, I always find that something appears in front of me that can help me. We have all experienced breaks and wounds. I have learned that in order to have peace and freedom to grow, it’s a matter of recognizing, dealing with and learning from our hurts, and moving on in gratitude.


In the times when I feel weak, exhausted or painfully alone in my need for help, I ask Creator-God to stay close to me. This helps me to accept that whatever is presented to me will be useful and is for my Highest Good. At these times, I trust that I will not be given anything that I can’t handle, and try my very best to look only for the Good in everything, even in the “good-byes”.


I send my love with this message and pray that these words will help to guide you to the peace, healing and strength needed for the next part of your journey.



Msit No’kmaq

Little fire/Willi

Winter 2001