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John W Harmon Apr15 2015

John W Harmon – Lenni Lenape Grandfather, Veteran of Vietnam and Korean Wars, Off grid organic farmer and beloved neighbour.

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Read an article about John’s situation by Halifax Media Coop journalist Miles Howe here:

“Jay Treaty on Trial:  New Brunswick’s John Harmon seeks to clarify Canadian government’s position on free passage”  –

Read and see reports about John’s situation by CBC New Brunswick journalist Tori Weldon here:

Native American expat facing homelessness in Kent County” here:

Video: CBC Player John Wayne Harmon Adamsville:   ”It’s been a rough month for 74-year-old Vietnam War veteran John Harmon, who’s been making a home for himself in Kent County. His lost his land, home and livestock in a legal tangle last week and is facing homelessness. Now, he’s also facing deportation.”
April 15, 2015

Read article by NB Media Coop News Writer and former CBC journalist Dallas McQuarrie here:

Adamsville residents seeking justice for senior stripped of land, property and threatened with deportation

May 25, 2015

Join the Kindness, take action and find current information on Facebook:

“Grandmothers for John Harmon”

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  1. Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker
    Oct 30, 2015 @ 15:58:34

    I cannot understand why this is happening. We EXIST We are METIS. WE are the best of two distinct cultures. What don`t they understand about our Constitution. Section 35 states that we are the same as 1st. Nation and are entitled to ALL the things that !st Nation Inuit and Metis. WE ARE ALL EQUAL! We have the God given RIGHT to live wherever we choose in North America.

    Here is food for thought
    If any man of any nation shall show a desire to obey the laws of the great peace they may trace their roots to their source and hey shall be welcomed to take shelter beneath the tree of the long leaves.

    Shall we throw the first STONE.
    Shame on you


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