Gary Metallic/Gespegawagi NB Hydrofracturing Commission October 15 2015

Notice to N.B. Hydrofracturing Commission from the 7th District Gespegawagi Tribal Council represented by Plaintiff, Hereditary Chief, Gary Metallic Sr.


Whereas all lands belonging to the Eastern Maritime Indigenous Peoples have never been freely surrendered, sold, or conquered by any wars between them and the French and English crowns, therefore remain unceded Indian Lands as described in the Royal Proclamation of 1763.

Further Indian title of unceded Indian lands supported by the Peace and Friendship Treaties signed between the Eastern Maritime Indians and the British Crown in the 1700s remains intact, and whereby these Treaties enjoy International status under International Law are still binding against Canada and the Provinces.

Whereas these Treaties were negotiated and signed by all the Original Hereditary Chiefs of the Eastern Maritime Chiefs, and not the Indian Act Band Councils who were only legislated into existence in 1876, all negotiations between the Indian Act Band Councils and New Brunswick, SWN, and others in conducting Fracking within our respective territories were illegal under Domestic and International Law without the free and Prior permission and Consent by our Original Hereditary Life Governing system.

Further the deliberate exclusion of our Life Hereditary Representatives of the Eastern Maritime Indians in the initial negotiations and discussions and signing of agreements between New Brunswick, SWN, and the Indian act Band Councils, are null and void under the Law of Contracts when deceit, secrecy, and the withholding of vital environmental damages to our water and wildlife was withheld from our people.

Evidence of this deceit, secrecy and withholding of possible vital environmental poisoning of our waters and wildlife by SWN, can be seen where they have conducted Fracking throughout the United States where SWN is either being sued by the States, or by individuals where their water was contaminated by their operations, Do we want the same to happen to our water? We must assume the common sense answer is No! Water is the provider of life to all humanity, wildlife and fauna on Mother Earth. We poison our water, we poison ourselves and all others who depend on it to sustain life.

The Government of New Brunswick must do the Honourable thing in protecting our most valuable natural resource, Water, the source which sustains all Life. It must Ban Fracking within all of our Territories and what is now known as New Brunswick. Jobs and Prosperity cannot be made priority over this valuable life giving resource, the environmental risks are too high if we poison our water, without water there will be no life, without life there will be no prosperity.

In conclusion, if the Government of New Brunswick fails to do the Honourable thing in protecting our natural precious resources, then we as the peoples and caretakers, all races of this Earth will take the necessary steps to protect our Mother Earth. The Government of New Brunswick has an opportunity to show the World and be an example in protecting their people and our natural resources versus corporate needs for profit; it is the only Honourable thing left to do.

Yours I Remain in Peace and Friendship,

Gary Metallic, 7th District, Life Hereditary Chief.

October 15, 2015


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