Globalization & The New Lies

The New Lies: Rejecting Globalization


I came upon an employee handbook written for a fancy Texas firm specializing in “organizational change.” The client’s list included “many governmental organizations” as well as HUGE multinational corporations, including utilities. My close friends will tell you that finding the book must have been fate, since I’m a longtime student and proponent of economic development based on human rights.


I noticed in the book that the writers were promising that company executives could “attack the entitlement mindset and “eliminate the root causes of resistance to change” in their employees. They said they would “literally corner employees” who had “worn out notions” and about what they’re “entitled to”, such as continued employment, periodic pay increases, job satisfaction and employer loyalty.


They said that people like these “sabotaged corporate performance”; ideal employees understand that “they personally must change” and never believe that an employer is supposed to protect an employee’s future. And then followed some statements that I see as outright lies.


The first lie was that “the ‘world’ doesn’t care about our opinions. Or our feelings.” (I have noticed this theme recurs in advertisements.)


Second lie: “the ‘world’ puts limits on how loyal an employer can be”. (which world?)


Third lie: “We’re all in this alone.”


Fourth lie: organizations are “merely responding to rule change called by the ‘world’.


What “world” does this group think we’re living in? Did I wake up on the wrong planet? Isn’t loyalty something that one chooses to exercise? What “world” puts limits on loyalty? Not mine. Ask any Spiritual person. We are never alone. In my world, people care about and support each other in order to survive and live good lives.


It seems to me that this “”world” ” whose “rule change” they say they are acting on is being invented by people who value world economics more than people. They are trying to shape the “world” on their terms – globalization. In their globalized “world,” most people should expect to have changing jobs (contracts) in “the services sector”, where “knowledge” is the most important product.


The terribly sad “world” they’re trying to serve up looks like this to me:


A “world” where everyone feels alone, where a person’s hard earned reputation is much less important than their ability to beat out the competition. A “world” where most people never make things or grow food. A world where millions of robots make the work that people used to love doing redundant. A “world” where one cannot expect an employer to to take an interest in an employee’s career


I am deeply saddened that such open war on humanity has been allowed to grow unchecked among Creator-God’s children. I share this to help others to check it out.


I love you all,

Little fire/Willi