Lorraine Clair Statements to the NB Commission on Hydraulic Fracturing Richibucto October 15 2015

Lorraine Clair Statements to the New Brunswick Commission on Hydraulic Fracturing

Richibucto, NB October 15 2015


I have no prepared notes, I will let Creator speak through me.

The biggest thing we were preventing was the raping of the land. Each day there, our rights were stripped, taken from us. It was my Right to be on the land, to gather medicines, do what I needed to do.

When I was arrested, of all the Peoples Lawsuit Plaintiffs, the strongest conditions were placed on me. I lost the right to walk freely in my own territory, and my right to protest was taken. I was not allowed at any protest in entire province of NB.

How can one company come in and dictate where we can go? I had my freedom taken, I was jailed for 3 days, and I was beaten. I was arrested on Nov 14th 2013 and literally beaten to the ground

Still today, two years after, I’m still in pain. I just came from a chiropractor. I still don’t have full use of my shoulder. I can’t pick up my grandkids. They have disabled me. This is what the RCMP did under authority of the government, because a company threw their money power and influence around.

The government gave the RCMP authority. My crime – I unplugged a geophone (seismic testing equipment) stopped the testing for 25 minutes. For this I spent 3 days in jail, and I’m still serving time, because the conditions of my release don’t get lifted until January 2016. I was only sentenced one year ago, so I’ve been literally imprisoned for 2 years. Everything was taken from me. I felt close to losing my life. Things changed on November 14th, when four police officers changed my life, and I’m still traumatized even looking at an RCMP vehicle. I can’t call the RCMP even in dire emergency.

The things that they did to us physically, and mentally, aren’t ever going to go away.

I wants to make sure that my children and grandchildren don’t ever have to go through what I did. I swear that I will put my life on the line again to prevent the brutality, to stop what we went through from ever happening again.

We saw lack of humanity from the government, from the RCMP, and from the workers. Only one worker apologized.

I pray that this never comes back to our province because I will put my life on the line again.

Water is what we all depend on… it’s in us. As a grandmother, I will protect it with everything I have.

Lorraine Clair

Elsipogtog, Sikniktuk, Wabanaki-Mi’kmaq District 6

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to New Brunswick Commission on Hydrofracturing Oct 2015

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