Marc Bernard Presentation to the New Brunswick Commission on Hydrofracturing Oct 15 2015

Marc Bernard Presentation

to the New Brunswick Commission on Hydrofracturing

Richibucto, New Brunswick October 15 2015

If you need violence to enforce your ideas, your ideas are worthless.”

commission (n.) mid-14c., “authority entrusted to someone,” from Latin commissionem (nominative commissio) “delegation of business,” noun of action from past participle stem of committere (see commit). Meaning “body of persons charged with authority” is from late 15c. [Etymology Online]

Peoples Lawsuit Plaintiffs speak before NB Commission Hydrofracturing 15 Oct 2015

Marc & PLawsuit Plaintiffs & NB Shale Gas Commission 15 Oct 2015

Do you understand why this is not a commission on implementing organic community gardens in our communities, protecting our water, bringing solar power, truly healing our sick, truly taking care of our people or anything else that is actually needed. and why this is a commission to attempt to justify causing harm?

We the people have already spoken. We clearly said no, and many of us got intimidated, beat up, traumatized, abused, jailed etc. Trust between people and colonial government has been broken, there is none at all. There is only resistance and blind obedience. They attacked our most powerful people, they disrupted our most sacred ceremonies. This is an assault on the divine feminine as an act of war against consciousness.

Harm has been ordered by a so called authority, and carried out by order followers ignoring their own consciences and blindly obeying unlawful and unjust orders. Your Mafia government disclosed itself of being a criminal organization by opposing the will of the people, and bringing in a police state to suspend our rights and cause harm while protecting theses corporations. All of this and way more, yet here we are, still discussing the possibility of ecocide through fracking this is an act of war against mother earth. Do you not see the insanity, the constant oppression?

This commission is seemingly a waste of time, energy and resources for something that for many is a forgone conclusion. Governments and corporations will never change anything for the good of all, only a select few.

Throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we are going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities, the political, the religious, the educational authorities who attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations, informing, forming in our minds their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question authority.[1]

Through the state owned medias, they painted us a terrorists, chaotics, extremists, using fear, lies, illusions and deceit. This is what the establishment derives it’s strength from, used to divide and conquer. The new scientific method is “Adjusting” your data to meet government’s predetermined conclusion, hiding your data so others can’t examine it, while demonizing anyone questioning it.

People have been indoctrinated into this false system founded upon genocide. The people have been constantly lied to through the education that engineered their minds to a particular belief system, which disconnected the person from his or her own soul. People have been lied to so much that they cannot recognize a simple truth. When truth is spoken, it seems so alien and uncommon. People have a hard time acknowledging our symbiotic relationship with nature, therefore the unthinking majority is unconsciously oppressing the thinking minority.

The single greatest tool for oppression is ignorance.

As equal members of society, we all need to stop being dependent on such institutions of mind control and abuse with a monopoly on violence. Only people can bring about true, authentic, positive, non-destructive, harmonious change by becoming each our own personal leaders and internal authorities, learning to trust ourselves and our own power in the process, instead of giving it away to anyone else, especially abusers and controllers. By using our true will, with a fully developed sense and understanding of independence, and acting according to standards from within, not without — there lies the development of true spiritual sovereignty. We are taking control of our reality and creating it back into balance with the natural laws, which is the law of love, which the universe is founded upon.

This land is spiritually protected by a visible and invisible force which cannot be stopped. Any causes that are set in motion to oppose such a divine force will, and did, only make it stronger. Darkness and light are both of one nature, different only in seeming, for each arose from the source of all. Darkness transmuted is light of the light. This, my brothers and sisters, is our purpose in being, transmutation of darkness towards the light.

The enemy of humanity, peace and harmony draws his strength from guns, unjust laws, deception, illusions and manufactured fear. We draw our power from that which created and governs the universe; our “fuel” is the uncompromised desire for freedom justice and equality for all future generations. We submit only to the Creator and Truth; we “Stand on guard” and stand our ground based on the righteous principles over which no man-made courts or laws have jurisdiction. We transcend artificial labels, categories and divisions; we are legion. We don’t forget and our ideals cannot be killed or imprisoned…

For decades now, the human species has been at a crucial turning point in our evolution upon this planet. Einstein saw this very clearly, and during the 1960’s a counter-culture arose in Western societies, a global generation that questioned the predatory and compartmentalized thinking of modern civilizations.

Millions of people marched in the streets, calling for peace, equality, an end to racism, respect for indigenous people, and protection of the natural world. Coinciding with the first photographs of our planet from space, young people celebrated with new forms of music, spirituality and creative expression.

Unfortunately, as time passed, the sense of unity and vision of the sixties started to fade for many people. Perhaps the dream of living in tune with Nature and shifting Civilization’s paradigm seemed unrealistic, the calls for absolute freedom and equality destabilizing, a threat for those in positions of power.

By the end of the 1970’s the culture of materialism came back in full force. Civilization’s peoples were lulled to sleep again, overwhelmed by the demands of careers and economics, seduced by the hypnotic spell of new cars and color television sets, beautiful homes, delicious foods and other fabrications of Wall Street’s marketing sorcery.

For the Natural world and less “developed” cultures, the nightmare of wealthy nations’ insatiable desire for resources, materials and “growth” continued in full force. Wars, poverty, terrorism, crime, political corruption, ecological destruction and economic instability have become chronic symptoms of a civilization in crisis.

Meanwhile, all around (and within) us, most of the Universe moves to a different paradigm, a more natural and balanced beat. Our physical bodies function as a harmonious whole, all the cells and systems working together as one, in sync with the surrounding world.

We breathe in oxygen given to us by the trees, drink water from lakes and springs, take in materials from trees and plants that grow in the earth, their leaves gathering energy from our local star, the sun. Every moment of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, we live in Unity and intimate Connection with the creative wisdom of the natural world.

Einstein saw this. Likewise, many indigenous cultures have had this awareness. While they did not “develop” technologically over the past few thousand years, most small tribal communities observed their local environments carefully, and learned to live in sustainable harmony with Mother Earth. They lived in sync with natures paradigm, keenly aware of the sacred interdependence of all things.

Thinking and behavior that is in tune with Nature’s wisdom is more compassionate and holistic than the mechanistic ways of complex civilizations. All it requires is mindful observation, curiosity, a creative imagination and a peaceful heart. Jesus and Buddha understood this, as did Lao Tsu, Gandhi, and Henry David Thoreau, to name a few.

~ Marc Henri Bernard October 15, 2015

Reference: [1] Timothy Leary quote. Goodreads. Retrieved Oct 17 2015.


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