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Marc Bernard: Words

Marc Bernard: Words


Turning Our Culture of Consumerism and Competition to a Culture of Creating and Sharing

Why is it that my generation is forced to face what seems to be a lawful oppression of an inconceivable magnitude? Is our future already sold out to the present by the past? Or can we use the Rule of Law in order to protect those which have yet to come and those who are currently becoming? Is our destiny already sealed and locked by those who came before us, or can we claim the present and the future for the needs of all living things, rather than the wants of a few?

“If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who use the words.” Why is it that the laws have become so complicated when the Original One Law of Nature was to not do harm to other living beings?  What made us go from this simple obvious concept to what appears to be a lawful destruction of our future in the name of present mindless self indulgence?

I believe that in order to answer such questions we must look at the words that we use which guide our lives without our being consciously aware. It is my perception that the truth is hidden in plain sight, and that the English language is one of deception by design. It has turned everything upside down, making the good seem bad and the bad seem good. It reflects our disconnection to nature, to god, which is ourselves.

Are we truly bound to the spell of those which gave meanings to the words during ancient times, which led to millions of people living an inauthentic life? Or can we give new meanings to the old with new perceptions which were not previously available. Our experience of reality is created through our beliefs and definitions, and the only way to truly change anything is to give new meanings to those old beliefs and new definitions to the words we use and oblige ourselves to live by. Abracadabra “I create as I speak.”

This is why we must be part of the decision making which dictates the direction of all our lives –  which is what we refer to as society – for it is us who will be affected by those decisions. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We are un-lableable, no word can give justice to what we truly are. We are claiming the present as the pre-sent, the hereafter, we are breaking the ancient spell that is ignorance. We live for truth and purpose rather than money and greed.
Empowering every individual is key to real development, and it is the opposite of the dominant current system which makes us give our powers away to people who are living  inauthentic lives, such as religious figures, bankers, politicians, actors, educators, judges, lawyers. etc. While we view these people as being successful, their success actually depends upon the suffering of others. At the same time, we view the homeless, the poor those who have the least negative impact upon society as criminals, parasites, bums, lazy etc. Everything is upside down.

We must reject the idea that making money and keeping it flowing at all costs in order to consume goods is our sole purpose on this planet. We need to turn our culture of consumerism and competition to a culture of creating and sharing. We must transform fear into love, ignorance into awareness and our separateness into oneness.

by Marc Bernard  November 2014


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