Marcel White Statements to New Brunswick Commission on Hydraulic Fracturing Richibucto 15 Oct 2015

Marcel White Presentation

to the New Brunswick Commission on Hydraulic Fracturing

Richibucto, NB October 15 2015

Marcel White: "There are so many better options out there for our job and energy needs"

Marcel White: “There are so many better options out there for our job and energy needs”

Firstly, I’d like to say that seeing as Gallant was elected for his promise on a Fracking moratorium and he did deliver one. It is a step in the right direction. I and many others however, feel that his moratorium, which still allows for exploration, was tap-dancing on the issue – that is, trying to please the public while still leaving things open enough for companies, who threaten our water supplies, to operate. The fact that he has this Commission however, does give me some hope he’ll live up to what he was elected for.


I had lived for just over four years in Alberta, and I saw the kinds of things the industry is willing to do to the environment and people, and it’s not pretty. I never did work in the oil sector, but just about everyone I lived with did at one time or another, and there were very few areas I had gone to that had not been touched by the oil industry in some way. Ways such as cut-lines that stretch as far as you can see through the forests, which I learned contributed greatly to the decline in the deer population, since predatory animals had a much easier time hunting them down in these many intersecting cut-lines.

More than once, I saw trucks filled with explosives parking on blind corners of roads with heavy truck traffic, and no advanced warnings or even pylons. I heard stories almost every day of pipelines and old wells that would leak oil and/or H2S. I saw oil wells that would light up the night sky for miles as they flared, with more chemicals coming off them than they could bother to test for, as a foreman at a “frackjob” near my workplace had explained to me. But apparently, these are the “Best Practices” of the industry, and we were promised “Best Practices” should the industry come to New Brunswick; which is why I left my job, in Alberta, at a permaculture designing and building outfit, to make sure my home would stay safe from what I had experienced from the oil industry.


So as far as the oil industry goes, we need to be much wiser when handling something that is clearly on it’s last legs. Fracking in itself, is a testament to the fact that finding new oil reserves is getting ever more difficult, and if we choose to burn what is left for our power needs, then how do we make reusable plastics or lubricants for machines without large scale “monocrops” to process plant oils from? (Which, by the way, is very damaging to ecosystems as well). Not to mention adding to our climate change problems from the emissions from burning these fossil fuels. Being that the technology and funds are there for a switch to renewables, the agendas of our governments will need to change, unless Canada is destined to become a backwards country over the next century. Backwards it is becoming already, as compared to Germany, a country with comparable power requirements, and much less land to be harvesting renewable energy from than Canada. Yet, Germany has already converted the vast majority of their power needs to renewables in just the last 10 years, while we continue investing in the oil and nuclear industries for our electricity.


So in closing, I’d like to say that the moratorium should be expanded to an outright ban on the process of fracking, and much further expand, into more forward thinking regulations on how the oil sector operates.


Marcel White

Kent County New Brunswick

October 15, 2015


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