Mi’gmag of Signigtog historic Directive to SWN (Southwestern Energy) shale gas fracking company


Loved ones, I am very proud to have been asked to draft this historic document;  I am sure that spirit helped with the wording because so few edits were needed. It is the first time in the knowledge of all concerned that Original peoples have asserted their collective right to respect and protect the lands and waters from industrial development.  It is my hope that others will see this work and also assert their rights and responsibilities to protect Mother Earth in other territories.



Mi’gmag of Signigtog historic Directive to SWN (Southwestern Energy) shale gas fracking company asserting collective community right to tell SWN… stop what you are doing, establish a fund to repair the damage you have caused and leave our territory.




September 6, 2013
Elsipogtog First Nation, New Brunswick

SWN Forced to Pay Damages & Leave NB

Mi’gmag Issue Historic Directive to Fracking Co.


The Original People of theWabanaki-Mi’gmag District of Signigtog have,

for the first time in known history, used their collective authority to
stop shale gas activity in New Brunswick. Based in Elsipogtog,
together with allies from Acadian, Anglophone and First Peoples’
communities, the Signigtog District Grand Council and Collective Community of
Concerned Members of Signigtog have issued a directive to shale gas
developer Southwestern Energy (SWN) to stop all shale gas activities,
leave the territory, and compensate the people for harm caused by
their operations.

Kenneth Francis of Signigtog said, “Creator made us caretakers of
Mother Earth. Our goal as the Collective Community of Concerned
Members of Signigtog is to protect Mother Earth because we’re killing
her. She’s already endured too much. We will lose our clean water if
we sit back and allow what the shale gas companies are planning on
doing in Signigtog. What they are planning is unacceptable. We do not
accept the unacceptable.”

Members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams have been providing support
and accompaniment to Kent County opponents of shale gas development
since June of this year. Their organization’s web site reports that
“The issuing of this Directive is an unprecedented and crucially
important event in the history of the Mi’gmag People. Christian
Peacemaker Teams is honored to be present as the Original Peoples of
the Wabanaki-Mi’gmag District of Signigtog undertakes this historic
initiative and to support their sovereignty over the Wabanaki-Mi’gmag
District of Signigtog”

The Concerned Members of Signigtog is a collective community of members
supported by the Mi’gmag Grand Council who are dedicated to protecting
Mother Earth and working tore-assert their sovereignty over their
traditional territories. Signigtog-Mi’gmag Grand Council Keptin Noel
Joe Augustine speaks with pride about being a member, “It only takes a
handful of people to save the lands and waters. Through our prayers
and ceremonies we have made a very good spiritual beginning. The
sacred fire is now lit in the hearts of many people who are helping us
to do what is right and protect the water.”

Warrior Chief John Levi wants everyone to know that not only is more
encouragement, support, participation and help welcome, but that the
work itself is enjoyable and rewarding. “We are strong and happy
people. Our allies are with us all the way and we get stronger, even
with all the difficult experiences we’ve been through. We’ve been
arrested, lied to and there have been many attempts to silence us and
get us to stop what we’re doing. But we know we’re doing the right
thing and we’re going to continue as long as there is a threat to our
way of life.”

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For more information please contact: Serena Francis 506-523-9950; Noel
Joe Augustine 506-523-8349; John Levi 506-523-5014; Katrina Clair
506-523-3784; Kathy Levi506-521-4570; Gary Simon 506-521-1828

Directive available from New Brunswick Environmental Network here – http://www.nben.ca/en/collaborative-action/caucuses/shale-gas-caucus/publicconsultationshale?download=1728%3Adirective-to-southwestern-energy-swn-swn-canada-et-al-signigtog-district-migmag-grand-council-on-behalf-of-the-collective-community-of-concerned-members-of-signigtog-august-2013


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