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* All Stars *


Alma Brooks    Anne Solomon    Cassie Piccolo     Dan Ennis

Dave & Debbie Cyr and Family    Gary Metallic    Gitpu Nevin

gkisetannamoogk    Gregory M. Cook    Lorraine Clair

Marc Bernard    Marcel White    Willi Nolan


READ: Peoples Lawsuit Plaintiffs Statements

to New Brunswick  Commission on Hydrofracturing Oct 2015

Alma_Brooks_Lodge_Liane_Thibodeau_Nov2013Alma Brooks is a Wolastokeywik woman and leader in the Maliseet Grand Council and Wabanaki Confederacy. Alama says that “The Comprehensive Land Claims” process is being negotiated without the free, prior, and informed consent of the Maliseet People; who are the title holders and the beneficiaries.

The Comprehensive Land Claims process is negotiated under grave conflict of interest on the part of individuals from the provincial government and two Maliseet bands; negotiating Comprehensive Land Claims while at the same time taking money from mining and extractive industry within the same territory.

All levels of government including Indian Band Chiefs are ignoring consultation procedures; and violating domestic, treaty & international laws. An umbrella Agreement was signed without the knowledge or permission of the Maliseet people; which binds all of them to anything these individuals negotiate.”


Anne Solomon_cooking

Anne Solomon, an Anishnawbe Kwe, is a Traditional Teacher, Educator, and a Faith Keeper in her traditions. She details her interest in joining the Peoples Lawsuit: “I am an Anishnawbe Kwe, a daughter and a Grandmother on this sacred Land with the knowledge and spiritual responsibility to look after the waters of our land; as such it is incumbent on me and all other  Anishnawbe Kwe to carry, use and utilize our sacred responsibility and authority to protect the waters and all the lands where waters flow for our Ancestors and for all the successive generations.

The visible and contemplative threat to our waters through the process of industrialized institutions such as SWN with their fracking systems constitute a requirement for me to stand up and sound my voice against this and all other processes of destruction of waters on this Earth Mother planet – our home; as such in good conscience and of sound mind I hereby add my name to The Peoples Lawsuit as identified and outlined in these documents.” 

cassie p and sydneyCassie Piccolo is a young woman residing in Halifax who took part in the Rexton New Brunswick peaceful protests in fall of 2013.  She was a victim of a hit-and-run by a SWN contractor and refused assistance by the police. She was also wrongfully arrested for opposing fracking – all charges against her were subsequently dropped.









Dan_Ennis_with_reporter Dan Ennis is an Aboriginal person and K’che Saugem for the Wulustukyieg Traditional Council of Tobic. He became involved in the Peoples Lawsuit because, as he says, “This is excellent work. We are all responsible for the Seventh Generation. I know that The Ancestors and The Seventh Generation are watching over us in all that we do.”



Debbie_David_CyrDave & Debbie Cyr and Family live near Moncton New Brunswick.  They and their 4 children are Plaintiffs in the Peoples Lawsuit.

Debbie is a Mi’kmaq woman. She and her family practice Traditional Culture and are supporters of public protests against shale gas exploration. The family relies on traditional medicine, which makes the protection of lands and waters especially important. This family is standing up for their rights and for the protection of Mother Earth, all Life, religious freedom and for the next 7 generations.

Dave is of Acadian heritage, is the Father of Mi’kmaq children, a supporter of public protests, human rights and the protection of Mother Earth and all Life. Like his wife and children, he relies on traditional medicine for his health and well being. 


Gary_Metallic_Wabanaki_Confederacy_lodge2013Gary Metallic says that “indian act band councils who are negotiating with canada and the provinces on land claims and the extraction of our resources are Mi’gmaq nation states, when in fact they are the created regimes of the Federal govt in the 1800s under the indian act, which eradicated our Hereditary Life systems. These two Federal entities are in a profound conflict of interest when they sit at the table negotiation for our lands and resources, they are actually one party negotiating with itself. The statement of claim we have here is well put together, and I am very glad to see that our Wabanaki Confederacy will be representing our peoples.”

Gitpu_on_horseGitpu Nevin is a member of the Elsipogtog community. “My reasons for involving myself in this lawsuit are very simple. The risks involved in fracking threaten the very grounds of future generations. If allowed, fracking could contaminate the water that we use to drink for sustenance. The well being of locals and the survival of future generations has been put into question as a result of this threat. Contamination to local water supplies will damage ecosystems, kill animals and poison people’s water and air. Methane leakage will exacerbate global warming and climate change. Force used by the state to protect oil investments has proved to be harming to concerned citizens, including women, elders, and youth. Many were physically beaten up and unneccessarily abused. This land is my home, and these people are my relatives. As a man, a soon-to-be father, member of the Elsipogtog community and Mi’kmaq Nation, citizen of Canada, and your relative, it is my responsibility and my privilege to protect the earth. We all have an inherent duty to protect future generations, for they will be our children, and grandchildren. Life is Sacred, and life is good. We need to protect it.

By allowing fracking, the government has failed to fulfil its obligations to protect the people. The government has undermined the interests, rights, and livelihood, of local citizens. The most basic right to life has been ignored. The Alward government has neglected the Canadian Constitution, Treaty rights, and the Charter of Rights and Freedroms. As Canadian citizens, we have a right to clean air and water. We have a right to decide what resource developments are taking place on our lands. We also have the right to protest peacefully and to perform religious ceremony unhindered. These rights have been trampled in the name of Alward’s fracking developments with SWN. The RCMP violently arrested and abused peaceful protesters and elders, even when partaking in traditional ceremony. People from various communities gathered in unity to protect the earth and the well being of their relatives. What they experienced was the violent and forceful push of an agenda for oil and money. Trauma, chaos, and confusion swept throughout the communities as a result. The very faith that is placed into Canada as being a respectable democratic nation has been shaken up. The government must acknowledge the harms that they have caused, and somehow find redemption through fulfilling the obligation to keep people safe. Fracking must go.


 gkisetanamoogk_adjunct_professor_UMainegkisetannamoogk is a Wampanoag man and husband and father.  His interest in the peoples Lawsuit: “i join this legal complaint as amicus curiae and amicus verum, a Friend, of the Wabanaki Confederacy. i have a vested interest in the success and thrivable life of all matters Wabanaki—People, territories, Confederacy, life, and being… At one time the Wampanoag—the multitude of Algonquin First Nations of “southern new England”—were part of the extensive eastern great confederacy, including well over 60 Nations. i join You and support You, the Elsipotog Community, Mi’kmaq’ik, the Wabanaki Confederacy, the Bundles, the Land, the water, and our Relatives of the Land. Every neighbor—canadian citizen and canadian governments—are equally governed by the treaties and we each are responsible for upholding the integrity of the land and spirit, of one another.

We all need to debrief the experience and determine the periphery of reconciliation in the context and climate of Peace and Friendship…. The good news: we will all get there!!!”



Greg Cook @ 134 Greg_Cook_with_friend2Gregory M. Cook is a new Brunswick writer. His interest in the Peoples Lawsuit:  “Neither the Lord nor the Alward government sought consent from the people of New Brunswick to develop fossil fuels in the province, despite the fact that there was considerable public dissent expressed when the current Premier was leader of the opposition and expressed his own serious concerns about the in the issue in legislature; and despite and/or because of this the Progressive Conservative Party platform going into the 2010 election had a one sentence commitment to the development of natural gas and oil, which “conveniently” avoided the key words in the debate: “shale” and “fracking.”

The Premier’s contracting academic political scientists (before or by February 2011) to tell him “how to consult third parties” appears to be a deliberate attempt to subvert due democratic processes.

Faced with up to 20,000 signatures calling for a moratorium on such development, rallies, marches, letter writing and other campaign activities, the Premier spoke to the Chamber of Commerce in the Greater Moncton area: October 2011 Premier Alward in Moncton (DIRECT QUOTE from a copy of his written speech): “Government MLAs will be holding town hall and information meetings in their respective ridings this month to hear directly from their constituents on this important issue. So, I urge all New Brunswickers to make the most of this consultation program.” He later said he was misquoted, despite reports that the statement was in his prepared speech.

March  2012  Corporate Research Associates Inc. Poll: “When New Brunswickers were asked if they still worry about the environmental impacts of hydro-fracking for shale gas, even with regulations, 79 percent agreed.” Other polls and surveys demonstrated similar dissent. The various campaigns in more than two dozen community centres continued.

Instead of appointing representation from the various standing committees of the legislature affected (with assigned staff) to be assigned to hold public hearings throughout the province, in October 2012 The Louis LaPierre shale gas study group process (based on only nine public hearings – none of them in the metropolitan areas of New Brunswick) is a far cry from the Premier’s promise of consultation in every riding in the province.

Indeed, social media researchers finally tipped the mainstream media to the fact that this non-elected “consultant” had been operating for years with fraudulent credentials.

Although the Premier holds the portfolio for native affairs, the consultative processes he allowed the industry itself to undertake appears to be equally outside due democratic processes, if not illegal. Corporate money was paid to “monitors” of the shale gas seismic testing. Some of those monitors never left their home or communities to examine anything.

Meanwhile the industry was seeking “social license” for a government without having sought consent, by paying people to attend meetings in what appears to be less than a public relations testing of their opinion and more like a bribe to be quiet amid the growing dissent… including serious misgivings about the appearances and conduct of the paramilitary forces of the state.


Lorraine_MotherEarth_wallhangingLorraine Clair “Speaking on behalf of my family and I. We want our land and water to stay as it is for us and more important, our future generations. With this, we want all oil and gas companies to stay off our lands and water and to end any future plans of coming into our Hunting, Medicine and Burial grounds. We also wish to ask for damages from the companies and their contractors who have already caused harm to us and our land.”

For our Future Generations

In Unity

Lorraine “Young Buffalo” Clair



Marc_Bernard_at_mixing_boardMarc Bernard is a young Acadian man living in the area targeted for SWN shale gas development. He speaks with pride about his involvement in the Peoples Lawsuit:  “It’s a great privilege and a grand opportunity for me. When surrounded with all the wise and loving people we have gathered, I feel reassured for what I know to be true. I may not say much or question a lot, however know that I acknowledge the greatness and importance of what we are doing.”


Marcel_clean_shave_headshotMarcel White is an experienced organic farmer, permaculture and sustainable builder. He shares:  “I became part of the Peoples Lawsuit because I’ve seen first-hand the kind of damage industry is willing to do to the land, water and people’s health from living in Alberta for four years. When I heard about penobsquis, I left my job out west and moved back to New Brunswick to help make sure my home province doesn’t become another industrial wasteland like Alberta.”


Willi_Nolan_New_Year2014Willi Nolan is born of Mi’kmaq-Wabanaki Confederacy territory. Willi’s 40 year career-ministry as an activist has been protecting people and Creation’s clean air, land, and water from devastation caused by threats from dirty industries and damage and pollution. She does it for love of the people and to meet her spiritual responsibility as a woman and for the generations to come. The shale gas invasion of New Brunswick is the first time a threat has come to her home – literally shattering the earth that she and her ancestors have inhabited for time out of mind.



It is also the first time she has been directly targeted and her rights derogated in a SLAPP lawsuit. In October 2013, SWN launched an injunction and SLAPP lawsuit against Willi, 9 other people and “Jane Doe” and “John Doe.”  She found a lawyer and welcomed allies to join their voices with hers, launching the Peoples Lawsuit as a strategy to defend her ministry and her rights as a Human Being, Mi’kmaq woman, Faith Keeper, Grandmother, Human Rights Defender and steward of the precious ecosystems in New Brunswick that sustain her and to end the threat to her community’s healthy and peaceful way of Life.




  1. Barbara Riley Cutler
    Jun 27, 2014 @ 01:03:57

    Thank you all for standing up and fighting for our clean water,earth and air in NewBrunswick for future generations. You are all to be commended for sacrificing to do this.. You are all in my heart and my prayers…. NO TO SHALE GAS !!!!!!!!


    • Willi
      Dec 04, 2014 @ 02:39:23

      Thank you for the encouraging and kind words and especially for your prayers. Bless our planet.


  2. martin zapaddiz
    Aug 08, 2014 @ 00:25:18

    we must follow the elder’s, and say no to this!


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