Gary Metallic: Thoughts, Words and Wisdom From a Mi’kmaq Hereditary Chief


Gary building Wabanaki Confederacy lodge


On the Filing of the Peoples Lawsuit:

Because of the compassion, and tenacity of our Women to protect Mother Earth and her peoples within our territories from industrial poisoning of waters, we now have filed in the New Brunswick courts a suit that contains similar arguments of our land titles similar to the B.C. supreme Court case that came out the same day as our suit was filed in St John N.B.

On behalf of my people of the 7th District, Gespegawagi, we thank all of you for making the lawsuit statement of claim a reality, special thanks to Willi Nolan for fighting back against a corporate Giant, SWN, and thanks to SWN for being so stupid and arrogant to think that they could intimidate our Women.

Last, thank you to all the legal and administrative people who put the statement of claim together and filing it, we still have a long way to go, but the Supreme Court Judges have given us a road-map to make our journey easier.


Should Indian Act Chiefs be allowed to wear the sacred headdress for their political purposes?

Words of Wisdom by hereditary Chief Gary Metallic | Feb. 2015

The two, the Federal Govt and the Indian act created band councils are one Federal body for legal purposes, the indian act regimes created by canada is the arm of the Federal Govt. When they negotiate at their tables in regards to the extinguishment comprehensive land claims of our territories and the extinguishment of our old treaties signed with the British nation to nation and canada giving us self govt, they are in fact in a profound conflict of interest, negotiating as one body.

Who truly represents the original title holders of our rights and territories? No one, only the Hereditary Life Chiefs and their councils that were eradicated by the indian act can be the legitimate representatives of our peoples when it comes to nation to nation negotiations, as what our Ancestors did in their time.
These extinguishment comprehensive land claims that are being negotiated across all of our territories, some in their final stages, can in fact be declared null and void once signed under the Law of Contracts. The reason being, because of the profound conflict of interest between canada and their indian act created regimes. “How can one be suitor and judge at the same time?”
This is unacceptable under the Rule of Law. Canada has evaded the Rule of Law when it created its own Law in buying our Land titles and extinguishing our rights to them through their indian act
created regimes. In our nation historically, the Hereditary Chief wore no headdress, he never considered himself to be any higher than his people. In fact, when Europeans first came to our shores, they could not distinguish who the chief was because he was no different than his people. In fact, he was poorer because he would give up his comforts to the poor because this was one of the qualities of a good and honest chief, to ensure that his people were taken care of first and him last. These indian act Chiefs, and not all, wear these headdresses for show, to show that they are the head cheese, along with their luxuries that they have accumulated throughout their terms. Some actually became millionaires through their peoples monies.


I am one of the Hereditary Chiefs in our Nation and have refused to wear a headdress, or get paid for my services to my people. I pay for my own travel and legal fees when fighting canada and the provinces in the defence of our homelands and original rights. canada or the provinces don’t own me or my District council in any way through their blood money that they provide their indian act created band councils, we are totally independent.


Source: Gary Metallic’s comments to Question from Ozaway Pinesse on the Facebook page Protectors of Mother Earth: Should Indian Act Chiefs and their Grand Chiefs, Regional Chiefs and National Chief be allowed to wear the sacred headdress for their political purposes?


On the Wabanaki Nations Rising

Words of Wisdom: Written by hereditary Chief Gary Metallic

A new Dawn is rising in the horizon within the territories of the Wabanaki Nations and its peoples, the Sun’s light will finally overcome the darkness cast upon our peoples by the arrival of the newcomers, this long and terrible shadow has caused pain and suffering upon our Peoples for centuries, and the destruction of our Mother Earth.It is important to note that not all of the newcomers hearts were uncaring towards our peoples and Mother Earth; many have questioned the actions of the newcomer lords of trade exploitation of Mother Earth up to this day;  evidence is the recent Peoples Lawsuit filed by the peoples, Native and Non Native.
Our Prayers and smudges conducted the days before, during and following the filing of our suit have been doing their work in bringing our historical questions contained in the suit to finally be addressed by their courts within our territories. Almost immediately after filing our case, that same day, we were given an indirect answer from the B.C. Supreme Court ruling concerning Aboriginal title, and meeting that criteria to establish our titles to our territories.  Our Creator works in mysterious ways.
But this fight is not only for our people, it is for all of humanity, our water sustains all life, human, wildlife, plants,insects, that’s why we will prevail.  If the Judicial are human and have families too, and care what happens to them and our resources, especially Water, then they should not be influenced by Govts or Corporations. In their administering of Justice, Justice must remain Blind, it cannot be “man made Justice” where judges take it upon themselves to create new law, they must adhere to a long established Judicial universal benchmark called the Rule of Law that governs all Nations on Earth.”

On the Peoples Lawsuit Statement of Claim

indian act band councils are negotiating with canada and the provinces on land claims and the extraction of our resources as Mi’gmaq nation states, when in fact they are the created regimes of the Federal govt in the 1800s under the indian act, which eradicated our Hereditary Life systems.

These two Federal entities are in a profound conflict of interest when they sit at the table negotiation for our lands and resources, they are actually one party negotiating with itself. The statement of claim we have here is well put together, and I am very glad to see that our Wabanaki Confederacy will be representing our peoples.

On Unceded Lands, Negotiations and Band Council:

Peace and Friendship Treaties were  not about giving up our land Titles within our 7 Districts.  We still own the Lands and Resources. Now we focus on Quebec where we had no Treaties with them, just like the B.C. Nation that filed their winning case in the Supreme Court, and tell Quebec that these are our Lands and resources.

All negotiations by MMS and the Listugj Band Council, Quebec, and Canada must be stopped where our lands are in danger of being sold to them. These are our ancestral lands, our Ancestors fought to preserve our titles for us and for future generations to come.

The time has come for us to reclaim what is rightfully ours. Don’t let the same thing happen to our claims as what happened to the bridge approach where Quebec boldly planted their provincial monument as a boundary marker after they paid millions to the Band Council.

I will propose to our 7th District Council in sending Quebec an official Notice again that our territories remain Mi’gmaq Unceded indian lands, and that their false and imaginary boundaries are illegal and they remove their monument at the bridge approach because they built it without our peoples consent; the consent by the Band Council was not legitimate.

I will further propose to the new Chief and council to sign and support our 7th District notice for the removal of that Quebec Boundary Marker or to write a letter of their own, “our lands are not within Quebec, Quebec is illegally within our Ancestral lands”.


  1. Nicholas Prisk
    Jul 23, 2014 @ 12:12:28

    I am also a heredity chief in the nepesiquit watershed near Bathurst NB. My ancestors did not sign treaties in our territory. I have a direct lineage to the treaty signing natives. My mother was from Big Cove near Rexton NB.
    Heredity Chief
    Nicholas Prisk


    • Willi
      Jul 23, 2014 @ 20:00:53

      I welcome mr prisk as another hereditary chief in our district. Especially roots from big cove. Hopefully he joins us at the confederacy and unto our peoples suit, welalien, gary


  2. Nicholas Prisk
    Sep 02, 2014 @ 17:09:02

    quote, Robert Nozick justice in holding’s justice in acquisition: when is it legitimate for a person to hold a piece of property? the first principle is the question of justice in acquition. under what conditions when I initially come to acquire something, say land is my acquisition of it such that my ownership of the object is in keeping with the conditions of justice. the second question concerned with here is the question of justice in transfer.(supreme court ruling demands that crown maintains honor and integrity in dealing with natives on issues of resources at all times). Question is,” if I have an object and I wish to transfer possession of that object to you,under what conditions is that transfer justice preserving? and finally is the question of rectification of injustice? suppose I own land, resources, which you illegitimately take from me, under what conditions and how do I reclaim possession of those objects?( land and resources) If a person acquires a holding(native land) in keeping with principle of justice in acquisition,a person is entitled to holding. We natives own mi”magi(native land) in a way that is legitimate, rule- following,my owning of this land is in keeping with the rules of justice. there never was a legal transfer of mi’magi(native land) to the crown. The crown is not legally in possession of present day maritimes. What seems to matter is the process and not the outcome. Europeans came to possess this land. it makes all the difference in the world what the actual process by which Europeans came to possess this land. If, for example there was a car lot down the road from me, which I didn’t own, where an expensive car was parked. and I took that car without permission,my possession of that car is illegitimate. Even if there is an alternative process which I didn’t engage in whereby I could have come to have that car legitimately If a thief takes your property it doesn’t make his possession of your property legitimate even if you could have voluntarily given it to him. If I come to possess something illegitmatly and I transfer it to you, even by legitimate means, it retains its’ illigimate status. justice in holdings is historical. It depends on what actually happened. In particular, if something is owned as result of an unjust acquition, it produces an unjust holding. If something is owned as the result of an unjust acquisition plus a just transfer, it still produces an unjust holding, and if something is owned as the results of an unjust acquisition and an unjust transfer, its’ not that these two injustices cancel one another out. Again we have an unjust holding.
    unjust acquition = unjust holding
    unjust acquition plus just transfer = unjust holding unjust acquition plus unjust transfer = unjust holding just acquition plus just transfer = just holding. THE LATTER NEVER HAPPENED.


    • Willi
      Dec 05, 2014 @ 05:43:32

      Wow! That’s a lot of needed knowledge. I sure hope that you keep sharing!


  3. James Richardson
    Mar 11, 2015 @ 13:50:48

    We have already a 1999 Supreme Court ruling acknowledging our traditional territory was never surrendered. I believe we have a case that is strong similar to the BC ruling. What is the status of the People’s Lawsuit filed in NB Courts referred to above?


    • Willi
      May 13, 2015 @ 18:44:00

      We are pursuing the case as per our Statement of Claim, which includes the position of unceded Wabanaki territories as well as addressing the many violations of people and the Earth.
      We hope that you will share information about your winning case with us.


  4. Ruth Lapp
    Aug 14, 2015 @ 20:03:56

    just connecting


    • Willi
      Oct 30, 2015 @ 19:59:15

      hi there 🙂


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