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MUST READ! New Brunswick Indefinitely Extends Fracking Moratorium

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Thank you for the Moratorium

THANK YOU FOR THE MORATORIUM from Peoples Lawsuit Plaintiffs
Willi Nolan, Marcel White, Isaya Fiola, Jean Sebastien Theriault

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Peoples Lawsuit Plaintiffs meeting with representatives from the New Brunswick Commission on Hydraulic Fracturing (Global News 15Oct2015)

PL Plaintiffs NB Hydrofracturing still GlobalNews 15Oct2015


Peoples Lawsuit Plaintiffs present to NB Fracking Commission (CBC News)

Peoples Lawsuit Plaintiffs speak before NB Commission Hydrofracturing 15 Oct 2015

Peoples Lawsuit Plaintiffs speak before NB Commission Hydrofracturing 15 Oct 2015

Gramma Willi embraces Climate Journey Storytelling Expedition

Willi & Morgan laughing... the best medicine

Willi & Morgan laughing… the best medicine

“Our first glimpse of the inimitable Willi Nolan was in a video of her praying in front of a seismic thumper truck exploring for natural gas in Kent County, New Brunswick… August 2015 Read more


Pope demands ‘action now’ to save planet from environmental ruin

Pope Francis attends a meeting with the Roman Diocesans in St. Peter's Square on June 14, 2015 in Vatican City, Vatican.

Pope Francis meets with Roman Diocesans in Vatican City on June 14, 2015

“The most controversial papal pronouncement in half a century won broad praise from scientists, the United Nations and climate change activists, as well as U.S. President Barack Obama, who lauded the pope for making the case “clearly, powerfully, and with the full moral authority of his position.”

Stop Bill C 51 May 30, TO Josephine Grey

Josephine Grey Rocco Galati C-51 Toronto May2015

Listen up! Josephine Grey & Rocco Galati talking strong for our rights and freedoms!  She is calling on all Canadians, including government employees, to to stand together and protect us from the destroyers of our rights freedom and lives… she speaks truth about disruptors and misinformation and kindly calls out for support for New Brunswick protectors and the Frack Back Peoples Lawsuit

American Medical Association logo

American Medical Association blasts secret fracking records … Calling for Disclosure of Chemicals Used During “Fracking”

New AMA Policies Adopted on the Afternoon of the Second Day of Voting at Annual Meeting

“… in addition to requiring the chemical disclosures, monitoring “should focus on human exposure in well water and surface water and government agencies should share this information with physicians and the public.” June 9, 2015

Chief Justice says Canada attempted ‘cultural genocide’ on aboriginals

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin in Vancouver June 6, 2013. In a speech on May 28, 2015, she referred to Canada’s treatment of its aboriginal people as a “cultural genocide” that began in the colonial period. (John Lehmann/The Globe and Mail)

Who polices the secret police? History of RCMP security police shows numerous violations of civil, democratic rights

Rexton CRCC meeting (IMG_0321) March 14 2015

People from the Rexton area presented evidence to investigators probing RCMP conduct during anti-shale gas protests in Kent County at a public hearing on March 14 in Rexton. The investigation was called by the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission Against the RCMP in December after it received 20 formal complaints against police.

Story & Photo by Dallas McQuarrie.

CENSORED NEWS: Fracking the Mi’kmaq: Guess who owns Southwestern Energy

Corporations are urged to dump stocks — and disassociate from those investing in Southwestern Energy and their partners — including Phillip Morris, Verizon, ATT, Century Link, Comcast (Capital Research Global); Facebook, Google, Nike, Starbucks (Sands Capitol Management) Exxon, Chevron, Walmart, McDonalds, Walt Disney, Apple, Microsoft, (Vanguard) Goldman Sachs, more….
Southwestern Energy has already been sued in Arkansas and Pennsylvania for fracking and causing cancer due to poisoning the drinking water.”

Lawsuit phobia just got waaay worse for the Fracking destroyers and their cronies …

Supreme Court in Oklahoma Ruling: Homeowners Can Sue Oil Companies Over Quakes!

The New York Times

“It is the first time the court has specifically addressed whether plaintiffs could sue for damage that experts believe is typically caused by massive amounts of wastewater generated by oil and gas drilling — often involving hydraulic fracturing, or fracking — that are ultimately injected into underground disposal reservoirs near fault zones.”

Ohio Fire Disaster Spotlights Need for Fracking Info

(Op-Ed) Union of Concerned Scientists

Before they managed to fully extinguish it, the fire caused some 30 explosions that rained shrapnel over the surrounding area; 20 trucks on the site caught fire; and tens of thousands of gallons of chemicals — including a toxic soup of diesel fuel, hydrochloric acid and ethylene glycol — mixed with runoff into the nearby creek, killing an estimated 70,000 fish as far as 5 miles downstream.” 

Ohio fracking fire response

Monroe County, Ohio, emergency responders respond to the recent fire at a Haliburton fracking site.

[Book review] Debriefing Elsipogtog: The Anatomy of a Struggle

”Elsipogtog vs. Big Oil: Recounting the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society resistance”

In spring 2013, after years of actions against the threat of fracking in New Brunswick, the Elsipogtog First Nation became the focus of resistance. Read Miles Howe’s account of this action. (

Elsipogtog vs. Big Oil: Recounting the Mi'kmaq Warrior Society resistance

WHY Did SWN Suspend Exploration in New Brunswick? | 13 March 2015


Capital investors complained… a provincial moratorium is in place… uncertain NB regulation and royalty regimes…   the Crown had not effectively executed its governmental obligations regarding its Duty to Consult the province’s First Peoples.

SWN halting fracking plans a turning point for N.B. shale gas: business leader |

SWN suspends drilling program in N.B., applies for long-term license  | 

Laura Brown

Fracking opponents want long moratorium By James Foster, Times & Transcript December 8, 2014

Join Our Lawful Rebellion! Press Conference Dec 5 2014 Vortex Free Cafe

Join Our Lawful Rebellion! Press Conference Dec 5 2014 Vortex Free Cafe

(Moratorium Celebration Song) ‘Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sunshine In’ New Brunswick Xmas Wishes 2014 

Willi Sunshine Standing up to Climate Change

Willi Nolan YouTube |

Gallant wants fracking moratorium passed by Christmas. By Laura Brown, Video Journalist  – Global News December 2, 2014.

Judge robbed protesters of right to civil disobedience

By issuing an injuction on the Burnaby Mountain pipeline dispute, a B.C. judge has robbed protesters of their right to civil disobedience, fettered their defences and sullied the court, writes Ian Mulgrew.

By Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun. November 24, 2014

B.C. pipeline-protest case shows how SLAPP  lawsuits threaten democratic voices BYRON SHELDRICK AND SAMIR GANDESHA Globe and Mail Nov. 26 2014


Peter Dauphinee’s unofficial inquiry concerning an investigation into the RCMP actions last year that is currently occurring in our neighbourhood.  December 3, 2014.

Law and Disorder Blog

Brian Gallant holds firm on hydro-fracking moratorium promise –

David Coon makes history: Captures first-ever NB Green Party seat  in Fredericton South four-way race – CBC News Sep 22, 2014  –

Green Party Leader David Coon set a goal of having his party win a legislature seat and double its percentage of the popular vote by attaining nine per cent.

Public Interest Investigation into RCMP Response to Kent County NB Anti-Fracking Protests, June – December, 2013 | Upriver Environment Watch

firekeeper arrrest

Fitch Affirms Southwestern Energy Company’s L-T IDR at ‘BBB-‘

Thomson Reuters


Pro-fracking government turfed in New Brunswick election | Vancouver Observer

Thank You for the Moratorium ! from Marcel, Willi, Judy, and Ron!

Thank You for the Moratorium ! from Marcel, Willi, Judy, and Ron! New Brunswick Legislature 7Oct2014


Liberal fracking moratorium may contain loophole | NB Harbinger | CBC NB  –

Random thought:  The folks who are defending the destroyers seem to like using words like this a lot…  ”disclose…  set quantitative reduction…  mitigation… ”  hmmm… 

Lawsuit to stop shale gas development | Global News New Brunswick | Global’s Brion Robinson shares their concerns. Jun 26, 2014.


Another blow for shale gas: Peoples Lawsuit announced. For NB Media Co-op by Dallas MacQuarrie. June 27, 2014

“SWN Resources Canada must be wondering just what it started when it tried to bully a 59-year old grandmother from the Harcourt area. Willi Nolan and nine other people opposed to shale gas were hit with a so-called SLAPP suit designed to silence their protest activities. She decided to fight back and defend her right to peaceful protest with the same determination she was bringing to the struggle to protect the earth and the common heritage of fresh water, clean air and fertile land that sustain life itself on the planet.”

 No to Fracking in New Brunswick | Dennis Gruending | Pulpit and Politics June 30, 2014.

“The Peoples Lawsuit repeats that argument and it has been buttressed by a unanimous ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada on June 26 … That same court judgment offers a powerful boost to the anti-fracking cause in New Brunswick.”

Peoples Lawsuit’ launched over shale gas | Indigenous Business & Finance Today | retrieved July 3, 2014. “Plaintiff Marcel White contends the industry poses “extreme threats.”

Second legal challenge launched against fracking in New Brunswick | Canada ~ Moncton Free Press Jun 30, 2014

“Their lawyer Larry Kowalchuck is also handling the anti-shale gas lawsuit against the Province of New Brunswick announced three days prior to the Peoples.” Lawsuit.”

Second Fracking Suit Filed Against Province, SWN in Moncton. | NB Harbinger June 26 2014.

Second lawsuit filed in effort to stop shale gas exploration | News 91.9 | New Brunswick…

“It is called the Peoples Lawsuit, and it was filed in Saint John yesterday by 18 residents.”

Kent South NO SHALE GAS Kent Sud | 29 June 2014

“The 18 plaintiffs unveiled their “Peoples Lawsuit” to stop shale gas and to have damage done to date repaired.”

The Next Financial Bubble: Indigenous Peoples Rights Report Exposes Risk to Shareholders When Indigenous Rights Are Ignored

The risk of not respecting Indigenous Peoples’ rights must be considered for an accurate risk assessment… One of the companies First Peoples assessed was Southwestern Energy, which on October 6, 2013, a stock analysts said: “looks like a great long-term investment” and “it is a low political risk company.” Less than two weeks later, on October 17th, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrested about 40 Elsipogtog and Mi’kmaq First Nations tribal members and activists, using rubber bullets and pepper spray. The protestors had been blockading the road to SWN Resources Canada, a subsidiary of Southwestern Energy…”

Iceland’s Revolution Against Globalist Banksters
LeakSource News March 10, 2013

Collapse Scenarios: Deep Green Resistance –

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(Moratorium Celebration Song) ‘Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sunshine In’ New Brunswick Xmas Wishes 2014 Willi Nolan 

Willi Sunshine Standing up to Climate Change

YouTube |

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FrackingBan: ‘Peoples Lawsuit’ launched …

 ‘Peoples Lawsuit’ launched over shale gas

NB Fracking News on Twitter| News about hydraulic fracturing in New Brunswick. … New Brunswick Shale Foes Seek Moratorium – Natural Gas Intelligence – |  ‘Peoples Lawsuit’ launched over shale gas. |



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