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Friends of John Harmon

Friends of John Harmon


Justice for John Harmon

It’s all about KINDNESS and UNITY!

“John Wayne Harmon, a 74-year-old organic farmer, grandfather and veteran of two wars, had made a good home for himself in Kent County, New Brunswick.

But on April 8th, Police removed him from his home without explanation.  In the process, John lost his land, home, possessions and livestock in a civil and criminal legal tangle and a deal gone bad, and he is facing homelessness.

Now, he’s also facing deportation, even though he is of the Lenni Lenape-Delaware, the oldest tribe on Turtle Island. John Harmon’s ancient lineage gives him rights under Treaties to live anywhere in North America, but because of faulty legislation, he is being threatened with expulsion by Canadian Border Services.

Thanks to Friends of John Harmon, the border case is now in Federal Court.  We are working to stop an elderly man from becoming another homeless veteran, and restore his peaceful life.  

Justice for John Harmon! 

John W Harmon Apr15 2015

John W Harmon – Lenni Lenape Grandfather, Veteran of Vietnam and Korean Wars, Off grid organic farmer and beloved neighbour.


The story from Willi Nolan:

In early April, my neighbours brought John W. Harmon to me saying they needed help from an activist. John is a 73 year old Lenni Lenape grandfather and Vietnam War veteran who bought a piece of land in our community.

John paid off his land from his small pension over 3 1/2 years; his bank showed me all the cheques that were cashed. That land, and all of his worldly possessions are in danger of being stolen from him forever because the previous owner, who took John’s money, refused to give the deed to John and made a deal to re-sell John’s home, farm, land and all of his possessions to a new neighbour.  This case is heartbreaking to say the least.

I made this page is to call your attention to John’s plight and to seek assistance so that John Harmon can get justice and return to his peaceful home life.

Friends of John Harmon – Related Media Coverage


Timeline and Milestones:

The Tragic Theft of John Harmon’s Good Way of Life

Community Kindness Gatherings and Information Sessions

KindnessGathering2 poster 18Jun2015

Kindness Gathering Adamsville Community Hall June 18 2015 7-9 pm

John Harmon Application to Federal Court re Canadian Border Services Agency June 4, 2015

Notice of Appearance – Minister for Public Safety will Respond to John Harmon Application 8 June 2015

A small group of kind people in the area are continuing to seek a resolution for John Harmon but success is a slow and difficult process. Now the new buyer, Martin Desrosiers, has been disposing of John’s possessions.  John has filed a complaint with the RCMP for fraud and theft of his property.

Here is a letter that neighbour Peter Dauphinee  sent to the RCMP.  He and I have spoken to most of the principals involved in this, including the seller,  Terresa Peters, who seems to be refusing any attempts to contact her including by mail. [see the letter here:


Join the Facebook group where you can join the Kindness, take action and find current information:

“Grandmothers for John Harmon”

It’s all about KINDNESS and UNITY!  Concerned folks in this group are working to bring justice to Native American veteran John Harmon.

What John Harmon Needs:

1. Stop Canada Border Services from Jay Treaty violation-deportation (exclusion order issued May 20, 2015).

2. Reestablish his peaceful home and farm. and

3. Resolve crimes committed against him – he was illegally evicted, his paid-for-in-full home and land and all his worldly goods were stolen by greedy, unscrupulous people.

Please show your kindness… join  us in helping justice and humanity to prevail.

N.American Indigenous Peoples Aboriginal Indian Free Passage Rights Summary of Relevant Documents Decisions Judicial Opinions

 Presentation of Historical and Material Facts and Evidence in Support of John Wayne Harmon to Minister’s Delegate at a meeting with Canada Border Services Agency 
by Willi Nolan with help from Friends of John Harmon | May 20 2015

 John’s Letter requesting assistance from the Sheriff of New Brunswick
May 15 2015

Letter of Notice to CBSA and RCMP from 7th District Gespegawagi Mi’gmaq Government re John W Harmon.Final

Letter of Notice from Gary Metallic, Hereditary Chief on behalf of 7th District Gespegawagi Mi’gmaq Government to Canada and CBSA for unlawful deportation actions against John Wayne Harmon by Canada and the RCMP on our unceded Mi’gmaq and Maliseet Territories

Wulustukyieg Council Tobic Adoption of John W Harmon May 2015

May 2015 Letter: Wulustukyieg Traditional Council of Tobic accepts John Harmon as a full member to the Nation immediately and for life.

Letter from Mi’kmaq Hereditary Chief Nicholas Prisk Support for John Harmon 19 May 2015

Hereditary Mi’kmaq Chief Nicholas Prisk

Statement of support for John Harmon

Wabanaki Clan Mother Hart Perley Statement to Canada Re Unlawful Eviction of John Harmon 19 May 2015

” … your process to EVICT an Indigenous Elder from the territory of a Nation of Peoples is viewed as an infringement and as a form of molestation”

Maliseet Nation Turtle Clan Mother

Under the Wabanaki Confederacy Flag

Statement of support for John Harmon

More info:

Jay Treaty Article 3 & Ghent Treaty Article 9 https://www.facebook.com/download/1647152038839755/N.American%20Indian%20Border%20Crossing%20Rights_presentation%20re%20john%20harmonjpg_Page2.jpg

 Video: “John oks listing his stolen land and belongings on lnternethttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6cpVhxsHoA


  1. Heather Awen
    Oct 18, 2016 @ 03:47:24

    What is the status today?


    • Willi
      Nov 19, 2016 @ 15:54:36

      John’s got a good lawyer. He’s living peacefully at his new home in Kent County.


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