Teachings in Awakening, Love, Humility and Bravery

I received this message while in a special ceremony – March 17, 2013

Teachings in Awakening, Love, Humility and Bravery

I admit that my own way of seeing is creating, manifesting what I see, whether it’s mine tailings that harm Life, seeing myself or others as alone, overburdened, under over-control by a power elite or seeing my fellow humans as naturally powerful folks, too afraid to acknowledge and use their power and instead, wait for a saviour. This experience feels like a wrenching pain, like extreme hunger with no food in sight. It had me crying with pain and wanting to run from my own knowing, but then finally relieved to finally be expressing my truth for the healing that would bring. In my teachings, finding our true self is part of why we pray, why we fast, why we look inside to our own spirit for healing.

False ego makes us think that we know better than others. YOU are not THE saviour, you do not have all the answers for me, neither does your teacher, elder or guru. I am not your saviour. Not one of us is THE saviour. Not one of us has all the answers or the final answers. How will we possibly live together in peace and harmony if one of our voices is not heard, if some of our gifts are not shared, if only certain voices are heard, if even one of us is valued less than another?

This life is about learning to live together as one, respecting and celebrating the individuality of each living being, of each and every Child of Creation, beginning with ourselves. When we are walking in peace and harmony with our own spirits, there is no need to look outside to know Goodness and Love; There is no need for saviours. When WE are walking with all our relatives in love, peace and harmony with all of Life, WE are being saviours for each other and for all Mother Earth’s children. The way to make our new and better world is to do it together, to share what we have and what we are. I need to learn from the People of the Earth and the People of the Earth need to learn from me — this is truth, this is reality.

HUMILITY is understanding who we really are, accepting any limits, and using the full extent of our gifts, our strengths, to simply do the best we can at any given moment.

Humility is forgiving ourselves for setting limits or conditions on the God-given power that we allow ourselves and other people to express.

Humility is awakening to the hard facts about our own growth as conscious, powerful spiritual beings in transition. Humility is awakening from unconscious, false acceptance of ourselves as weak, vulnerable and frail human forms to becoming capable of choosing to awaken to our powers — and responsibilities — as divine Children of Creator-God.

It is time to get real, in every way, as we have never been real before. It’s time to get honest.

Can you accept that most of us, even you, have been misguided, misled and deceived? Do you accept that our world is in a state of war, manifesting hatred, pollution and oppression? Will you stop seeing people as ‘enemies’? Will you love and accept ‘the 1%’ as your relatives? Will you forgive yourself for being brainwashed, deluded and blind? Can you cast aside that old, hurtful reality and use your God-given power to free your own body, mind and spirit? Will you be humble and wise and brave enough to clean out your personal dark places? Are you willing to stop blaming others and to take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions?

We grew up in a world of hate… we were trained to hate one another, to fear one another, to be dominated, subjugated and controlled by others. That is a reality now being widely spoken about in revolutionary-evolutionary talk among the People of the Earth; we can see it reflected in modern philosophy, culture and as it echoes out through social media and the arts. We are in the process of re-training, re-gaining and re-designing our humanity.

What will you choose to see about our world and your self? Will you design a new and better world with your new and better self? Will you see yourself as worthy? Will you see me as worthy? Do you have faith that together, we can make a new world based on LOVE, love of self and love of all Life?

The awakening is compulsory. The time that you choose to awaken is up to you.

© Willi Nolan, 2013, 2014