Vision for a Path Forward: College of Applied Sustainability

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College of Applied Sustainability – Invitation to join Advisory Group

By Willi Nolan


“To leave a legacy for future generations that eliminates our collective ecological footprint, we need to do more than just reading, talking, writing, meeting and going to conferences.” Willi Nolan, 2006


The College Of Applied Sustainability is building a Centre of Excellence to deliver accredited programs in applied training and research in sustainable development.

Unlike any other learning institution, the College will provide hands-on, comprehensive training for youth, leaders in business, skilled trades, land and community development, materials and food production. Our graduates will know how to practically apply the principles of sustainability to their enterprises.

We are gathering Advisors to guide participatory action research for the development and operation of the College and to form a pool of educational expertise. We seek those forward thinkers who are ready to be a hands-on part in developing the practical education that will transform the way that North Americans live in the natural environment. We’re asking that distinguished individuals and experts come forward and join their knowledge and skills with ours to establish funding sources and build capacity for ecological sustainability and long term economic viability.

Investing in Building Human Capacity

Lack of professional competence in high-performance and sustainable design is slowing market transformation in many regions of the continent. Popular educational institutions haven’t developed the capacity to teach students the practical skills and knowledge required to efficiently turn around the ongoing destruction of our living and working environments. Likewise, new and mid-term professionals do not have access to professional development with consistent accreditation standards.

This education is critically required in North America; for example, we are already facing a shortage in skilled trades and craftsmanship. This crisis presents unparalleled opportunities for business, industry and labour to grow and thrive. By providing entry-level support to newcomers and continuing education for professionals in sustainable development, we are building capacity to make all environments sustainable. Our students can take advantage of almost limitless new economic and social opportunities because they will hold the solutions to the biggest threats to our common future.

The College Of Applied Sustainability is generating the Human Capital required to stop the destruction and save our future. We will provide the knowledge and training to set up and maintain the best in conservation and production technologies available.

Is this Opportunity for you?

We welcome cutting edge sustainable developers. If you’re serious about re-building communities and want to work with the team that is making it happen, we want to work with you. Do you have the finely tuned analysis of a sustainable world required to realize this vision? Do you want to teach and encourage others? If you answer yes to these questions, our time has come. We welcome you to join us as we walk boldly together and achieve the restoration of our living and working environments – contact us!


Willi Nolan, primary planner for the College, has been developing sustainable businesses for about 2 decades. To coalesce the vision, for four consecutive years, she organized and hosted an annual Good Life Gathering for youth, Elders and community leaders to educate each other and find solutions to support sustainable education, work creation, and communities.

— Willi Nolan