So, I’m in Sayan Mountains and now starting round trip through Sayan Mountains and also through the settlement of Agafia Lykova – the most famous hermit in the world. It’s real! She live in taiga from her birth for the whole life! Two days I spent here in the hunting lodge, waiting for rain to stop and now starting my route through mountains, through passes, real passes, without categories, but passes and my route will have a distance something like 70 kms on foot and 50 kms, 50-70 kms of rafting. I can’t say exactly now. I have a packraft “Oriole”, full equipment and a food for 10 days. My path starts without trails and roads along the mountains. I hope that there will be no rain today cause I watch meteorology prognosis. Also my route goes along this mountain rivers, turbulent as you can see, with big water cause there were heavy rains for 2 days – yesterday and the day before. I’ve arrived here at late evening to the hunting lodge, large video material about getting here on my own motorboat will be on my second channel “Abvgatstvo”. It will be long video with taiga scenery and extreme boating, my first journey on Big Abakan river and so on. Taiga is waiting for me ahead and there will be 3 or 4 days of hike. I didn’t catch cold while hiking. Cold fords, cold and wet rafting and not a single cough. But when I went back home to Krasnoyarsk, start editing video and black sky quickly directed me to the hospital. But there is a very convenient application for structuring medical tests and watching dynamics of them. “Ornament” for iOS and Android. It’s fully freeware and hasn’t have paid or covert functions. One of the most cool features is an OCR. With help of your smartphone do a photo of medical test or load it from gallery and upload it to application. After some time the result will be in application in digital form. Also you can import documents in pdf format from labs that you get by email. “Ornament” don’t have errors in OCR process cause data passes through software and human control. “Ornament” recognise more than 1500 medical tests. But if there is no some of them – rare case – you can suggest adding it to the base. The most important in this application – “Ornament” shows if some of the medical test is out of norm according to your age and gender. One more cool feature – “Ornament” can show each medical test in dynamics. For example we can choose cholesterol and compare it values at different times. “Ornament” shows compares with graphics where norm has green color and deviation with yellow. “Ornament” is a modern application “Ornament” is a modern application and really helps to a person. It helps to get medical tests in control. Also for the family members. It helps to get medical tests in control. Also for the family members. And it save you from keeping a pile of paper tests that you can easily loose. Download “Ornament” through the link under this video and digital values of your health will always be at hand! I’m searching for animal’s trails while hiking along the river. Such bushes of honeysuckle meet me constantly. I was eating honeysuckle yesterday and a day before. I’m afraid of overeating this berry so I stop doing it now. I need to get into sparse growth forest and then to rock debris and then pass to another watershed. I’ve lost time while eating berries and walking became harder. I have new waterproof trousers “O3 Ozone”, decided to put it on into taiga. We’ll se if they survive. And also new trekking boots – a gift from Alex from Moscow. Everything new. New backpack – something like 30 kg and And I’ve started at 12 am. A plenty of honeysuckle. I’ve even try not to watch at it. I’ve trying to walk where grass is laying on the ground and I can walk with minimal energy cost. Here is a smashed mushroom. I can see a trails of hoofed animals. That’s all. A long way ahead. There was a rain at 5 am and everything is wet around here. I’ve found a wild red currant – ripe and tasty here. I’ll eat it a little cause my teeth are afraid of it. Cause I’m eating this berry for two days. May be a grass here not so high always or – today is August 11 2019 – it’s not grown up yet. I’m walking along the floodplain at this moment but later when mountain get close to river I’ll walk up cause there must be an animals trails. Usually there are no animals trails at floodplain cause it is very overgrown. I’ve not try to catch grayling cause I’ve get here at night and then there was a rain for two days. Impassable fields of huckleberry have started. I call them impassable cause no one can pass them and not to eat. My fingers are covered with this berry. The taiga is very wet and I have my arms wet cause I’m holding camera pouch with them and clear my way in high grass. Through the ledges of the mountain and forest blocages, over hills and so on. Over fallen trees I’m walking and trying to find a place for step. Frankly speaking I’ve get no joy from this process. It’s so “fat” honeysuckle grows here that I can’t walk away! It has a little bitter taste but I can’t pass it nevertheless, I can’t loose such “fat’ berries – it’s a sin in my situation! And somewhere lower, over there, clouds are appearing and vapour is getting up. [loud sound of water] I’m walking along the bear’s trail. But when mountain get closer to the river animals trails will appear and I’ll have to find it and loose many times. I’ll search it again and again. I’m walking through the floodplain. There are no large windfalls here but very thick bushes. I’m afraid not to tore packraft and tent that are hang on my backpack. I’m checking them everytime by hand. And this are flowers that were flooded by river. Can’t recognise them. Why I’m walking in membrane trousers? In order to water not wet my trekking boots. To keep my boots dry as far as I can. But it’s also a test for trousers. In order to know what is modern gear is. If this hiking gear is tough enough for mechanical damages. I think that 24 hours ago this place was under water. And where I stay now – also. But who knows. I think that water was up smth about 30 cm. [loud sound of water] I see a long stone riverbed 25 m ahead. And such a beautiful mountain rise above it! I see grim clouds and hope that it’s an error of meteorologists. of meteorologists. Not an error of meteorologists. I’ve not set up my backpack properly yet cause started my route quickly, only set up the length of the back, and everything else – free of movement, length of straps and other I’m setting while walking. I’m setting up this strap or another permanently. I’m shouting “Mishanya!” in order to bears to get aware of me. I’m walking very close to river, no windfalls here and very young forest. I don’t know why. May be it can’t grown up from the floods. I’ve stopped to have a little rest. Here you can see rocks on the other bank. Very beautiful and inaccessible ones. I’ve found such a mushroom, not know what it is though. And here is a floodplain – it’s very beautiful. You can see as riverbed became plain and water amount decreases seemingly. There are giant mountains around me. There are giant mountains around me. I’ve just started my route and full of enthusiasm, kindness and joy to speak about it. And may be from possibility of good weather. Mountain peaks appears – I’m walking to them. To them or not – I can’t see from this point. I’ve put the map away and don’t want to use GPS navigation for this time. Here is a fact – this peaks, rocky riverbed – that’s all I need just now. And there will be a sparse growth forest and more quick pace of hike. Here is a swamp caused by a water flowing from that mountain – rest of snow melting or smth else. You can see it over there. So it makes a swamp here and the main goal is not to get wet. Not to get my trekking boots wet. It’s very important to me. Some places have a lack of grass, looks like meadow but it’s too early for them so I’m not happy. And I’m treating this as a exception. An exception amongst long grass. Here growths an ashberry. An ashberry store water on it’s leaves and when you walking by it all this water showers over your head, by the collar and on backpack. And honeysuckle doing so. I’ll show when met it on the way. Here it is. Here is a honeysuckle bush, it’s leaves, we put focus on them – all leaves are in drops and not every grass has this feature – gathering water on its leaves. But honeysuckle has. When I touch it – here it is. You can see falling drops. So I’m trying to get the water off the branches or pass honeysuckle by. And here is a danger of Sayan Mountains. Lack of grass. I think this is due to stones under ground. You can see it. I’m walking over stones for some time already. So there is lack of grass. Moss cover the ground. Sometimes I can walk 10-15 m on the bank over stones. It’s getting much more pleasure to me than walking on low grass. I’ve passed this place and don’t notice a sign on the tree made by axe. I’ve looked behind and saw it. Sign on the birch. Wow! But I didn’t find any sign of a person being here. I’ve never seen such a moss on the willow. Or something else? I don’t know. Beautiful one. Some kind of interesting thing. There is nothing similar at our Kuznetsk Alatau mountains. I’m crossing the stream. The height of its mouth – is 1172 m as it shown on the map. I’m walking for 1.5 hrs and my enthusiasm is decreased. I have dry feet. Membrane trousers do their best. And I’m crossing the stream. Immediately after crossing the stream a rich bush of wild red currant is waiting for me, but berries are not so red as before. The stream’s mouth is over there. It’s rocky and steep. It’s very beautiful! This is real taiga of Sayan Mountains: moss, huckleberry bushes, windfall, young cedars. The moss is everywhere. Steep and rocky rising. It’s very hard ti walk here. I’m 2.5 hrs on the route. A man is walking through the nature obstacles. Such a big words for those who is walking. Such a small words for those who are watching this video and such a vanishingly small words for the Universe. Here is a honeysuckle gathering water in itself. I’m trying to detour the fallen trees that
Я пытаюсь обходить завалы, которые can see from a distance. Trying to detour a honeysuckle. Trying to detour a everything. I’m only 3 km from that hunting lodge directly. It’s normal. Soon there will be sparse growth forest and more easy path. If you watch over there – right to the sun – you’ll notice wet stones from the flowing water. I can’t call it a waterfall cause can’t recognise what is there exactly. My camera can see much better than me what is there. I’ve find an animals trail. It’s old and hard to distinguish but in any case is better than nothing. I’ve entered more lively place. Titmices are singing here and some else. I saw big boulders on the way. And such a beautiful view is opening from this point. The grass is smaller here and I can easily view my next way. Something like 100 m of way ahead. The high grass got me even here in Sayan Mountains. I’ve using a good animals trail for a 20-25 min, relatively good trail. It was much better earlier. And there are signs made by axe. Here is a swamp starting. I’ve hardly not get wet my left boot when flop into the water. It’s a sign made by axe over there. On the fir. Here it is. Or it is… my hair get right into the hard cobweb! here is a trail. I don’t know what was happening here. But it’s not a trail. A bear was trying to catch something here. I’m walking and trying to walk fast. Will make a rest soon and drink
Скоро наверное буду делать привал и пить some juice from sea-buckthorn. I’ve drunk it almost all in a two days. It’s only a little left. I’ve started chewing a candy and here is a good shot – I was looking on this waterfall for a while, the water is flowing from that mountain. Very beautiful. It seems to me that there is a cave. The sun glanced on it and I decided to shot it by camera. The trail cross the river. I don’t want to cross it too and keeping walk along the bank and there it is narrowing and it’s impossible to walk further. Fully impossible! Something is spiking me at the side. It seems to me that some metal part of trousers doing it. I’ll check it later. I’m coming to very loud tributary and nearly falling to my back. Here it comes! How I shall cross it here? I have no idea. The trail it seems to me. Some old one or it’s my imagination. I’ll try to find a better place. I get a stick from here. Don’t know what kind of a tree is it but it will help me here. I’m trying to cross the river without a hurry, very slowly. The boot is slipping – oops! How scary! I should choose right place to step in order not slip in an inappropriate moment. I’ll change a leg for pushing from left to right, the most interesting moment. That’s a tributaries here! That’s good. Just great! Just great! I can’t say it in other words. The stick saved me, really! I should be wet from tip to toe without it. I’ll leave it here. I’m walking up the steeply slope with help of hands. That’s it! Something like 150-200 m as a map says. Such a narrowing I’m shooting now, right down the slope. Something like 150-200 m and then normally. I’m counting on it, so crawling here and refused to cross the river earlier on that goat trail. I don’t remember whether I shot this on camera or not. There will be much better further. The main goal for me is not to fall and get patience. There was a mudflow here as far as I can see. Or not a mudflow but a bank simply slide down. I’m standing and showing horizontal line. I’ve should crossed the river eventually. It’s hard here, very hard, but there must be much better further. If only this part of slope don’t drop on me. In this case it will pull me down in a long distance. Stones are everywhere, but it’s easy to walk on them. The main goal is not slip down and fall down. I’m going straight on this stones, screes, straight in one direction. I’m putting camera in the case cause it’s impossible to shot. I’m standing and resting on this steeply ledge. Here it is behind my back. I’ve should crossed the river. You can see such a lush forests – there! Here is the flooded banks. I think that there are good trails there. I’ll walk down here and everything will be alright. Here is the white and beautiful river. I’m near with some bayou. Wow! I’ve not fallen down over there! It’s alright. It’s a happiness! It’s a real happiness! I’ve been in such a tough obstacles only at Teletskiy lake. On its rocky banks. Now my 2nd or 3rd or even 10th life started. That’s all, I’m take off my backpack, shall drink and get rest. Can’t set up camera cause everything prevent from good shot. Backpack is setting back to the Sun in order to dry. That’s all. I’m resting. Such a clear stream, it’s a bayou may be. Or tributary. I have a feeling that I can fly without backpack. The point of this trousers is that I can take off them in a second and could be closed this way. You don’t need to take off your boots. Now it’s much more difficult now than taking off the trousers. You can do this – hop! Trousers became… the absence of trousers. Repeat this for the other side. Jacket is wet but boots are not. So trousers did their best and stop the water. Magic drink I wished to try in my trip. And that moment has come. I’ve mixed this sweet syrup with the ice cold water from the stream. I’m stirring it. I’m foretasting it will have incredible taste. I’m stirring it with the branch of alder but it’s not necessary to get alder’s branch and now tasting. On a fresh air of Sayan Mountains taiga – by he way it’s flies get into it already – it’s much tastier than coca-cola or fanta. It’s a pity that I’ve drunk it almost all during past 2 days. The most awaited event of a year come true. Abvgat have found the animals trail. It has come from other bank after that narrowing. It went to the right bank at first and no came back. The trail almost vanished for several times but now I’m walking on it. I was shouting from joy and was very happy cause everything before I’ve find it again when the speed was only 2 steps in a minute – it was a hard time! It’s not better here btw – I need to climb over. And there are those peaks over there. I’ll bypass them from the left side if watch from here. And mountain passes. I’m really have no time to enjoy the view of this giant mountains. I can hear the birds singing but can’t watch to the mountains. Now I can see them. If I’m not mistaken there must be that mountain passes that I need. I’ll walk through them. They look great but it’s a long way to them! They are appearing on my camera screen at this moment – I’m talking about that mountains. I’ve not oriented yet, there is no sense in it now cause I need to get closer to them in order to recognise my position. Here they are. I’ll try to shoot them with stabilizer. I think that this picture will make not only my euphoria. Oh, stop-stop! I’ve lost the trail. There will be no euphoria. Next narrowing isn’t it? Over there! The waterfall is over there. Waterfalls of Rocky Mountains with 20-50 m height? It’s nonsense compared with that! I’m directing camera from turbulent, wonderful river, turn off the stabilizer..ok, keep it turned on and now showing that great waterfall ! It’s real. It’s real and nobody never knew about it without me. Pure beauty! It’s a deep taiga, not a tourist place. Nobody get here except may be rare winter hunters. Though I’m not sure. Marvelous! Splendid! The river don’t lose its power. It’s hard to cross it now as it was hard before. I’ve walked near 7 km yet. And the trail got me now to the point where animals cross the river. I’ll not cross the river here, shall try to find the trail there. I’m keep going this side of the river. It’s seems to me that this is a trail but hardly visible. I’ve hardly call it the trail but it’s better than nothing. That’s all for this moment. Nothing changes yet. I’m simply walking, thinking and searching trail in the grass. Feet are recognising the trail. I’ve decided to take rest on the log. Turn my head left and noticed a honeysuckle. I’m tired of it. I want some sweet thing. But can’t miss such a big berries. Look at this place. Roots beaten by hoofs. I prefer not to hold on such a dry branches. I prefer to hold on live trees with thick trunks. The history repeats. The rocky slope flowed down with the forest on it. The goat trail got me here and I can see that it covered with stones. Goats are climbing on it. I’m on the right way, it’s OK. Found signs of a person. I’m not sure but this are sawed firewoods. May be for the stove. Now I’m near the giant cedar on the bank. You can see a sawed trunk and mushrooms. It’s very beautiful place but I can’t understand it. What was here? May be a lodge somewhere nearby. I don’t know. I’m walking for 6 hrs and made a 8.6 km. Big trails of bear on the trail. The trail is losing constantly. It’s difficult to find it on every ford. I’m trying to find it as at first time. Here is a vertical way down. I’m showing it now. Now I’m descending down to floodplain. There will be a lot of willow bushes ahead and it will be difficult to walk. Frankly speaking I’m tired already. Entered an old riverbed, completely dry and full of stones. And there is another waterfall over the riverbed – over there. I noticed it some time ago and reached it just now. It’s hard to walk. The next tributary. It’s very loud and beautiful. Up over there, some 70 m it’s like a waterfall. It’s simple to cross it – from stone to stone and there is another river channel. My route transformed to climbing over the narrowings of the bank. I’m finding bear’s trail, walk at it and begin to descent. It’s a 2nd or 3rd climbing over? It’s very difficult and dangerous! It’s seems to me that I’d better cross the river, took off my boots or simply went in modern membrane boots or even wellingtons. I’m entering the sparse growth forest. I have it on the map. I was thinking – What it will be? Will I be glad or vice versa hate it? Now I’m glad that noticed a trail on it. Animals trail and I’m going on it. There are no windfalls here. And the time is 18:30. It’s bad. I need to speed up. I saw this place from the satellite when getting ready to trip but get nothing useful from this process. Because you see this 3D obstacles by your own eyes with lack of trails and windfalls. Where you can walk making only 2 kms per hour. All this is a misconception and do nothing useful to me. You simply should know that Sayans Mountains is a real hard place. Hard screes covered with moss, grass and bergenia. I’ve mistaken – there is no moss. But it’s hard to walk. The river leaves somewhere at the left side. I’m walking to the right cause there is a walkable bushes. I should reach the two rivers junctions in order to make camp. But not here. Not in this wilderness which is freezing all blood inside me. I see a yellow wagtail. Now I’m drinking from the stream covered with grass in order to calm down. The water is very cool, it must be a spring from under the ground. Its source somewhere in this stones, under the firs, it’s not coming from mountain cause it will be warmer. There is a waterfall 150 m nearby. It’ beautiful. I heard it at first before I saw it. Splendid! I’m in a hurry. Mudflow washed the trail completely. And now I can see such a view – on a stone shallow, don’t know what it is and a view to my route. My future route. All this green grass that seems to be a velvet on the mountains – it’s an impassable bushes and grasses, bergenia and moss, all that hard to walk stuff. I’ll make a detour of this ledge that falled down from the right side. While walking I saw a scour with a house size. Nearly fall down. Nearly fall down! I see a tracks of some animal that descend here. Here is a scour. In this video I didn’t show the bear’s shit yet. You can easily slip on it and fall down. I’m showing the place where you can fall after slipping. Somewhere to the river. It’s very beautiful scenery in the sparse growth forest area! The sun is going down now and the colors of nature became juicy and bright. The colors are not over bright by the sun. It’s interesting that I can still enjoy this view and not so tired as it always is after 7 or 8 walking hours. It will be remarkable view now! Splendid! I see it now. Here it is. The trail is going above the bank on the right. And it seems to me that it goes under that stone scree slope. I’m talking about that slope. The trail goes under it. I’ll trying to keep on feet while crossing the river. Otherwise I’ll forget about hiking forever. I’m walking here in this manner, nearly falling backwards or on other sides. Nearly scrambling through obstacles. The night is breathing to my back. Wow! I’m falling somewhere! Stop! Get up and walk at that place. I’m climbing over this bird cherry bush. It’s not a bird cherry it’s an alder. That’s enough for filming, I can’t do this with camera. Here is a slope. Such a splendid velvet slope that one could never see in our region. I see glaciers and snow. Here it is! Snow circuses are still here. Marvelous view now. And it’s a cedar forest there for sure. Here is a cedar forest against the mountains. Here is a view downward where the landslide was. Here is a view downward where the landslide was. It was made by this fallen cedar. I’m standing on the stone and the cedar is lying under me. It’s roots were washed by water and so it have fall. I need to walk to that glade – 50 or 70 m. It’s too difficult. I’m guaranteed. The second camera turned off. It’s a problem. I climb here with help of hands on this ledge. Down there I was walking and climbed here with help of hands. I’m afraid of falling down cause this root is rotten. I need to climb here and I’ll easily do it without camera. Here is the view. The view of sunny mountains. It’s very difficult here. I’ve climbed out further from that cedar. And my eyes are viewing this picture – giant mountains, very beautiful. The sun lightening them from left side and soon will go down. It’s a pity. It’s a remarkable view! I don’t know where to go exactly – may be I have to detour this mountain from the right. I’ve not oriented exactly yet. I only know that I must reach that dale and there shall make a decision. It’s nearly 8 pm, I’ve not filming the river this time. I think that there is plenty of fish here. But I can’t afford to stop and begin fishing. The river became so small and so narrow. So beautiful! Such a lively colors! I think that billions of greyling – big, fat, long, 2kg ones – swim there. But I’m trying to hurry up, I’ll have a time for fishing. I think that it’s time to make camp. I’ve hardly won a time if I’ll keep walking. It’s not a chance. May be I have to go to that dale or somewhere else but it’s not for sure. I must stop, eat a supper, make a good fire, while it’s not too dark. What a beauty! Almost unreal. I don’t want to camp near water. Shall find a dry place and a silver firs for a fire. [loud sound of water] I can say that camp is ready. Drop my stuff over bear’s trail. Will show later. And came here to gather dry branches of silver fir. They will fire like matches. Also there are many cedar branches here. I also gather them for strating fire. Cedar branches and dry silver firs. I’ll broke that tilted one. It’s no time for this – it’s getting dark too fast. I have to gather firewood and set up a tent in a twilight. I’m setting up the tent on a huckleberry field – it’s a sample of them. And also on this white moss. My tent will be set on this carpet. May be it’s too dark for filming, I’ll show all this tomorrow. This is the place for tent. Here are backpack and tent. The tent will stand between them. With the view at the mountains. I’ve gathered dry silver firs and bring a stump and started fire with help of this stump. I’ve shown this process already. I’ve cooked a noodles with some kind of “hot soup cup” and eating it now. The tent was set already. By the way the tent manufacturer ought to pay me something for such a good usage of this product) And there is no time for filming now. Brought this log. I’ll show all tomorrow. Or later. I want to eat normally now. While preparing the firewood I noticed the moon that rising above the mountain and light the cloud. This is real “fairy tail”-taiga. A bit scary here. I’m sitting by the fire, 23:30 I’m drying socks that almost dry. I’ve not cooked that noodle but ate a quick noodle with that “soup cup”, everything tasty and quite enough. This is a fire, first I was drying socks on a branch after that took them closer to coal, more light there. The pot was boiled. The full pot was boiled. I’ve drink it almost all and added to noodles and now it’s boiling again. It’s cooling. It’s nothing to do now. It’s cold. Btw, +4.2 Celsius and 97% humidity – it’s bad, it will be cold tonight. The temperature is decreasing. I’ll be cold at night especially before dawn. There was an idea to cook with camp stove – convenient and practical, but I refused to do so. Tomorrow will be a hard day. I hope that it will be easier than present day. I must go through the pass. And reach this pass will be a separate adventure. But it’s much more easier to go here and last meters – 500-700 – was easy. You can easily walk here due to animal’s trails. Or may be it seems to me so after that impassable windfalls in the river’s dale. Tomorrow will be a hard day. I’ll show tomorrow – bear’s tracks, huckleberry fields and beautiful moss. While setting up the tent I noticed violet moss here. That’s all. 23:30 Here it is – the violet moss. The flashlight make it white but it’s violet. I also said about big log – here it is, half wet, half rotten. I’ve decided to put it at fire for the night. Let it be smoldering. It’s my tradition of keeping fire at night. To stay a root or something else for smoldering on fire. All my stuff is inside the tent except of food in order to keep free place. The food is on the tree. I have a stuffy nose. +3.7 Celsius outside, That’s all. Good night. It’s 8 am and the sun is set up, I’ve been oversleeping. I was cold before the dawn as usual, now hear the clicking of the fire. The wind start blowing and condensation fall from my tent and a fire begins to click. It was cold from 3 am. I think that this temperature is normal. Now I’m entering the route, cooking the barley porridge. Btw, when I woke at night and went out I’ve took off my fleece socks in order to put on boots and refused to put on them back after that. I mean fleece socks. And that was a mistake. After that I was cold, my feet became to freeze and it was hard sleep. I’m starting my route. I have no time and need to hurry up. I must do a long way today. My tent is slightly wider than sleeping pad I was trying to lay calmly in order not to spike the tent by huckleberry bushes. So I’ve put the sleeping pad under the tent. Fortunately there was a little hump on the ground and it stopped me from slithering to a tent entrance while sleeping. The fire is on and that big log is completely gone. I’m boiling the barley porridge and shall eat it with salt and butter. It’s very tasty to eat it with butter. I can see a vapour from an old stump – it’s a dew melting. Sayan Mountains are awake already. And the battery is ending. Here is my camp from a side. The fire is on to the right. The camp is under this mountains, there is a river to the left, giant mountains almost impassable. This is my camp. I’ve came here along this river. Rumours say that there is some lodge here but I have no time to check it out. It appears that I can’t see anything here. I must know exactly this territory and not count on observation. This is how I look now, standing in the shadow on the cedar’s root and filming. I’m eating barley porridge simultaneously near the fire. I’m using stick in this way in order to boil water in the pot, for tea and washing the plate. Cause I’m eating with butter. Supporting the pot with help of my leg. In order not to carve something from the stick. This is an optimal height. Here is a process of washing – as a plate is fat I put the hot water inside and rub the inside surface. The fat is melting. I can’t reach the full purity but it’s not needed. I’m using toilet paper usually but if I have two free hands. One hand is using for holding the dish and other for cleaning with help of spoon and hot water. Now I’m filming simultaneously so th result is medium. That all. My camp is over, I gathered all the stuff. I’ve lost a lot of time and entering the route at the same time as yesterday – at 11 am. Here is all this campsite. The campfire is extinguished. My backpack is ready. I’ll go in wellingtons this time cause it’s a big dew on the grass. My corns is covered with adhesive plaster, white ring tape. Don’t know how much time it will work. I’m starting. From this point I can see a floodplain of the river and my route. There are mountain passes and swamps ahead. I hope that today I will pass as much as yesterday or even more, I want so. And it must be much easier to walk. I found an animal’s trail of a good condition immediately. There is no high grass here. But it’s visible. There are 2 variants of path. 2 mountain passes. I’ll choose one when my path bring me to the fork. Cause one of them may be an impassable. I have no clear information. Here is the trail. Marked with the goat’s hoofs. I’m walking and the grass is catching my wellingtons. I’m walking around the fallen tree. Here it is. This is the next waterfall in the sparse growth forest area. Mountains on the other bank has waterfalls. This bank of the river has only streams. After 10-15 min of walking I’ve reached to the river’s fork. One tributary flows from there and other – from there. And I’ll go where this animal’s trail goes. To that dale and mountain pass. This mountain is dividing them. I see snow circuses and glaciers over there. The river I’m walking along starts from there. And a second source of this river is on the left, I can’t see it now. It would be closer if walking by the right side. There must be a canyon 500-700 m length. It must ne passable from top as a map says. Such a fields. The grass here is not high. Step by step the trail is leading me to exactly direction where I should go – to the right. There is no information about walking through that mountain pass. But there is some information about the left one where trail don’t lead. Though nothing can stop me from turning back and go the left way up the right tributary about which I have an info about passing it. I’m a bit nervous that when I reach that place and can’t find the suitable pass – it may be very steep – I can’t cross it without alpine equipment and should go back. It’s not bad that I have a trail but the bad thing is that I might go back and lose time. I have only 3 days to get there and then there will be rains. Here you can see not so good event. Here you can see not so good event. This is my trail and that is another and it’s going further to the ford and that pass, after that it goes more further.. I don’t no. Perhaps both of them are right ways. Reaching the river’s source the trail goes steep up, very steep. It seems to me that it goes straight to the ford. I’m a bit shocked that the trail is lost completely and animal’s trail goes on water. But it’s begin to goes up the slope right after the boulder. I was very glad to know this! That I don’t lose it and can trust to animals and they will guide me. It’s a very steep rising. Very steep. I’m filming down the slope from a giant ledge. It’s a canyon and it’s on the map and has a length of 200 m. And now I’m filming it under the cedar’s crown. Animal trail is divided sometimes into two and then get back into one. When they divide I always think – let they ever be one strong trail! Here you can see a canyon. I can walk along it. And there are mountains above this canyon. I have to reach their base walking along the river and further to the lake. Such a wonderful canyon. I can’t say that it’s a hard ascending. I don’t afraid of ascendings but it’s a work, a walking. It’s making me tired but I like such activity. It’s a healthy sense. Here is a flat place above the ledge. This is the flat place, the cedar and an abyss behind them. If I change a focus you can see it. And there – but not! Too dark. Here you can see a valley when I was eventually ascended to the top point. A valley and I must go there, to the left, there must be a lake and a pass. I had an alternative route, I’ll not mention it. But in theory I might descend from there. If I was going along that mountains. Now I can see that it’s quite possible but will be very difficult cause very steep descent. Such a glade with yellow grass I’ve noticed it yesterday cause it’s cold here. There was +3 Celsius at night and there were frosts for sure that’s why grass is yellow. I’m moving closer and closer to that mountain circus from where the lake flows. And here such a view. I’ve not seen any wild animal yet. And there is such a velvet slope – I think that it would be wonderful to walk along. It seems to me so. I’m crossing the stream and entering the forest. It’s quite
Этот достаточно a low height forest. It’s not so huge as on the bottom of the valley. It’s about 1700 m high above the sea level. And forest is thick enough. It’s different from ours Kuznetk Alatau mountains. There we have no forest at this height at all. Such little ponds, swamps or what’s in the stones? Bergenia bushes and this bad bushes also. And all scenery is very beautiful. I can’t stop filling myself with this beauty. But I’m accustomed and have another goal. It’s getting hard, I need to hurry and simultaneously want to stay here for a while. Without any purposes. Simply to rest, stay but I can’t. May be some day I’ll do this but not now. I can see a floodplain – a place from where I came here. And here is.. Oh, stop! I can see a river sparkling under the sun. Even here I found an animal’s trail, hard to see it, but now I have some experience of searching such a trails. The mood is getting higher slightly. I noticed this cedar. A whole company can rest under it. To get a company here and make a camp. To get a company here and make a camp. It can make shadow from both sun and rain. It’s a giant cedar. And there is water near for sure. It’s beautiful! And there are a lot of fire woods. The mood is getting higher and I had intention to speak about it. But will it last long? I need to walk a long way, some 2.5 km to the lake and a an ascending to the pass. And I see snow far above, it’s amazing! Btw the water was lowering after night on 5-7 cm. Where I was collecting it yesterday – today I can’t. Here are the sources. The trail brought me to the ford 25 m before this place. But I goes further in order not to wet my feet, to jump over somewhere. I’ve noticed a waterfall. It’s consist from several cascades. The convenient place to cross it is there. Or you can stay a part of the waterfall )) So not. So not. I’ll search another place. Here is a beauty. The words is not enough to describe it. Nothing made by the man can be compared to this – car, house or else. It was not made by the hands of a man. Wow! It’s a snow glade over there. It’s funny that Pikas live here in the stones. I don’t see any piles of hay of this animals yet. But heard their squeaks already. They are squeaking. I’ve decided not to cross the stream here but to go further on the stones. And went 20 m already. I’ve changed to the trekking boots. Going in boots. I don’t like this boots. But I’ll tell about it later. Not in the trip. You can see the dale of a river from where did I come here. Juniper and rhododendron are growing here. Bergenia also. So, in a few meter may be 100 – that very lake must appear. I can see glaciers and directions of my pass. It must be somewhere in that direction. I’m not sure but this must be it. That pass. The reconnaissance from air would help but I have different meaning of this term. I prefer to climb higher and watch from above. I was mistaken it’s much further. I thought this is it, after this ledge but it’s over there – at the foot of the pass. Sometimes the swamps transforms to such a lake. It’s very shallow. The river is entering it. The river begins to make further noise, the shallows must be slippery. The shallows are steep. It’s very beautiful! The clouds are making shadows on the slopes and water from mountains reflect at them. It’s marvelous! I can’t stop watching them. It’s easy to walk. I’m walking on stones. Here is a stone scree. I’m simply walking on it but know that speed is much lower than if I was walking on the good trail. The water is not clear and deep in this lake. Bones. 150 m near the lake. May be this are human bones – I can’t determine. I think this are animal bones. Deers live here. May be red deers. They live here for sure. I think that specialists on the bones are in comments. Not only on bear’s shit)) Specialists on bones. Here is a rapid on the stream. Slippery I think. But I can jump over. There were many point of crossing it. The river is becoming smaller and smaller. Wild onion. Many of us knows how it looks like. It’s growing here. Too old one. It’s definitely an onion. Very hard to eat just like straw. But it has strong taste of onion. I’m filming ledges of a 5 m high straight downward. It’s a canyon and bergenia is growing on it. Young cedar that will never grow big. Though there are big ones here. And here is a waterfall. I think that all rafters stick to their screen now and searching how they can sweam up the stream. No chance! Even if it would be possible – nobody could do it. Because it’s very far – one can hardly imagine how far. It’s a long way ahead. The distance is shorting very slowly! Very slowly. Swamps, bushes. I’m tired. I have some kool aid. I’m planning to add cold water and drink them. The syrup is over and only kool aids (powder juices) are left. I’ll prepare them at the lake. I’m showing the interesting grass for those who knows. Here it is. You can see a snow that melting and flowing here under stones. The snow is over there. And it’s close to the lake, may be 500 meters. That lake is the simple point where I’ll eat may be or something else. It’s not a main goal. There will be much more difficult to walk after it. There will be a mountain pass. There will be a mountain pass and I should climb it somehow. I shall be trying to find way to climb. I have no information about that pass except the topographic map that I was studying. So I hope that my “topographical cretinism” not so high that I’ll be mistaken and it will be impassable. Cause otherwise it will be very long way back. Like that. It’s a couple of meters to the lake. I think that hardly will see a lake from this point. I’m on route for 3 hrs. It’s seems to me that mountain pass will be hard. That’s all, I’m coming. Couple of meters to the lake. Where is you? It’s in a land hollow. I see water. Here it is, glittering. I’ve reach one of the point at last. That’s all. I’m coming closer and rest. That’s all. I’m coming closer and rest. I hear the sound of water and see – the left side is unpassable. I can set up the packraft but will not do it. I’ll pass the lake from the right side. I’ll eat something and shall start a trip around of a lake. I must leave a backpack and search for a better way further. The pass must be somewhere at that point. I’ll study the map once again and compare it with landscape. Are there any mistakes or not. The lake is deep and the water has green color. It can be easily seen here. My camera can’t show such color for me as I can see by my eyes. But you will see all this on the screen. The lake is deep. What is the temperature of it’s water I wonder? If you jump into water from my point it will be deep there and you will not break you legs. And now I’m walking to the.. to that place and will rest there, cock on the camping stove and do something else. The water is beautiful. I wish I would cross that pass normally. The ground is full of hoofed trails. There are animals here but when? Where are them? Why I didn’t met anything? It seems to me that they are sleeping now and pasture here at night. I’ve come to this ledge. I’ll cook something on the camping stove, eat and drink something. I’m hungry. What a beauty! Taking off my backpack and touching the water. That’s all. Halt. Let the back of my backpack became dry. It would be nice to sail at this water on my packraft “Oriole”. To make a camp. If I was sure in the weather I would do so. While water for noodles is boiling I’m eating a buckwheat with sauce and with a powder soup. I’m watching at the second mountain and the second battery is going off. It was unexpected. The buckwheat is good especially with spices and mayonnaise Now I’m cooling noodles and fast soup. I’ve bought them in a simple way – just grabbed all that was on the shelf. They are excellent add for a noodles. I’m cooling them right in the water of lake in order to eat fast and continue my trip. And a water for tea is ready. I’m walking on the stone scree at the right side of the lake. Like this. Giant boulders laying here. Then there will be a stone screes. I’ve passed more than a half of this stone screes. Everything is alright. They are quite passable but very inconvenient for walking. It’s not good. The hard route and.. I’m getting closer to the point where river is and then shall go along it. It seems to me that there is a normal path. There are some preconditions of that. In controversy with the fact if I’d prefer to climb the mountain. I can be over tired while climbing. I’m afraif of that. And the water is so blue here, remarkable. I don’t see any fish yet. Getting closer to that canyon by which I’m planning to climb. And normally cross this pass. I hear a water there. It must not be to turbulent it seems to me because there is a small glacier. It is hardly noticed on space photos. And now I’m on the shadow. I’m out of breath. I was resting too long and now start walking as at first time. The steepest mountains are at the left side. I think that I must have a helmet but I’m not ready to use it. Now I’m filming at a 45 degrees – the clouds are flowing. Here is the canyon. I don’t see obstacles that could stop me here. I think it’s a good decision. But I could return. More than a knee deep. Boulders. I’m climbing on them and walk further. I hope nothing will fall on me above. I think that it could be easily happen. But I’m not thinking about this too much but keep going. The height is 1.5 meters. I think that I have to go here. This is a dangerous place. Very dangerous place! It’s too dangerous especially with my heavy backpack. Should I cross in this place or go further? I think that I shall cross here. Hop! It’s OK. I should step to this side here. Support it with my head. The strap of backpack is falling from me. Filming on the go. I’m going further carefully. I’m OK. Trying not speak a lot. I don’t know whether I may do some noise here. In order some stones not to fall on me from above. So I’m keep quiete and stop filming. It’s not a good situation. This is a passage. The beginning of ascending is there. The beginning of ascending is there. But it’s not exactly. I’ll keep going along the canyon. I’m climbing with help of hands. I’m starting ascending at this point. Some stones are rolling down as they did it near lake. Here is a 45 degree and I’m crawling further. Oh, stop. I can roll down. A spring is flowing. It’s a simple for him to flow down. I’m going further. The next ledges of canyon became visible. I don’t know the better path but how can I ? I can climb at the left and make a stone scree. Should I go without a backpack to find a path ? No, It’s not my variant. To walk here and there. Unreal situation. May be I don’t see complete view and this is not a mountain pass or it impassable. Too high may be. Ok, I’ll go further while it’s good conditions – here is a good descent. A flat place with trails of hoofs. Goats are walking here. I’ll check each centimeter of this place. May be I should climb here or somewhere else. I ate too much and it’s too hard to climb. Is this pass impassable ?! If this is not a pass – right in front of me – that’s OK. But if it’s a pass – I can’t imagine how to climb there. I should make a decision carefully cause it’s a hard climbing there. I should leave the backpack here and check that passage. I’m thirsty after that spicy noodles. And as the noodles was fat it’s a bad thing to drink cold water after it. I shall get closer and watch the passage. It’s a stream under me and under stones. It sounds not so loud . I think that I can move over there and there and there. It’s a cleft there. Should I climb along it or along that stone scree? In any way I should come closer and see. Several minutes ago I was there – do you see? The most obvious path. Not to afraid and not to risk. And everything will be alright. There is no place for excess fear and no place for risk that’s all ! I move slowly and exactly – the only way to walk on stone screes. What will be after this ledge before me? Will this pass be in without a category ? Even not a 1B ? I can’t believe it! But who can check it for category? Who can check? It’s hard to get here. No, it’s better to get categories somewhere in easier places and start calling itself a “cool hikers” ! )) And not here ! Nobody need it. It’s a stone scree over there. I can climb on it till that flat place – near the orange stone. I’ll show it normally in a second. Somewhere at this place it seems to me, I can climb on this stones there and walk by this flat place. It’s possible while looking at this route. And then I’ll go there. It seems to me that this point is impassable. I have two strong paracords, 6 and 8 meter long. I can pull the backpack after me. I think it’s a good variant. I made a decision. The pass is there – azimuth of 93 degrees. In this direction. I don’t know the correct alpinistic term – I don’t know the correct alpinistic term – here is a way up. It’s hard to climb here. And I saw one more way up. Over there along the flat place and on the pass. I don’t know what is waiting for me on the other side. Whether a water has an effect on me or something else. I’m walking and singing such a lyrical songs. I’m carrying a 1.5 litre of water. Cause I’m climbing on the pass. The water is cold, tasty and good. I collected it somewhere over there. I’m walking from that point and directing there. I’m walking from that point and directing there. I’m filming straight up and even here the pikas is squeaking. And here is the grass. Such a strong adaptation! Simply in the rock, in the crack. A battle for life – I’m amazed! I’m climbing. See a snow glades on the right. I don’t saw them before. Btw it’s a good light now. Agafia, why did you get there? Though it’s not you, really. But you are so far. It’s a hard place! Wow, such an original place! I’ll look at this closer for sure. Wow, it’s too slippery! Amazing! The stone is warm so the water is also warm. Yes it’s warm, really. Class! Watching all this and thinking about the job that I’ve done yet such a sentimental thoughts are in my head! I don’t no why. I’ve ate recently may be this is an answer. Such a big way was done yet – I’ve even can’t get it in my head completely. The peaks of the mountains. I’ve reach their level. Summits of the ranges. Splendid view. I think that I’m in the middle of the universe, really. I don’t know why I’m telling about but it’s amazing! I’m almost explodng from the feelings. From emotions and energy though it must be vice versa. It’s amazing! But it’s so long path further. So long path. What is this mineral? Like a glass. Like real glass and it’s cracking in plates. I’ll try to show. It’s something like a glass. Interesting inclusions. I’ll remember where did I found it. Here on the very top of the pass the water is running over the plates. Over the stony plates, amazing! I’ll enter the pass soon. I don’t know what shall I see. It’s a good path. It’s seems so close but it’s too hard! I’ve passed the next saddle of the mountain. And now I can see the next mountain. I’m thinking – How did the Lykov’s family got here? Of course they got here by the river – everybody knows that. But it’s not my variant. Even counting that I have a motor-boat. The pass is somewhere over here – at this flat place. A vector – not a flat place. It must be it. Here is a good climb. I don’t know. I’m simply moving. I’m singing songs and get a bottle between my knees while filming. I can’t leave it here. And here are the mountain’s swamps – I can’t remember the correct term. I’ve lost it from my mind at this very moment. It’s very quiet here. It seems to me that even the wind never blow here. A bliss and serenity are here. May be people must practice a meditation here I’m filming a ledge I’ve walked by now. And there are mountains far far ahead. I’m continuing the climb. Silence. Only Pikas are squeaking somewhere. What are they doing here I wonder? It’s definitely Pikas. It’s an interesting flower – like a cotton by view and touch. It’s so cute when you touch it! A full cuteness. It’s like cotton! A map says that there are a couple of meters till the pass. Where I’ll see a remarkable mountains.. Everything is out of my mind, all the mountains. A couple of meters till the border between two river’s basins. Till the peak with height of 2200 meters and watershed Beduy river and Kair-su river. A couple of meters. There is a point where several mountain’s passes are meet. From First river and Second river and from other mountains. It’s amazing! I’ve looked to right and nearly out of my mind! Mountain’s swamps, The Shonkhyr mountain and may be even Kosbaji mountain (Turk names) are visible from here! There will be hard descent from here. Very hard! Very hard! The main pass is on the left as shown on the map. There it is. I was climbing from more convenient place. I’ll look at the main pass. I noticed a trails of hoofed animals. The valley a passed recently is seened from the left. I’m overwhelmed with emotions, thirst and tiredness, especially of my legs. And a waist also. I have to find a path down the valley and do it fast. It’s time to think about the descent. A little time till the dusk. And I must reach the forest down in the valley. Amazing views! I think that there is – on the right – the Shonkhyr mountain. And my path kay somewhere down this stone screes and valley. It seems to me that I can see a valley of the Beduy Yankol river (Turks name) I think that it’s a most beautiful river in Sayans Mountains. In West Sayan Mountains. The valley of Beduy Yankol is covered with young cedar forest. It’s very beautiful. That’s all, I’m descending now. Trying to find the way. I think that must go there, there and there. I think that must go there, there and there. This is the source of the Karakol river. The main goal is to reach the sparse growth forest. There must be animal’s trails there and be a good one. I’ve done a half of the descent and this is a valley of the Karakol stream. There are rocky mountains further – I’ve never saw such in our Kuznetsk Alatau mountains. There are way more flowers here and more of green color. I don’t know why, may be due to a plenty of soil and water and that they are delayed here. I think that a way back will be more difficult from this direction. Beautiful rhaponticum is growing here. Here are his roots and cones. My packraft “Oriole” is falling for the second time. I’m stopping for tie it. It’ OK. May be it’s falling cause it wants to rush into the battle already, to swim ahead. I could swim along the Kairsu river but it is dangerous and not give me a handicap. So I’ll wait. I have 2 paddle blades and screws of course. An inflatable sitting pad and a splashproff cover for packraft. And some more including a rope for tying splashproof cover, a pump and waterprof bag. I’m in full readiness to rafting from the place where Agafia Lykova lives. It will be an additional video, cause I’ve filmed a lot of material yet. The descent on this side of the mountains is more simple. I’m walking carefully in order not traumatise my knees. This is a pass I was on. This is another world, really. Other grass – they are yellow already but looks more fresh. Way more mosquitoes – I’m noticing them on myself constantly. As I said before there were 2 alternative routes of crossing the pass – here is a 2nd, I could walk from there and descent from that point. May be it is lower in height and more easy to pass and my hard route was at the virgin taiga along the animal’s trails. Too many nuances. I’m continuing the descent and see beautiful peaks. Unspoken beauty and mighty, remoteness from civilization. Mountain swamps of Karakol river valley. They are on the map and I was know that they are here. So I’ll pass them from a side. They are beautiful – like a mirror of water. My camera can’t show all it’s beauty cause it has only one eye against 2 of mine. There is that pass which I haven’t crossed. But may be I’ll go there some day. But frankly speaking the hardness of coming to that place and a whole day of climbing dramatically changes my further route. I’ll not visit the marvelous valley of the most beautiful river in West Sayans Mountains – Beduy Yankol river. It’s a splendid place with remarkable cedar forest and stones! It’s amazing! But I need a couple of days to visit that place. I’m jumping on boulders. Just like in our Kuznetsk Alatau Mountains. It’s splendid here. I have an experience on passing such places but they are not so big here. I’m keep going. My mood is high. I’m OK not to sleep in the hunting’s lodges now. Even after one night in the tent. From the moment I’ve entered the route. The good weather is not demoralizing me as usual. And I’m closing to my goal step by step and enjoy this fact. But I’m not sure that I’ll reach the settlement of Agafia while I’m at this place. It’s not goal but the very route is a goal. This route is very interesting. 10 years ago I was studying the Google.Earth and was thinking: How to get to the starting point, how to get further and so on. I thought that it’s impossible to do this but now I’m somewhere near my goal. May be there are 20-25 kms left but what a kilometers! I see a border of forest zone. It’s getting dark and a time is 19 pm. My GPS says that there is a kilometer to it. I’m quite close. I’ll look for the place to camp. It’s better there. It’s not far from Kairsu river. I don’t know exact distances but when I was preparing to the trip I count that there will b 8 or 10 kilometers left. So I’m keep going. I’ll make a camp and tomorrow quickly reach the Kairsu river. I meet animal’s trails sometimes. And I’m keep going to that beautiful mountains. I’ve never saw mountains like this. May be they could be seen somewhere in Afghanistan, Kazakhstan or in other countries. Though Tyva is close also. I can’t pass my emotions with words – I see a giant mountain of Karlukyr! Giant mountain of Karlukyr. I’ve noticed a waterfall on the right. Here it is running from some snow field or glacier. Whether it’s a waterfall or a stone wall reflecting – I can’t recognize. Only zoom can help. Mountain Karlukyr. And the name of the river I’m walking along is Karakol. I noticed that there is 99% cedar forest. There a few silver firs and it’s such a beautiful view! The taiga forest is full of life It’s splendid here! I was mistaken when called that mountain the Shonkhyr. May be it’s not this mountain and Shonkhyr is at that direction? I need to get orientirs. I’m descending and somewhere in the cedars forest where river flows I’ll make camp. It’s an only cedar forest on this side and only in the floodplain there must be another trees. It’s remarkable! I’ll keep descending to the direction that is shown by camera, where the Karakol river valley lead. I’ll make a camp there and it’s good lighting for filming now. The chain of a little waterfalls. I’ve decided to film it. I’m eating huckleberries, my hands are colored with it – let me show. Grabbing it with a full hand. A cedar is growing on the stone. I can see a cones on it. I’ll try to look for a cones under it branches. The last sun lights from the mountain pass. The pass from and to Katazan river. It’s getting dark. I’m standing on the stone and finding a place for the camp. The water is below that is not convenient. And I don’t notice dry trunks. A space landscape and a noise of water. The huckleberry is very tasty and it’s an easy way to go. I heard about good trails here. It’s good for me. So I hope that can quickly reach the mouth of the Kairsu river tomorrow. It’s been a hard way across that mountain pass, I’m tired. But descent from it rather fast. I’m searching a place for a campsite. May it will be here. I’ve noticed a flat place. But I can’t notice dry trunks. The 1st sign of civilization for 2 days. Rusty tin can. It’s a good place for camp and I can understand that people. I think that there will be lack of flat places for the tent here. It’s getting dark and I need to hurry up. I’ve made a big fire immediately after reaching this place. And then the tent was set up. It was a long process cause there are sharp firewood everywhere. I’ve set up my devices on charge. I’ll wash my feet and put on the fresh socks. And begin to cook. I’ll cook a multi cereal porridge on the camp stove. I have no time and so I’m doing things simultaneously. And must gather firewood for the night. Cause it will be dark. The process is keep going and there is some trouble with the focus. It seems to me. I gathered the firewood while the porridge was preparing. The porridge is ready. I’m sitting on my knees. It’s not convenient. I’m still setting up the place. This is my fire, I need to check it up constantly. Because I need to break up those big cedar firewood, get them to the fire and so on. All this firewood was taken from this glade. I’ve never ate this porridge, forgot it’s name, it’s good with spices. I’ve simply bought several spices in order to have different tastes. Because I’ve ate buckwheat only in the morning. I’ll go and wash my feet in the stream or it’s a river already? I don’t know. I’ll show my tired feet. I ate Bulgur – the name of a porridge. I don’t like it even with the spices. I’ve decided to cook meat and mashed potatoes. But so much tired! I’m simply sit near the fire and get the firewood in it. I think that will not cook anything now though it will be a good idea to eat meat before the sleep. It would be good for my joints. The tent is ready and a sleeping place also. I need to check my accumulators. And I’m just sitting. I’ve not ny feet washed. Even not took off my boots. Some grains are spiking me inside them. The lazyness is over me. I’ve descended to the stream to get water and wash ny feet. The path is not convenient as I saw it in the evening. Or may be I’ve descendent in a wrong place. I’ve gathered water for cooking. The moon is shining so good. I’m trying to clean my teeth and wash feet always. I’ll seat on my sleeping pad and take off my boots at last. I don’t like them at all. May be I’m getting to much exacting, but I think that they are not so good. The only plus that they are less slippery than my former trekking boots. And not convenient from other sides. I’m used to wear other boots. I’ve decided to wash feet but wash only boots yet. They were not so dirty from the beginning but going from the previous camp I’ve get into the dirt and they were hanging dirty on my backpack. I’ve washed them at last. I’ve not washed my feet yet but the lazyness has gone. I’ve decided to cook freeze-dried meat. And a crushed grits. It’s crushed grits from the shop. As for the boots – they brought me a wound. As for the boots – they brought me a wound with their tongue cause I need to lace them tightly in order to fix the foot. And when I laced them tight – they are short – so the tongue start moving and rub the skin. In high boots – as my former are – the foot can bend easily but in this ones it’s not possible. I think that they are not convenient. Ok, I’ll wash my feet. This adhesive plaster is good. But this one is no good. My toe nails are hurt from the past trips. My subscribers owe to this hurt feet) It’s that feet that making a content. With sweat, blood, wounds and hurt. With that priced the content is being made on the ABVGAT channel. It’s true! Here are this feet, I touch them, It’s them. Everybody owe to them. Even me cause they bear me on themselves. It’s so good! The water is icy really. I’m saving this butterflies. They knew who will not hurt them. It’s 23:45 All firewood is burned, I need to find more. I’ve ate that freeze-dried meat. And some more meals. I’ve ate a crushed grits also, that I’ve bought in the shop. It was not so good. [laughing] I’ve gathered all my stuff. The camera is showing it. I’ve lost my mood unexpectedly. The tea was also not so good. I’ve never sleep in such cedar’s forest. May be only one silver fir is here. All firewood was from dried cedars. The wind is blowing to my back again as it was blowing right into my tent yesterday and I was cold before the morning. It’s 23:45 already and this are the last filming. I don’t measure temperature today, made a call on the Thuraya XT-Lite, satellite phone, about my work and home, everything is alright. 2 days of the way to Agafia Lykova’s settlement. I’m counting on this but there can be changes in every second. The main rule is not to loose carefulness and vigilance. I’ve not boiled water for the morning. I was just sitting near the fire and rest. I think that it’s what I need now. Because it was hard second day of the route. I’ve done something about 15 kilometers. A giant mountain pass and a 15 kilometers. It’s like this. It’s a genius decision in my situation to jump from one shoal to another. I have a distinct sense that I must stop. It’s a TV show “Dialogs about fishing” with Andrew “ABVGAT” (paroding the voice of the famous showman). And we’ll start to cook breakfast?


  1. Первая часть долгого и протяженного пешего маршрута через заимку Агафьи, скачивайте, регистрируйте Орнамент по ссылке https://clck.ru/JX6S2 от этого напрямую зависит как скоро выйдет следующая серия. Агафья бы скачала. Так же добровольно переводите бабло по ссылке в описании, всегда на что-то не хватает, чтобы сменить съемочное нужно 160К руб.
    З.Ы. Дайте мне лучшую съемочную аппаратуру и я сниму лучшее походное кино для вас!

  2. Супер!
    Ботинки просто правильно надо шнуровать!
    Есть видео на ютубе!
    Спасибо за видео!

  3. "Маты – это имена демонов. В медицинской практике известно такое явление: при параличе, при полной потере речи, когда человек не может выговорить ни «да», ни «нет», он может, тем не менее, совершенно свободно произносить целые выражения, состоящие исключительно из матов. Явление на первый взгляд очень странное, но говорит оно о многом.

    Получается, что так называемый мат проходит по совершенно иным нервным цепочкам, нежели вся остальная нормальная речь.

    Часто приходится слышать версию о том, что матерные слова пришли в русский язык во времена ордынского ига от тюркоязычных народов. Но исследования, проведенные еще в двадцатые годы XX века, показали, что ни в татарском, ни в монгольском, ни в тюркских языках этих слов не существовало.

    Один из профессоров пришел к выводу, что слова, которые мы называем матерными, произошли от языческих заклинаний, которые направлены на то, чтобы разрушить человеческий род, навлечь бесплодие на нацию. Недаром, все эти слова так или иначе связаны с детородными органами мужчин и женщин.


    В древнерусских рукописях мат рассматривается как черта бесовского поведения, с наибольшей вероятностью можно видеть в матерщине языческие заклинания. Матерщина выступает у славян в функции проклятья. Например, одно из матерных слов на букву «е», которое имеет славянское происхождение, переводится как «проклинать».

    Остальные матерные слова – это имена языческих богов, то есть бесов. Человек, который произносит такие слова, автоматически призывает бесов на себя, своих детей и свой род. Издревле бранные слова являлись языком общения с демоническими силами, такими они и остались. Не случайно в филологии это явление называется инфернальной лексикой. «Инфернальный» означает «адский, из преисподней».

    Матерная ругань, несомненно, имеет те же языческие, оккультные корни, но ее целью было заклятие неприятеля. Матерная брань и есть выражение агрессии, угрозы. А если более глубоко, то это проклятие, которое человек насылает на того, кого он «кроет», имеет целью поразить (заклясть) врага в самое «сердце» его жизненной силы: проклинается материнство, животворящее мужское начало и все, что с ними связано. Такое проклятие — жертва сатане, причем в жертву приносятся и ругаемый, и ругающийся.

    Возможно, кто-то не употребляет “грязных” слов. А как на счет “блин”, “елки-палки”, и прочее ….?.. Это – суррогат матерных выражений. Произнося их, люди матерятся так же, как и те, кто не выбирает выражений.

    Факты. Опасность матерных слов !

    В древнерусских рукописях мат рассматривается как черта бесовского поведения.

    * * *

    Доказано, что все матерные слова произошли от сакральных названий богов, которые имели невероятную силу. Мат — это слова силы, несущей ужасающую разрушительную энергетику (она убивающе действует на человека на уровне ДНК, особенно на детей и женщин).

    * * *

    В качестве ритуального языка мат употреблялся на Руси аж до середины прошлого века — правда, лишь в тех регионах, где было сильно христианско-языческое двоеверие (к примеру, в Брянской области).

    К нему прибегали, чтобы поговорить «без переводчика» с лешими, домовыми и божествами «покруче», чем эти мелкие духи, — даже с самим неведомым богом Вельзевулом говорили только матерными словами… Матом как мощным магическим орудием до сих пор пользуются неоязычники и сатанисты при совершении черных месс.

    * * *

    С матерными словами связано еще одно интересное наблюдение. В тех странах, в национальных языках которых отсутствуют ругательства, указывающие на детородные органы, не обнаружены заболевания Дауна и ДЦП, в то время, как в России эти заболевания существуют.

    Богу по-настоящему противно, когда мы, пусть бессознательно, но все же произносим слова-заклинания бесов! Вот почему в древней Иудее к предостережению против сквернословия относились настолько серьезно, что даже по сей день в еврейских семьях нельзя услышать грязную ругань. Русская пословица гласит: «От гнилого сердца и гнилые слова». Когда сердце человеческое развращается, гнилые, скверные слова появляются как признаки духовного разложения.

    Апостол Павел предупреждал, что употребление скверных слов разрушает не только сиюминутную земную жизнь человека, но и его вечную жизнь, поскольку человек рождается не только для временного существования, а прежде всего для Вечности: «Злоречивые Царства Божия не наследуют».

    Мат оскверняет человека, убивает его душу. В компании матерщинников возникает ложный стыд сказать искреннее, доброе слово. Такая компания глумится не только над словами «любовь», «красота», «добро», «милость», «жалость», она пресекает саму возможность открытого, чистого взгляда."

  4. Классный формат!!
    Мощь в каждом шаге!!
    Интерес в каждом кадре!!
    GPS трек скинь , пожалуйста!!

  5. Здравствуйте! Не проидите мимо животных!? Я бы очень хотела, чтобы вы обратили внимание на очень печальные новости связанные с животными в парке Львов Тайган ( Крым). Последние годы этот парк просто кошмарят крымские ветеринары, выписывая многомиллионные штрафы. Директор постоянно в судах. Летом суд отменил самую популярную прогулку ко львам. И вот сегодня директор парка сказал, что на парк подали в суд на закрытие. А в парке очень много животных. Сегодня директор объявил, что вынужден усыпить 30 медведей, так как если парк суд обяжет закрыть животных нечем будет кормить. Если вам не безразлична судьба животных, поделитесь пожалуйста о подписи петиции. Очень нужна поддержка людей животным живущих там. Можете сами убедитьсь введите в поиске Тайган. Очень нужна животным помощь людей.

  6. Братан у тебя супер видео! Ты самый лучший, береги себя!

  7. Да молодец о как ты с медведем будешь ничего не сказал?что действительно сам ,во нервишки.

  8. Я так сынок за тебя переживаю какой ты смелый,браво

  9. Когда вторая часть???
    Я ежедневно с надеждой жду

  10. Андрей привет! Как думаешь что могло произойти на перевале Дятлова? Есть мысли по этой теме? Просто интересно мнение твоё. Ростов – на Дону.

  11. Мой Островский С.В. сильно такой помогите найти.

  12. Вот это приключения. Вот это действительно круто.

  13. Не даром люди говорят.. . Жизнь начинается там .где кончается зона комфорта…

  14. Ребя, обращаюсь ко всем любителям природы и животных в частности!
    Знаменитый сафари-парк #Тайган хотят закрыть по надуманным причинам.
    Большая просьба обратить на эту ситуацию своё внимание и попросить массу своих подписчиков о содействии в сохранении парка – нужна шумиха и юридическая помощь!

    Все, кто прочтёт этот комментарий, копируйте его и обращайтесь от своего имени ко всем интересным вам авторам каналов, блогерам, известным личностям

  15. Андрей такие люди как ты раз в 100 лет рождаются. Один на один без средств защиты в дикой природе это дорогого стоит. Репортажи твои очень интересны и понятны . Восхищаюсь твоим мужеством , и показываешь все натурально, береги силы и себя .Настоящий путешественник

  16. Дружище ! Каждый день смотру канал твой когда выйдет вторая часть про Агафью , я уже всем свои сказала чтоб лайкосов накидали может ускорит . Терпения нет как интересно ??????

  17. Красавчик, почему. Мишок перестал орать?

  18. Опять и снова маты, с детьми смотреть невозможно, и почему человек этот такой не воспитанный

  19. Отличный фильм! Когда продолжение именно этого похода можно будет увидеть?

  20. Ну и когда ты уже припрешься к своей Агафье,и вообще нахера она тебе нужна?

  21. Просто супер.Агафья тебе рада, судя по взгляду.

  22. Андрюх все не чего но уж сильно затягиваеш с роликами

  23. Все пересмотрел уже, Андрюх честно, ты эли делаешь контент или пиши что у тебя дел не проворот, редко уж заливаешь видосы, и не на одно не ответил моё комент

  24. Пойду туда незнаю куда, посмотрю то незнаю что. Че все к этой бабке прутся?

  25. У тебя могло быть и больше подпищиков если бы не не был таким ахуевшим и хотя бы иногда здоровался со своей аудитории

  26. В итоге то , дошел?? Нашел??? Как она там?? Жива здорова??

  27. Завидую белой завистью таким ребятам, которые увлечены тайгой, походами…Сам любитель по тайге побродить да по таежным речкам, но времени свободного хватает только на трехдневный сплав….С дрона снимаешь эпизоды – гармонично входят в сюжет видеоролика. Тоже в этом году освоил коптер, летаю понемногу, снимаю.

  28. Зачем снимать фильм со сквернословием. Слушать не возможно.? Если Вам уже там не комфортно, то зачем попёрлися в тайгу….?? С таким отрицательным позитивом, сидеть дома нужно. Природа не любит таких…! Она наказывает.

  29. 11 августа я ехала в поезде ,,Челябинск- Владивосток,,. Я была в Красноярске. Там была стоянка. Я ехала а ты шел пешком. Я проехала по России 7000км. Очень красивые места видела из окна вагона. а вот заглянула в глубь тайги по этому видео. Удачи тебе ,Андрей,и хороших походов.

  30. Господи!Мы,так всю жизнь так живём!Отупеть!Своей бабушку печьку слепил,бы!

  31. Пипец… Сколько силы и энергии тратит человек, чтобы создать это видео…

  32. Хватить мять булки! Пойдёмте мять ноги!

  33. Почему один? А подвернешь ногу? Мишаня поможет.

  34. видон просто фантастика! но без оружия и попутчика я бы не рискнул на такой переход!

  35. ахахах, можно, говорит, стать частью водопада )))))))

  36. Красава) Один из не многих годных блогеров кого смотрю)

  37. КТО ИЗ 2020?





  38. Есть специальное крепление для камеры на голову, чтобы не мучиться так

  39. Придёться посмотреть) Прочитав комментарии не могу ни взглянуть. Я со своим дробовиком тоже ходила по лесу одна, но в Тайгу мечта сходить. Пошла бы с тобой не раздумывая?

  40. Сцука,давай быстрее новую часть,уже не терпится посмотреть

  41. Я в шоке, так как-то откладывал просмотр.. это просто невыносимая потрясающая непередаваемая красота! Сидел смотрел рот от изумления самопроизвольно открывался… И абвгат изменился, совсем иной уровень контента, сьемок, комментирования,…не скажу что было плохо, но сейчас все на едином дыхании, большое спасибо,Андрей, даже в душе что-то поменялось после просмотра. Просто поклон, что показал такие великие места!

  42. Чувак, ты просто обезбашенный! В хорошем смысле! Очень круто!

  43. Много не нужного разновора(хочется просто наблюдать и наслождатся звуками природы.а ты болтаешь и болтаешь утомительно.меньше слов больше пейзажей

  44. Прекращаю смотреть видео из за ненормативной лексики-так испоганить свой репортаж!!!!

  45. Андрей, пожалуйста напишите ссылку на Ваше видео о клещевом Боррелиозе. Не могу найти. У меня Мама ослепла от Этого заболевания, не правильно поставили диагноз. Спасибо❤️

  46. Андрюха, я че то не могу видео где вернулся хозяин избы найти, ты что удалил его?

  47. посмотрел первую часть 1,5 часа и уже собирался смотреть вторую и вот это облом ее еще нет xD

  48. Одному не страшно? Там же много диких зверей. А если медведь встретится?

  49. Материться не обязательно, мат это молитва сатане… береги свою душу .

  50. У тебя один из самых качественных контентов на русском ютюбе. Не для детей и подростков, а именно ТВ формат. Если бы ты жил на западе-то был бы миллионером как Беар Гриллс. Даже реклама которая у тебя есть в этом ролике-правильная, я например скачал это приложение. В общем ищи выходы на ТВ, в том числе иностранное.

  51. А может кто-нибудь объяснить, как он снимает с воздуха? Почему ни слова о коптере?

  52. Красавчик!
    Когда нибудь займусь этим же,пока мечтаю лишь!
    Смотрю тебя и радуюсь!!!!

  53. Точно к агафье ездил??? А то… О ногах да о носках????

  54. тайскую мазь для массажа надо брать с собой ,после похода на ночь ноги мазать .Зеленая .Испробовано в походе от Джазатора до Тюнгура .в 13 году

  55. Андрюха ты жив, меша не съел, вторую часть жду уже месяц с огафьей

  56. Не!Ну серьёзно!?В самом начале ролика…Я наверное впервые в жизни увидел полезную(по идее)рекламу!!!И почему то,не удивлен,что такая реклама,на канале у Абвгат!Лайк

  57. Қарлы қыр перевал перевод снежный гор

  58. Вы просто молодец, для Вас это суть жизни: проверить себя, открыть мир для себя, показать на что способен человек…Просмотрела почти все, жаль что так избу построили…Как могли таких электриков пригласить??? К Агафье точно идете???И ещё, вот чтоб меньше нецензурной брани…

  59. 1:08:13 это наверное от той самой травки которую ты показывал

  60. Хороший канал без всяких понтов . Пешие походы по тайге круто , удачи тебе и каналу!

  61. Топовый видос, ждём следующей части, рекламодатели не тупите)

  62. Интересно, а если ты мишку встретишь, что делать ?

  63. Видео душевное ты не боялся увидеть медведя или расамаху в тайге?

  64. Андрей, наконец то досмотрел! Времени, с..ка мало, ток за ужином получается смотреть. Но кое-как на бегу такие вещи неохота смотреть! Отлично в общем получается – неизведанные места, тайга, горы, превозмогание по бестропию… – все, как надо!) Отличные кадры с коптера – молодец, что запускать не ленишься! Жду продолжения! ))

  65. Что это за минерал ? 1:09:02.Слюда-силикат вулканического происхождения.Скорей всего мусковит.

  66. просто чумовой выпуск! спасибо огромное
    я вместо с тобой побывал в центре вселенной

  67. На кой хер ты во всех видосах мишаню материшь?)))
    Лазерной указкой в глаз!!!!!
    Лубой зверь так шарахается, охуеть просто!
    Я так много лет делаю. И лебедей от удочек отгоняю на рыбалке. И мишаня шарахается так, что пипец!

  68. хорошее видио но маты режут слух

  69. Андрей спасибо тебе,за походы и видео,колоссальный труд который оценит не каждый.Я тоже люблю ходить в соло походы.P.S привет с Украины,удачи тебе)

    Как я мужа научила АБВГАТа смотреть.

    Каждый вечер смотрю фильмы Андрея.
    Муж говорит- «Опять ты своего матершинника смотришь!»
    А, мне нравится видеть- так отвечаю.
    И ему не показываю картинку. Со временем и муж заинтересовался. Теперь просит в его сторону планшет повернуть, чтоб видеть.

  71. Андрюха вваливает и преисполняется в прекрасном во вселенной . Круто ?

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