Как Аркаша тестил 350 Z Семёна | Tsunami Picnic 2018

May i Dad? What you going to say? Bye bye ice cream ) In the end? Ok , Whats up guys! It’s time to make another episode To be honest i did’t film a lot last week Yesterday i was cleaning my laptop and found nice video from last year, how we went to 2018 Tsunami Picnic event So there was a video how Arkasha (Russia’s drift champion} testing my friends 350Z=) And also some E30 BMW, so i think you will like it and it is going to be interesting What else? whats new .. Next weekend i want to go to Riga, Drift Masters drift event I think Gocha is coming there, I’m not sure if Dean coming there or someone else, anyway it will be nice event to visit If i find tickets that allow me to enter tech zone , then i will go 100% And i will film as much as i can I Asked Tickets from Gello, he is Piotr Wiecek’s main mechanic And he told that he will ask tickets for me. What else.. Yep in this video there will be some bad words=) so take away your kids from tv ) Because Arkasha is very emotional and cool guy , and sometime he is cusring=) Who is that? Ok .. Nevermind=) So enjoy this video, on’t forget to press like, if you new here subscribe, and don’t forget about bell 🙂 Thank you and enjoy this episode! Peace !!! Bye bye ice cream ) What ice cream? Say Peace! Peace..=) Ok See Ya! Bye! It’s Piter baby ) Ok so, Hi everyone! ok Tanja hold the camera i have to drive We came to Tsunami Picnic, sadly it was raining a lot all the time while i was driving Now we going to Semjon’s garage (Lucky Station) And then we will go to event Road was ok, we passed border without any problems Today we was at the dyno where Semjon tuned Sergey Stilov’s Silvia So it was pretty interesting Today i will be his Co-Pilot ) Don’t be mad for bad video quality , i am trying to hold camera while he driving Before we left, i changed rear tires, i ordered same tire size that i had before 285/35/18 from Michelin I had same size before but only from Toyo So i changed them and now everything rubs like crazy… Already i was at wheel alignment with Sergey Stilov It got better , but still rubs like crazy.. And we will have to buy again new tires.. Damn..it was brand new tires.. Michelin Pilot sport.. oh sorry Pilot Super Sport.. I really like traffic over here ) Ok so we got to Lucky Station.. Here is some interesting cars This type of machine overe here ) All Cars in progress ) Here is a Supra on Finnish number plates RX 8 , Semjon said it is his wife’s car Ford, S13 But most interesting cars is over there i think.. This is a really cool car.. Classic Some Mark all wrapped I think i seen this cars in some videos on youtube before s13 Stilov’s Lexus is standing here Mark 2 And this is Tourer V So yep.. Guys are working here on nice cars Welded diff 🙂 it is supercharged So are you ready to have a ride in this thing? Yes=) ok good girl Ok Honey.. i am.. Filming So if you filming , then say something ) How to understand that you are not a blogger? So when you driving in a car with husband, and he says, Tanja take camera , film something.. And i say what do i film? we just driving in the city ) Show Semjons car ) Ok, showing how we driving behind Semjon=) Ok showing that on the right is a park=) On the left husband .. Semjon in front ) And heater switched on max and temp. is on max ) not to overheat the engine Yes, he is cooking me here=) Yep, in the evening i will have sweaty woman ) now we heading to gas station, Semjon told me that they have over here 100 octane petrol And he told me that it is worst than our 98 octane, but we will see And then we will go straight to event So tomorrow we will see you there ) They giving him cash over there ) Some conversation going on.. not sure about what That was cool ) But i thought it will be much scarier =)) Well yea .. But it was cool) So it was nice? yea, but i thought it will be much scarier… Oh Tanja.. you are the wife that never screams ..=)) for fu*k sake.. That’s is Arkady Tsaregradcev aka Arkasha, he is one of the best drifters in Russia and world i guess.. There is some photographer want to take a ride with you first Here is a six speed gearbox, i was driving here on third but i thing you will go with forth.. I will also go on third.. Is it powerfull? not really, somewhere around 400 at the wheels, maybe less.. I’l go with you next lap.. Arkasha listen, how do i put seatbelts here? Ah don’t worry about it=)) Ehh i just hope that i wont crash in something here .. Warm up lap ) Ok, Let’s GO ) Not Bad 🙂 Ok, im going out .. Is this too early to take out fire extinguisher ?=) No no car doing fine, temp is 80 right now.. Yep cooling works fine on this car So what do you say about the car overall? any tips? Well, steering angle is little bit small and there is not enough of grip on the rear.. yep grip can be better, i can try to drop some pressure from rears, but today one tire came off from rim , cause of that stance style ) That was awesome )) Nice one ) he he he Nice car! Well i will go to Ryazan to compete next month Or you going? Nice! You know what i do with it? I ‘d make gears longer very short gears! it is 4:3 now , but i think to go with 4:1 or 3:9 go with 3:9 so you could go everywhere on third cause even here is 3rd not enough, but 1, 2, 3, 4 is a bullshit it takes too long Last time on another track i went with 4th, and after every turn had to go with 3rd but if it will be 1. 2. 3 and let’s go.. .. it will be fuc**ng awesome=) So when you go to Ryazan make them longer 😉 Ok Thanks Boss, yeah man.. That was awesome!! ok so on the second it runs without any problems everywhere, on 3rd after 4.5 it pulls nice before 4.5k rpm not sure… OK got it How do you close the window? You can’t=) ok Fuc**ng awesome !=) Exept one thing that car has only front brakes.. it is very bad.. veery bad, ok i got it But overall Very nice! Good car to drive? You can race it on any track! Everywhere! Thanks man, i got it ! Just bought it ) This is a very nice car !! Congrats!

78 thoughts on “Как Аркаша тестил 350 Z Семёна | Tsunami Picnic 2018

  1. 8:40 улицу нужно снимать, а не себя!!11!!! 😀

  2. Уцы,снова на русском,это повод немного порадоваться

  3. Не ну мат Аркаши это святое! Запикивать Аркашу – кощунство)))))

  4. 5:12 Это не Стилова вроде,он продал давно уже

  5. 10:47 – А как пристегиваться? – Та забей!

  6. Что за вторая машина в конце была на тесте у аркаши ?

  7. Жду каждый день твои видосы, продолжай снимать)))

  8. Тот момент, когда Аркаша едет в дрифте с лицом как по прямой

  9. Аркаша, как пристёгиваться, да забейййй…….:))))

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  11. Чувак, купи микрофон(петлю), что ж ты жлоб то такой! Звук говнище дизлайк!

  12. Аркаша какой то молчаливый, на кислых щах

  13. Жена, которая ни когда не кричит :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  14. Раз ,два ,три , четыре -ЕБАЛА !!!!!!

  15. Херова, когда жена никогда не кричит)

  16. Жизнь прожита не зря если аркаша сказал что машина заебись

  17. с таким ебалом пафосным сидит))) царь епта

  18. Фотограф чуть не потерял сознание, Семён злой за клачи, квпец ору))

  19. Зрителю смотреть дрифт из салона с камерой, направленной на лицо, очень интересно.

  20. Респект. Что Аркашу подсняли. Культовый чувак!

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    Когда смотрел это всё, пришла мысль что, если резко каким то чудом пересадить планктон из пробки в корч на спот,как они будут верещать и извиваться???

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  26. Как понять что ты блогер,снимай как едешь по городу…аркаша красавчик))))

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    о_О !!!ни как ??‍♂️,
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  32. – Слыш, Аркаш, а как она пристегивается?
    – Да забей

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  35. no idea what you guys were saying but watched the whole thing hahaha. have been watching you for like 4 years. your my motivation to get a supra hahah

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