Обед ! Прикол. Июнь 2019.#Lunch on the river.Prikol.Summer fishing.Spinning.Russian fishing.

Lunch with a smoke break! Say Michael! In Germany, so do not rest? Alexey is saved from mosquitoes by a hood with gauze. This year there are fewer mosquitoes! Yes? Precisely! Men decided to play Pirates of the Caribbean! Mikhail as would-captain Jack Sparrow! Or maybe-Barbosa! This cigar has been here for three years! Mikhail finally decided to try))) smoke a cigar No, he won’t. You need to bite off the tip, like in the movies!))) No need to bite! There must be a hole in it! Broke off the tip! Now take a puff! So it turns out to smoke Listen to your comrades! They can’t teach you anything bad! IN NATURE! YOUTUBE subscribers will see it! This is just the beginning. This is anti-advertising! Mikhail didn’t understand anything!!! We remembered a funny joke! Andrew wiped the end of his cigarette Now then! We need to set her on fire. Doesn’t want to burn! Dog! This Is Havana! You sabotaged me in front of everyone. Smoking is bad for your health! Smoking can lead to physiological changes! Just relax and enjoy. Andrew have fun It’s not chocolate! He gets high. Michael! You should get high too! Come on! Pull the smoke! You want to sing a song or do a dance? Ugh! She doesn’t want to smoke! That’s how they quit Smoking! Michael all the fun!))) – Maybe I can do it later, but I… It was a real cigar! 100% tobacco from Cuba! Crystalix!Crystalix! After all this we decided to eat We’ll try another cigar tomorrow! – Hey, this will be fun! Andrew says that he liked it! Let’s eat the soup before patriotism turns it cold. And Michael let him teach them that song! Thank you for your attention, everyone. It was one hundred percent cigar!))) Don’t smoke! Don’t smoke in the woods!

2 thoughts on “Обед ! Прикол. Июнь 2019.#Lunch on the river.Prikol.Summer fishing.Spinning.Russian fishing.

  1. Скоро и у нас нельзя будет…как в Германии))

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