Риболов на ЩУКИ на НОВ ТАЕН Язовир!😜👌/ Pike Fishing on a New Secret Dam/ Hechtangeln am Staudamm

20th of January! Fish, fish! We were looking for this dam in the summer and couldn’t find it. Finally, a fishing mate told us where it is and we found it. Show it! It is a beautiful dam, guys! A very nice one! There are pike in it. It’s beautiful! There are also carp in here. But we are interested in the pike. That’s right! There is some trash, which means that people are coming here. However, it is not a lot. I start testing it! I will join you too. There are some ducks’ or birds’ feathers. I don’t know what did they do. There are big feathers everywhere! Did you hook it? It didn’t hook well. It was a nice one! First bite! That’s pity! You said it was a nice one, right? Yes. It jumped behind the weeds. Is it suitable for jerkbait here? Yes. I have one on the rod. Not that I change it immediately! Put a long lure with the three hooks! I want to try with the jerkbait first. It will make a lot of noise here. Use one of the Retro Mackerel lures with the three hooks! OK. This one doesn’t have any hooks. Wow! Nice! Well done! It’s pulling! It’s a beauty! We are here for the first time! I need the gripper. Wait a second! Nice! Great jumps! Good job, Tsetse! The first one on the second secret dam! Yes. On the Retro Mackerel crankbait. Perfect! Now pictures! It is .. Almost 1.8 kg/ 4 lbs. Minus 150 g/ 5.3 Oz for the gripper. 1.65 kg/ 3.6 lbs. A very nice pike! Well done, Tsetse! The first one on the secret dam! Good job! This happened in the first 10 min. Maybe 5-6 min. I cast there maybe five times. Yes. I let the lure swim over the weeds. I didn’t let it dive but let it come up to the surface. Then I let it dive about 3-5 cm/ 1-2″ , then let it come the the water surface again, and it came from the weeds and grabbed it. Yes, very nice! Let’s see what else we can catch. Hope I get some fish too! Cast next to the weeds there and let the lure swim on the surface! This way? Yes, on the right! Did you turn the camera off once? Now I will do that. Don’t delete them! OK. Tsetse! I’m coming! Take it easy! Let the pike calm down! A small pike! You didn’t turn the camera off, right? Yes. Good! I will take it out. Wait! I will come with the gripper! I can take it out like that. It’s not very small. I saw it. It is about 1 kg/ 2 lbs. Maybe a bit less. Maybe 1 kg/ 2.2 lbs, not sure. It bit on a large lure! Nice! Guys, it is my first pike of the year! To be honest! Really? Yes. I got a bite before on the other dam. But this one is the first of the year. Whenever it comes, I take it. That’s OK. Release some line! No! I lied! I caught a pike on Maritsa river. It was small. That’s why I’m not counting it. We will lift it with the rod, Tsetse! Big catch! It’s still a fish! My first fish on these dams! Finally! On the second secret dam! On the Retro Mackerel crankbait. Catch it on the Belly! Switch your hands! Wait! Like that! It’s so beautiful! The belly this way! It’s very beautiful! Nice pike! Congrats! Thanks! Let’s get it undone and release it! Let’s bring the pike back! It has the same color. Where did it go?! Hope that a bigger one comes! Nice! It starts raining! The camera shouldn’t get wet. My book is there too. What do we do? We must run. Yes. Come on, it can become dangerous. Come on! We are not prepared for rain. Come on! Did you hook one? No. Weeds. It was under these weeds. Sure. My pike, right? Let’s run, cause the storm is coming. I’m cold. Me too. Guys, there thunders, looks that a rainstorm is coming. Our car is a bit far away, so we need to go. We call it a day. If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, catch big fish and until next time! Bye, bye!

15 thoughts on “Риболов на ЩУКИ на НОВ ТАЕН Язовир!😜👌/ Pike Fishing on a New Secret Dam/ Hechtangeln am Staudamm

  1. Евала отново за страхотното видео! Продължавайте напред и нагоре! ❤️🎣

  2. Голяма радост беше, че най-накрая успяхме да открием втория таен язовир. Заслужаваше си търсенето и лутането преди това! Поради задаващата се буря престоят ни беше кратък, но резултатен! Вижте също "Улов на 2-кг щука на първото замятане": https://bit.ly/32iQhdU ! 🙂

    It was a great joy that we were finally able to find the second secret dam. It was worth the search and the wandering in the summer! Due to the coming storm, our stay was short but effective! See also "Catching a 2kg Pike on the First Cast": https://bit.ly/32iQhdU! 🙂

  3. Красива като тебе Кате само Цецо да не се сърди за коментара:)

  4. Браво Кате, този път я закова. Много, са хубави тези скумрйските воблери супер! И пазете, се от гръмотевици тези карбонови въдици са много опасни при буря, стават гръмоотводи.👍🎣🎣

  5. БРАВО!!!Просто СТРАХОТНО!!!Нямам какво да коментирам вече!!!Страхотни сте!!!

  6. Какъв язовир бе хора? Вие ги ловите в локвите в асфалт пред блока в който живея😁😁😁👌! Направо къртите плочки в банята ми. Живи, здрави и неразделни.

  7. I was about to say, didn't you catch a little one in the last video? I was going to ask if that footage came from last year, but now you remembered it. Glad I'm not going crazy! Well, ok…maybe I can't say that, but I'm not losing my mind yet at least.😜😂 Run, run, run! Don't let the storm catch you.👍💯

  8. Man you are always on the big fish buddy.. You've got some really good fishing where you are

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