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Mushroom picking – oyster mushrooms Hello!!! You are on the channel – Adults and Children.
Today we are going to pick mushrooms. We were fishing,
caught a little fish. Video look at my channel. We’re going now
pick up oyster mushrooms and mushrooms. There were heavy rains last weeks. Weather
good one. In the morning fog and mushrooms should be. Let’s go see what is in the forest. we
We are located in Velikiy Lugsky floodplains. Here we are. The duct “Miroshnik”. I always take my navigator “I am going home” with me. The program on the phone.
We set the landing point and go to the forest. All … We will go to the forest. You need to search for broken trees. on the stumps. If you walk a little, you can see in the distance
duct. And here is the oyster mushroom party, which is already managed to grow on a tree. We will cut them …. music sounds Fresh oyster mushrooms. Very nice and
smell good. Put them in the bag … There is a fallen tree. And grow under it
mushrooms. But they are very ugly, I them I will not take it. They are so white, with the smell of mushrooms. They say that they are edible, but I will not take them. So I hit the clearing of mushrooms.
You can see how they crawled out of the ground. Also a good mushroom, but it needs to be soaked for a long time. In principle, they are very pickled delicious. Fresh mushrooms, not yet eaten
worms and all kinds of midges. music sounds They right in a family grow in a circle. In that
the forest has many fallen trees. Need to every tree fallen inspect
carefully from all sides. Because there may be oyster mushrooms. Now of course there are not very many for some reason.
Although there were rains. It may be too early. The air temperature is not favorable for them. Here you can see a littered tree. And here
hid a mushroom, pretty. Gently cut it
and put a nice fungus in the bag. We carefully examine this tree.
Maybe somewhere else mushrooms appeared? And around. Here, someone has already been and cropped, then
what has grown on it. Recently… In the forest there are a lot of dry trees – poplars.
They need to look for oyster mushrooms. A little bit like and see. A bit like we saw
tree littered. And here mushrooms grow. They are already resilient and ready to cut. music sounds The tree must be carefully examined from all sides. Maybe it still has some mushroom – bottom, top, left, in
beginning, end. Now look around for trees, are there any mushrooms?
Here are some more cute breasts that hid under a layer of turf. Fresh, good mushrooms. We will take them with us. choose Young breasts are not so bitter and tasteful. They directly burrow into the ground. And if you look at
this tree can be seen under the root a lot of oyster mushroom. Here are small. And here already
grown large and beautiful. They are all over circle of tree. So here
mushrooms were not there. Or were, Artyom? Did not have… Here is a deadwood area, large broken trees. And here, every year, I find mushrooms. Let’s go see it. If you look closely at stump, you can see the mushrooms.
So they grew up a beautiful ridge on one from hemp. Trim them … music sounds Cream oyster mushroom, this is the first
appears in front of a blue oyster mushroom. Slicer and put it in the bag. Here Vladik found yellow oyster mushrooms by
the whole tree. Some have slightly faded But they are quite edible. What if
look around then you can see the blue oyster mushrooms, which Vladik saw too. There are a lot of deadwood. If you look at the top, then there is a mycelium. Beautiful. He has his knife, so he makes them very easy
cut off. Vlad found here one, and there the second and further. This one … The forest is good today, clear and sunny. Heat, even mosquitoes fly in places. And we walked with Artem through the woods and found another batch mushrooms – oyster mushroom.
Even the big ones are beautiful. And Artem will be them crop … music sounds Good found mushroom, beautiful. Lodges in a package. Already
almost complete package. Now tree look and go further. Here is a mushroom, Artyom crouched near him. And next to it lies such a beautiful little one. And not afraid, slept. You see … Near one of the trees I found just such a bunch of mushrooms. They have a greenish color on the cut. Are growing
mycelium fungus. The fungus is like this, greenish below. Well, our mushroom hunt is over. We gathered mushrooms and oyster mushrooms. There are not a lot of mushrooms of course and a package of oyster mushroom. I think closer
by November mushrooms will grow better. Because
the air temperature will be lower and there will be more rainfall. You were on the channel – adults and children.
We watched a video on how to collect oyster mushrooms and mushrooms in autumn. Write
remarks and comments. Like it. Subscribe to our channel. Be with us. Bye …. music sounds Write comments and comments! Like it! Subscribe to our Adults and Children Channel Thank you for watching!!!

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