Сбор грибов, вешенки в ноябре #взрослыеидети

Mushroom picking, oyster mushrooms in November Hello! You are on the channel – Adults and Children.
Today I go again to collect in the forest oyster mushrooms. Every morning there are fogs. Weather
raw and mushrooms should be. I collect mushrooms in the Dnieper Velikiy Lug floodplains
in the area of ​​the Levkovy pits. So, let’s begin… Today is very big
fog. As always, I took a navigator with me. And we will search. There are felled trees. It is necessary to examine each root. And so, if you look down, you can
see the mushrooms. Which have already begun to grow. Let’s collect them … Mushrooms are still not very large,
but nonetheless, they are slowly growing. Here the mushroom is already larger, but a single
instance. Also quite edible. There are such beautiful mushrooms, but they are inedible.
Here were mushroom pickers who cut oyster mushrooms. And now new ones have begun to grow. Still
a little bit and they can be cut off. Special attention
must be given to trees that Fell. Here lies a poplar and
if you look along its entire length, you can find mushrooms. So they grew beautiful
burdock on a tree next to it. They have already begun to grow on a lying tree. We will crop … music sounds Cute mushrooms … So I got on the fallen tree. It’s damp and
a lot of poplars. And on one of the trees, broken, I see a batch of mushrooms. They are
cute, already big, recently grown. music sounds So beautiful
burdocks have already grown … If you find mushrooms, you must
look around carefully perhaps still lurking nearby
some mushroom. We examine each of the small nooks and oyster mushroom has grown in the hollow. And a bunch of little ones. It will be here very soon
good mushroom picker. In the forest, except mushrooms, you can find just such a bunch of garbage. Where did she come from, is it not known? Here is the trail of people who probably went here and littered. This is bad 🙁 Oyster mushrooms can be found not only at the level
land, but also high up. There they have already grown. In order to get them, we take a stick and
I will try to bring down. Of course you can have some kind of knife. But I don’t have a knife with me.
Therefore, we will shoot down with a stick … music sounds Such mushrooms grow
high. Put them in a bunch that fell from a tree. And it’s already nice that there are mushrooms … music sounds Our islands can only be reached
on the boat, so I have the main backpack stored in a boat. And I carry this with me
a small gas mask bag. And she is already full. Therefore, you already have to go to the boat and put them in a backpack. I am for I use the program “I’m going home”. As I said before.
On the android. She to me helps very well. Click “go home.” The female voice from the phone in a straight line, from tooltip to tooltip. If you
arbitrarily changed direction The following clue will not be accurate. I will help you”. And here you can see the google map or
Yandex. And here is the normal mode, satellite, hybrid. Here is the red dot –
this is my boat. Let’s go there. Turn off phone screen and put it in your pocket while listening
hints. We go to the boat. So i found unusual mushrooms that grow on
a tree. I don’t know what they are called, I’ll look on the Internet. If you know,
write your comments how are they are called and can they be eaten?
On the way to the boat I found a batch of beautiful mushrooms in the distance. Today, of course, the weather is foggy, There is no sun, so without a navigator it’s hard to navigate. And so I see a very beautiful wood,
covered in oyster mushrooms. Here you can already them cut from the heart. Here they are so beautiful and big. We will cut them … music sounds Here is a bunch of mushrooms, but I got them
nowhere to put. Therefore have to do and sweaters improvised bag. And put it there. I knitted the sleeves of the sweater. Therefore, mushrooms will not go anywhere … music sounds There is always a way out of all situations. Here
such a handbag turned out and let’s move on … Pretty nice bag. The forest is very beautiful. Already
foliage began to fall, bright yellow, beautiful. If you look in this neighborhood, then on a fallen tree you can find a whole a batch of mushrooms. Here they are beautiful
grown and already reached large sizes. I will cut them … music sounds You need to look under the bottom of the tree, because
that they very often grow there. Here, the party of oyster mushrooms has already begun to grow. music sounds Far away
broken trees and a lump grows here. Big, beautiful. But someone already bit him a little bit. But I will not take it now, because I collect oyster mushrooms. If you look nearby, there is a fallen
wood. You need to carefully examine it …. And here below you can see
oyster mushrooms that lurk in the foliage. Beautiful, we will cut them …. music sounds Beautiful blue mushrooms and prepare them “Julienne” … It can be seen that the mushrooms are wet with us. Now they
grow rapidly and literally in a week they will become even larger. If you look at this tree, there below you can see this beautiful oyster mushroom. Which cleaved
from below. There is still a small side and a little from above. We will cut them .. More mushrooms I
I don’t see here. Oyster mushrooms in our area grow mainly on poplars,
on black poplars. Their bark just fits for mushroom growth and wood is not dense.
Therefore, we collect oyster mushrooms mainly on these trees. We cut carefully … These are such beautiful mushrooms. And now I’m already at the boat. And you can put mushrooms from the gas bag into the backpack …. music sounds Mushrooms are very beautiful. Not very big yet of course. But also nice … Well, here’s ours
mushroom hunting is over. Based on personal experience, we can say
that there are mushrooms, but not on every tree. And so you need to look for them. I gathered a lot of mushrooms, more than half of the backpack. About 15 pounds, which is also good. Based on the fact that I went fishing and caught very few fish. Here is a small roach. On the opposite side of Lykovkovye pits, too
there are good places on the part of Domakha. There are many fishermen and there is a poplar forest. But there are a lot of people, so mushrooms can be find very few. You were on the channel –
Adults and children. Watched a video on how can pick oyster mushrooms in
Dnieper floodplains. Write comments and comments! Like it! Subscribe to our channel. Be with us. Bye ….. music sounds Write your comments and comments! Like it! Subscribe to our Adults and Children Channel Thank you for watching!!!

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