Спрятанная река Неглинка. Hidden river Neglinka. Den Stalk #64

Moscow founder Yuri Dolgorukyi chose a very convenient place for the city narrow cape between the rivers Moscow and Neglinka rivers were protection from enemies but as the city grew, the river Neglinka began to interfere and the townspeople decided to hide it underground today I want to get into the capital’s most popular underground river Neglinka 3 centuries ago it was impossible to imagine Moscow without a river Neglinka but the city developed rapidly and the river turned into a gutter they tried to equip her ponds appeared on the site of the color boulevard the riverbed was straightened and stone embankments were set up but it didn’t save from the stinking smell and they decided to hide the river underground this was done in 1819 during the reconstruction of Moscow after the fire of 1812 the first mention of the river in chronicles since 1401 according to one version, the river got its name because of the swamp in its channel according to another version, the name came from a sandy bottom without clay at the end of the 18th century the lower reaches of the river went underground then the middle sections of the channel disappeared finally in the 20th century the source was buried in the marina grove the river was completely underground change clothes and go to the river we are ready, with me Flying dick, Hell, Fantomas and Quiet we get into the underground river first went show tool Hell says: when you go down, go away from the stairs and shout up freely this is a tool, cool next wow, like a river, water runs))) Guys, my turn Climb Hell closes the hatch such an echo we are in Neglinka Hell says: we are at the confluence of the Neglinka and Naprudnaya rivers at one time the headwaters of the Neglinka before merging with the Naprydnaya river were called Samoteka Samotechnaya street named after her River safety the first is the collector wave it’s a sharp rise in water level in winter the collector wave is impossible due to rain discharges from thermal stations are not carried out here second dangerous gases in Neglinka this is unlikely Guys if you feel bad then immediately speak because anything can happen no need to be macho Guys, we go south to the “Garden ring” this collector was built in 1906 it’s warm, + 10 degrees go here ok pits come across at the bottom muddy water (in Moscow separate sewerage and rainwater systems) can dump chemicals Guys, come across these tie-ins look like an egg egg, egg, egg))) this is a drain collector, there are several of them this is the third or fourth on our way it was made with the help of wooden formwork, bricked Hell says: the fog is small now, do not be alarmed the hatch is closed it cannot be opened from the outside Hell says: these are the roots of trees that made their way into the collector probably a piece of the root fell out, it was cut off and concreted collector repair ceramic pipe, very old these pipes are over 100 years old Remediation was carried out on this site, because the brick began to collapse he stood for 100 years look here good brick, looks great plastered collector Guys, look to where the water rises, above the knee if you are here at this moment, then the collector wave will carry you they repaired and installed a shutter in about 2016 is there any water behind it? I do not know because it is airtight who controls it? – the one who exploits this part of the collector imagine it will open and washes us get out of here))) Guys, we are under the “Garden ring”, cars ride over us when instead of plates there were grates and snow was thrown here in winter but this has not been done since 2000 this place was snow dump left backup collector, he’s new and this is an old tunnel of 1906 there is a tributary we are under the “Garden ring” and occasionally you hear how cars drive have you heard? but we will not go to this influx, he is a “crustacean”))) we need to move on bypass collector open hatch, can get out but we move on Hell says: here you can see how high the collector is flooded get fucked up it all carries a stream and it remains on the stairs Guys, imagine what level of water,
hide under water easily do not go to the underground rivers yourself, always with an experienced guide here you can see how the collector wave works there lies a hatch weighing 80 kilograms a wave brought him here do you understand wave power? this is a whole mudflow with different debris, stones, metal… and those losers who hit the wave a digger weighs like this hatch, it will also float along the wave restored the vault, poured concrete on top we got to the turn (river length 7.5 kilometers) Hell says: beware of slippery the river turns left Hell says: we walked to a newly built wall the historical collector continues behind it, but it is not operated and we will go to the new collector which was built around 1970 the old collector could not cope with the amount of water floods occurred during rain in the second half of the 20th century the center flooded very much so in 1970 built this collector was built, it is large with embankments, we’ll go to it now Guys, behind that wall is an old, pre-revolutionary tunnel, later we will get into it and while we have an obstacle, we will go down level difference, the river goes down guys have already begun to descend waterfall be careful on the descent, slippery hang a rope here, great, well done, specially for people like us so the rope is tied to 2 reinforcement we go from the waterfall and turn right huge rectangular collector it is made to increase throughput built it in an open way the old collector had a throughput of 13 cubic meters per second, and this collector had 66 cubic meters there were floods before, but throughput increased and floods stopped before that periodically flooded the Color boulevard, Samotechnaya area graffiti 1908 flood Samotechnaya area 1950 Color boulevard 1960 bypass manifold construction 1974 we go, and cars go above us, people go there are people who do not suspect the existence of this river collector turns we seem to have come to the Trybnaya square Guys, finally we found what we were looking for here it is, the old tunnel, the Gilyarovsky path Hell says: this tunnel can be partially called the Gilyarovsky path, but the Gilyarovsky did not go along this tunnel he participated in the survey of the old collector and then 1887 was a major reconstruction of this part laid a white stone at the bottom, repaired we already saw part of this collector before the waterfall if we go straight we run into that wall but we won’t go to the very end, because there is a lot of silt Digger Daniil Davydov wants to open a museum in this part of the collector there are already serious advancements, most likely there will be a museum it will be wonderful, this is in Paris, in Milan and other cities and we have something to show we have many historical rivers that were built before the revolution these are architectural monuments, they are made with high quality and beautiful we see a beautiful brick vault if a museum appears here it will be wonderful Vladimir Alekseevich Gilyarovsky was born on November 26, 1855 in Moscow, a Russian writer, journalist, Moscow local historian contemporaries called him the king of reporters, the author of many poems, articles and books, including the famous book “Moscow and Muscovites” after visiting Neglinka, he wrote: “I was left alone in this walled crypt and walked knee-deep in boiling water for about ten steps stopped, there was darkness all around me, impenetrable darkness, a complete absence of light I turned my head in all directions, but my eye could not distinguish anything I touched my head about something, raised my hand and felt the wet, cold, warty mucus-covered stone arch and nervously drew his hand, it became even scary it was quiet, only the water rumbled below every second of waiting a worker with fire seemed to me an eternity with the help of a light bulb I examined the walls of the dungeon, rye, covered with thick mucus for a long time we walked in places plunging into deep mud or inexhaustible fetid liquid mud leaning in places as the drifts of dirt were so high that it was impossible to go straight I had to bend down and yet at the same time I got my head and shoulders arch legs fell into the mud, sometimes bumping into something dense it all swam with liquid mud, it was impossible to consider, we did not need it” Guys, we went to the most beautiful collector in the Neglinka river Schekotovsky tunnel it was built in 1914, the length of 117 meters it is unusually triangular in shape without right angles built with formwork, around it laid out the arch with a brick and so beautiful it turned out in 2010 Luzhkov went down to this collector, then he was the mayor of Moscow He said an interesting phrase about cockroaches: “the only thing that is scary there is that large cockroaches live and prosper there cockroaches which we could not imagine in everyday life 10 centimeters long, they are white, because it’s dark there they don’t want their man to touch, they immediately jump into the water they are good swimmers and crawl further down somewhere It looks like a Schekotovsky tunnel arched triangular vault used to say that they wanted to make the whole river of this form but the first world war began and there was not enough money for it this place is called “guillatine” it’s a shutter, he walks down the guillotine, blocks the flow Next comes the collector built in the 60s and on the right, the red lattice is an old pre-revolutionary collector Built in 1819 when they built a new collector, the old one was no longer needed, this lattice since 2015 there is an alarm through this tunnel you could go to the Red Square it was impossible to get on it to the Kremlin along this path the Kremlin bypasses and you get to the Moscow river You can also get into the Alexandrovsky garden it was difficult to get into the Moscow river, only if you sail out on a boat Guys, in front of a new collector, and on the right the old 1819 we can’t go any further, therefore we will return came closer to the guillotine we climb up into the technical room and look at the guillotine from above Well, here is the lattice so that no one goes here here is a staircase that is convenient to climb now I will climb we went upstairs this is the main shutter but it no longer works and two spare above these plates is a street there is a hatch, but it’s better not to climb it we will not get out yet, we will come back see what a stormy stream Guys, if you want to know more about the underground rivers of our capital then you can win a book “Underground rivers of Moscow”, it was written by these guys it was a collective work, there were 17 participants I made up the layout of the book and the main material, we did everything else together 153 rivers are described here and this is not all we passed all these rivers ourselves, the information was collected by us personally, and not via the Internet the book is written firsthand, you have the opportunity to get this book absolutely free, there will be a competition To get it you need to be a subscriber to my channel, like and write: I want a book from the GSS, and also subscribe to the GSS VKontakte group all the links below in the description and in a couple of weeks I will be breaking, so participate, subscribe and win a book! This hardback book is exclusive because this book is sold in softcover here color illustrations and photos awesome book, this book can also be bought in the GCC group VKontakte participate and win! in some roundabout way we came to the Ekaterininsky pond you can see him there this system is made so that the pond does not overflow, all the excess water goes into the Naprudnaya river and then into the Neglinka and Moscow river move on we passed the entry point and now we go to the source of the Neglinka river Guys, said that the arch will now begin to get lower still alright we don’t see the source of the river itself, but we’ll get somewhere the collector is really getting smaller have to bend down, almost crustacean below everything is broken by water, it is inconvenient to go our speed of movement has decreased we stopped, decided not to go further after 700 meters, the collector will turn into a pipe there we can’t get through this is the headwaters of the Neglinka River we come back and we will get out after 5 hours we returned to the place where we climbed we will get out we came from here Guys, when you get out shout into the hatch: “free” if it’s difficult to climb with a backpack, then hand it over to a friend Flying dick says: it will be easy for me because I’m flying))) I climbed a large stone bridge to show you the mouth of the Neglinka River if we could get past the alarm then we would go here there is a special room in which we could board a boat and swim to Moscow river here, three centuries ago, the Neglinka River flowed Now they tamed her and hid them underground Here is another proof that once the river flowed here it is the Trinity Bridge many people think that this is part of the Kremlin but it’s not, it’s a bridge it was built on the Neglinka river in 1516 there were nine spans, the spans were patched except one in the place where people go there most likely there was a river I changed clothes, guys also change clothes it was the Neglinka river, if you liked this video, like, subscribe to my channel and if you want to repeat our route, then contact Hell Hell, people can contact you about excursions? – Yes he will lead you and show everything, he has all the equipment links are all below, write to him on VK bye bye

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