नाव की पहेली [हिंदी] The Boat Challenge [Hindi] | River Crossing Puzzle | Paheli | Dabang Dabangg

Hello Friends! Today I’m going to tell you an old puzzle with a new flavour. One day, Chintu and I were going towards a river. there, we saw a worried policeman. upon asking, he told us that he had to take thief ZOZO and a money bag across the river. But the problem was that the boat can carry only two weights at a time and across the river, there was another thief ROTU who was waiting to steal the money. Now, tell me, friends, how can I help the policeman? I have to pay attention to certain things. The boat can carry only 2 people or things at a time. If, thief ZOZO is left alone at any point of time, he will run away. If, the money bag is kept across the river then thief Rotu will steal it. Only in policeman’s or my presence ROTU cannot steal the money bag. Come, let’s try! Attempt 1 Oh no!! ZOZO runs away. Attempt 2 Oh no!! ROTU runs away with the money bag. Now, I get it! Chintu and I cross the river I leave Chintu behind and go back I go to the other side with the money bag This time Chintu takes the boat to the other side Now, police uncle and ZOZO cross the river. Now, I come back. and cross the river again with Chintu. Yeee!!! Enjoyed the boat riding. and we helped the policeman. This was only one solution to solve the puzzle. There are many more solutions. Did you find them? If you have found more solutions, tell me, down in the comments section. Till then, Sayonara!!! aayi re aayi re DABUNG GIRL aayi re

6 thoughts on “नाव की पहेली [हिंदी] The Boat Challenge [Hindi] | River Crossing Puzzle | Paheli | Dabang Dabangg

  1. Hi Doston, kya aap naav se us par ja sakte ho? agar haan to like karna mat bhuliyega!

  2. 1 sabsa pahla police aur dabang girl river cross karanga
    2 police cross karagi
    3 police money ka sath aaigi
    4 police cross karagi
    5 Police aur zozo cross karanga
    6dabang girl river cross karagi
    7phir dabang girl aur uska brother cross karanga

    Asa bhi river cross ho sakti hai😄

  3. चोर और पुलिस नाउ में चले जाएंगे और पैसा वहीं पर छोड़ जाएंगे

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