✅ M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 4400-Lumen RADIUS LED Compact Site Light Model # 2145-20

sup guys Phillip Bridges here and I’m here
to talk about the M18 radius jobsite light this is a smaller version than a bigger
version sight light that I did a review while ago on if you’re new to this
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let’s get on into it this is a site light from Milwaukee it retails for two
hundred and ninety nine dollars and it comes as an upgraded version of what bit
walkies one key stop is 379 and what that will keep that one key stop does it
is kind of like a Bluetooth like homing device that if your walkie tool is
stolen you download the app and you can kind of track your tools and see where
they’re at if that’s something you’re looking looking for just go to their
look up there one key one key stop I’ll put in the description below so you can
kind of get a little bit more details on how that works so let’s talk about this
light this light comes with a five-year locking double warranty it is a limited
lifetime warranty on its LED lights inside it has a high-impact
polycarbonate lens which is really nice so if you could yeah hit it with
something you have a 2×4 you smack it this one has a bunch of scratches
because this has been in my truck for over about a year so it’s it’s we put it
through the wringer we tested it out and this thing
it’s awesome we use it every day it has three light settings but this
accommodates up to Milwaukee’s lithium 10:18 9.0 it will not fit monkeys new
12-point mulberries they just do not fit it’s a shame because this thing would
run all day for no but a 9.0 you’re gonna get about 4 or 5 hours depending
on your light setting what you’re gonna have on it so we’ll put that in we’ll
hit Donlan and that’s your high setting right there you’re at four four thousand
four hundred lumens on your high setting and you’ll hit it has three set of
titanium below your your medium is gonna be down at about five twenty five
hundred lumens and then your low is going to be at a solid lumens so they’re
really nice it has at one hundred one hundred degree in three hundred and
sixty degree but manage so you can shut off half of it and you can turn on the
other half which is nice and I still wish that they would just have so you
can have the top light illuminated and shining up and fall those off just
another feature I thought I would like on this because I like I like features
more buttons to push so it’s really nice it has a low indicator battery that’s
around it so like if you when your battery is running low and just the legs
not gonna go on it’s good to let you know that maybe you’ve got about five
five minutes left on this battery so it’ll start blinking you’ll start doing
like a strobe you’ll start going on and off on and off and I wish I had a little
bit I keep all my batteries charged and uh or I would show you that but this one
has two bars maybe but anyway so another features this has is it has a hook on
the bottom of it and what this hook allows you to do
you can hang it off of this 2×4 or can I look from the ceiling and you know you
can have your leg dangling up you know 10 15 feet above you I’ve taken this and
I put it up in the attic rafters and when you have HVAC guys working on
houses that we would be doing with them and they’re just tickled pink because
they’re they gotta run each backup Natick that we can just we can throw
that up there and you know we’re helping out other trades when we’re trying to do
our job – it’s a win-win it has screw holes in the bottom so you
can screw this thing to anything that you want so another feature it also has
bitch as it has a plug in it plug out for an extension cord and you can daisy
chain this life run up to 10 other radius lights like this and you can also
you can also use the outlet to you know put your battery charger hook up your
battery charger just so I look you’re running forward to this thing without
using the battery and you’re not how you know this plug will take up to a maximum
of 11 amps so it’s not gonna you’re not going to be will run a power shop or
table saw this you know all the time but you’re still gonna get and all my
thoughts on this this light is amazing I would get more
of these but we ended up getting the bigger version the job site a radius
light which is the standing one if you haven’t seen my video on that
I’ll put it put a link up above so you can check out that video that’s a nice
video to the whole walkie life family is I love Milwaukee all other tools I’m not
sponsored by them whatsoever I’m just a big fan because I love what they come
out with and let their ideas and they make these things tough you could drop
this thing and it’s the whole bottom is rubber so this is like you know it
doesn’t really move too much when you try to push it around so go through my
thoughts on view of Milwaukee have 18 radius sight light so if you like this
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