✅ Quick and Easy Garage Light *Upgrade!* Bring Lighting 80W, 8000 Lumen Deformable LED

what’s up everybody Phillip Bridges here
and today we are talking about the digital deformative light from bring
lighting they have two models they sent me the 8000 lumen and then they also
have a 6,000 lumen which is a like it’s a this one’s an 80 and the 6,000 lumen
is a 60 watt the key features on this is the there’s three LED lamps and each
lamp is directional up to 90 degrees and all it does is it screws in to your old
light socket that you have in your garage so this is a really good
replacement for if you want to get a lot of light in your garage really quick
without spending a lot of money and then if you’re not really good with wiring or
electrical anything like that I know a lot of people are just terrified of
electricity and that’s okay you know it’s it’s you know each to their own but
this is a really good product because it is really easy to install all you do is
take down the old light bulb and you just it you just basically through this
a cup in the same spot that the light was in it has a standard base so it just
screws into a regular porcelain or porcelain fixture now some key features
of this light is on each LED lamp they have cooling fins for the LED
fixture which kind of really don’t know why they have that like cooling fins
because LEDs they don’t really get too hot anyways I really like that this is
pretty compact too so you can just fold it right up and you can store it if you
want you don’t have to use this for there are so many applications that you
can use for this light you use it you know you can use in your
utility room your garage I was thinking about just using it as a work light you
know just get I got a I got a stand with a you know regular base socket so I can
screw this in and it I’ll get quite a bit of light out of it they retail for
around I’ll put links in below in the description of where you can get this
you can get this on Amazon you can also go to bring light lighting and you can
buy it from there and there it’s there they’re all the same price pretty much
right now they have they have the 6,000 lumen right now for about $30 and they
have the 8000 which this is the 8,000 lumen and they have it for about $40
which is a really good deal for upgrading your shop lights or garage
lights really quick within you know each each light fixture you can within like
10 seconds you can have a lot more light in your garage I took this fixture like
I said to my friend Matt I’ll show you what he had for his garage lighting it
was kind of sad there pretty much 100 – 100 watt CFL bulbs fluorescent and they
really didn’t give off a lot of light in his garage of darkness that he has he’s
got a garage and it has very little light so he wants to try it out and see
how bright it is before he gets it alright so he’s trying it let’s hope he
doesn’t break the ball if he gets shocked I’m gonna why off look at that that is beautiful as you can see right
now he’s got a lot of junk in his garage we’re remodeling his basement but yeah
he needs he needs two of these he’s got a light over here
two of these would really brighten it up and they’re directional so he can move
those around a little bit to where he wants them
yeah you can point them down yeah look at that you can have him go towards your
workbench oh yeah that’s beauty very nice so as you can see my friend Matt
would really like those lights um I had this was the only light that I had for
him to try out and it he was trying to keep it and I’m like no I have to do a
review on it I want to do a test on this on like the higher applications because
I want to see how hot we can get with this before it doesn’t give off a lot of
light you know because they say that you can use this in warehouses and you can
use this as almost like kind of like a high a high bay light which we’re gonna
we’re gonna test this out when you’re looking at ordering one of these you
want to make sure that you get the right color you got your three thousand your
four thousand and your six thousand your three thousand is your soft white your
four thousand is your bright white and your six thousand is your daylight and
that’s gonna be your brightness your three thousand it’s gonna be just a very
soft white that you’d have in your standard incandescent bulbs if you like
that light but now if you really want it lit up I would definitely go with the
six thousand light this does come with a two year warranty from bring lighting
lighting and the light on the insta LED lights last for fifty thousand dollars
which is a pretty typical for your standard LED bulbs they last you know
around 30 to 50,000 hours the construction of this is really nice it’s
a pretty its quality construction like I said before it seems like everything is
watertight tomb you know to an extent I wouldn’t say watertight I would say
it’s it’s for it’s made for damp locations I wouldn’t just go submerge
its and water and expect it to work I don’t think that’s you know gonna work
for you so uh I read you know instructions they come with it they come
with it for I did say it probably could be used for
a damp location but bring lighting they do they do specify in here do not use
outdoors only use indoors so I wish that I wish they would be able to have it in
a an outdoor version maybe maybe down the line though they’ll have an outdoor
version that can retrofit to like an outdoor flood but until then don’t use
it outdoors use it indoors and read the instructions all right so let’s go test
this out in my I’m going to test this out in my barn ie I have probably 14
foot ceilings in the barn and then I have an outdoor arena that I really want
to test it out too because the ceiling is about 20 feet high so I want to see
how much light it gives off in there alright this is gonna be the arena test
I want to I got I got these light bulbs turns up here if you can see them oh
there they’re just horrible I need to replace all of them but this is the
height it’s almost about 20 feet up so we want to get some light down in this
area right over here autofocus works so I’m gonna change out that bulb with the
new light and just see how much area I can light up right there oh yeah now
stop bad really it’s not bad at all can really see a lot that’s pretty good that’s what I was
dealing with right there those bulbs that’s a good quick fix to uh not a lot
of light in a indoor building a lot of light I need my worthy questions comment
down below if you liked this video hit the like button that’d be very
appreciated this is the deformable lamp from bring lighting i’m philip bridges
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