❄ Ice Age & Global Warming Caused by Noah’s Flood | Genesis 7:10-12

(Music Plays) Hey it’s Rachel. Today on Crack Your Bible
we are finally going to be finishing up the last end of Genesis 7. Now again – I’m
going to just try to speak right through just because I did get a new computer,
finally, to edit on, but Final Cut Pro has changed a lot since I first learned it
when I was younger. So I might edit this video on my old software until I can
like figure out what is new with Final Cut Pro X. So anyway, I wanted to talk
about the ice ages and global warming because you hear a lot about the ice
ages, climate change, icebergs are melting, ice sheets are melting. And how did we
even get to an ice age? Because everybody says, “oh it’s man-made!” “Oh, it’s because of aerosols.” “oh it’s because you’re driving SUVs,” “oh it’s because you
eat beef.” Ok, well what what contributed to the climate change before there were
CAFOs or these commercial agricultural feed lots, which is what a CAFO is. What
did they do before you had hairspray that was an aerosol? What did people do before
SUVs? How did we get this climate change and the only answer is Noah’s Flood. Now
we are at the tail end of Noah’s Ark, No, we’re on the tail end of Genesis 7, where
Noah is in the ark and after seven days the rain came and it actually flooded
enough to pick up the ship, (Genesis 7:10-12 on screen) the ark, and it rained for the next 40 days and 40
nights, and then for the next 150 days the waters rose to be about 22 feet
above the tallest mountain peak. (Genesis 7:23-24 on screen) So what happens when you have springs from the
deep bursting forth, and you also have the vault of heaven, so like this ice
shield around the earth falling, or remember we’re on Pangaea at this point,
so I don’t know where you’ve ever lived but I can tell you that when you have
Springs from the deep open up, when they burst forth, you’re going to have a lot
of hot water in the ocean, especially if you’re having all sorts of springs break
open. And you have to remember that Noah lived at a time where you have this
vault of heaven around the earth, so you get the Jurassic sized animals and
plants that we see in the fossil record – because it acts like a greenhouse. And
these greenhouse gases the carbon can make things grow giant. And if God has a
shattering of that, so that all falls to the earth, you’re going to have ice. But
not only that, you’re going to have a lot of damage on the earth. And we already
talked about this in my layers video – about sedimentary rock forming layers
and we see this in the geological record. And when you have the springs of the
deep burst forth, it’s an underwater volcano, you’re going to have hot water.
So the seas are already warm because it has been in this green house type area,
but once that that vault of the heavens has been shattered, whether a meteor. And
you know, sometimes I wonder if the Gulf of Mexico is that meteor hitting the
vault of heaven, because we do know that the Gulf of Mexico was formed by a
heavenly body, like something from outer space, coming and hitting the earth and
that’s how we have the Gulf of Mexico. So that could definitely pierce the vault
of heaven. That would make it fall, and of course God is in control of everything
so that would obviously be one of the ways that could have happened. I wasn’t
there so this is just an educated guess/ So the springs of the deep burst forth,
you have underwater volcanoes, then you have the vault of the heaven falling, so
you’re increasing the amount of water on earth. But you have warm seas and then you have the volcanoes and what happens when you have warm water, if you have a lot of warm water, and then you have cold fronts coming in, not only
are you going to have thunderstorms like crazy, because I have lived in places
where cold and warm fronts hit and a thunderstorm comes in, or if a cold and a
warm front hit, you have a tornado which again, creates a lot of damage. But when
you have this warm warm water what it does is evaporates very quickly and
spreads out over the earth. And then if you have a cooling effect – and volcanoes
cool the earth because they throw soot and carbon into our atmosphere. It thins
the ozone layer and it blocks out the sun’s radiation and it blocks out its
light, it blocks out its heat. So you only have UVA lights coming in, which damages
a lot of stuff, but it blocks a lot of the heat. So you have a cooling effect. So
you have water that condenses – turns into a gas – spreads out over the land and then
quickly cools. So you have it raining this warm ocean water down as it condenses
with the cold air. And now, it’s not just rain, it’s snow. Like wherever it is north,
because we do know that the earth is on an axis, so we have the north and south
poles. And it’s not just straight up and down – it’s on a 23 and a half degree
slant. So you have the colder areas where the Sun doesn’t have as direct heat
hitting the earth. It’s going to be cooler there. So you have all of this
warm ocean water evaporating, spreading, and then hitting cool fronts, because we
don’t have that greenhouse effect anymore. It’s cooling rapidly turning
into snow and what happens you form ice sheets, you form glaciers, and it’s not something that happens over a bajillion years it can happen quite
quickly if it is just non-stop rain or non-stop snow depending on your location,
for 40 days and 40 nights. Now we see that canyons can be formed in a matter
of hours and St. Helen’s explosion, we saw what was once a forest turn into
something that looks similar to canyons in the Grand Canyon, where you have this
striation of rock due to sedimentary rock like, being separated out by their
density, and then they slowly fall and then water cuts through very quickly and
then all of a sudden you have this Canyon and then it looks like – “oh, this
has been here forever!” But because it’s happened in our lifetime, we know like, oh
this actually form very quickly, and the same thing can happen with ice sheets
and polar caps. You can see the same thing with glaciers. And when you have
snow quickly coming down and it slightly melts a bit or gets wet but doesn’t melt
completely, and then you have more snow, it just compacts, compacts, compact until you have this giant ice block. You have this glacier. And what do we see? We see this
throughout the world. We know that mountains were cut out because we had an ice age. And how did all of this ice get there? Well it’s this hot water from the
ocean evaporating and then all of the carbon in the atmosphere, thanks to the
volcanoes that is blocking the sun’s heat, so now it’s very cool. And now it’s
so cold that we’re forming ice sheets. It’s… the Bible is the one that is, like,
telling you “this is how it happened!” We know that Noah, he got into the ark in
the spring, so it’s already going to be crazy with just the showers and things like that, because in the spring, not only is
it cool, it it rains quite a bit. So on top of the
fact that God is just making it pour, you’re going to have a lot of crazy
stuff happen. And something that actually came out in 2016, NASA wanted to know why the Earth’s axis, axes, (here’s the North Pole. Now remember it’s on 23 and 1/2 degree angle) wobbles. Because the earth isn’t a complete globe, it kind of it bends out an extra 26
miles around the equator and that throws out the rotation of the earth a bit. Instead of just going like this, it’s kind of like… and what we see is that the
poles are starting to wobble a great deal. And they found out, NASA found out,
it’s because… it’s not from the ice melt from the North Pole or the South Pole, its
actually dealing with groundwater missing in areas near the Caspian Sea. So
when you have a lack of groundwater, it throws off the balance of the earth. So
if the springs of the deep are bursting forth, they’re losing that groundwater
because they’re spewing it out and upwards, and it’s going all over the
place, what’s going to happen? You’re going to have the balance of the earth
thrown off quite a bit. And if you have the balance of the earth thrown off
significantly, because there’s enough water to cover the earth by another 22
feet from the tallest mountain peak, you’re going to have a gigantic wobble.
And I’ve told you guys before that my former job was in the healthcare, medical
field, so whenever you have to centrifuge blood, what you do is you put it in. And
the faster you spin, it separates things out and that’s what could have happened
with the earth. You have this displacement of water, the balance is off,
you’re going to have a significant wobble on the Earth’s axes, and that can
pull the continents apart. When you have the continents being pulled apart,
before you no longer have that Pangaea, you have separate continents. And we do
know that this is something that happened. But now if you look at the
Bible through a critical eye and you you apply science to it, you’re like, “okay
this makes sense! This is what the Bible tells us happened!” And we know that the
earth was covered in water for a little over a year. Months were different. I mean
back in Mosaic times (Moses is the one that wrote down this account) they had
leap years of 385 days, because months were either 29 days or 30 days and it
was a little different because you’re never going to have that perfect like…
“this will be 29, the next one will be 30” because there’s always like minute little
fractions of hours and minutes, and then all of a sudden you have a leap year. But
this is what happened in Noah’s day. And I’m going to include a bunch of links –
I’m actually just going to make a playlist about kind of the science
behind this from people who are not Christians, but so that you can kind of
understand the science of what is going on. Because well yes I do have a
background in some sciences, it’s more of the biological sciences, but nevertheless
I still understand how some of these things work. And what I see is that
science, the geological record, is backing up what the Bible says. Now is it the
timeline that Science says “Oh, it happened over trillion years?” Of course not! That
doesn’t fit. But when you condense it down into the timeline of a Bible, now
it’s starting to look like this is exactly what happened. So I want people
to like critically think about these things and don’t shy away from science
because you think that this is too difficult to understand because it’s not.
And I want you to be encouraged because when you see the science, you see God.
You’re like, “this is exactly what God did! This backs up the Bible!” And when you can
see that the Bible is backed up by science, when you can go outside your
door, you can see the signs, you know that “hey!
this backs up that faith that I have.” And that’s really a nice feeling to have.
It’s like, I don’t need those things to have that faith, but it it feels nice to
know that I can see the signs of this Bible story that I read about in 2017 or
whatever you’re watching this. Like, I can see those signs. I know that it happened
because I see it right here. It’s not just blind faith – I see the work of God’s
hand. So that’s just something that I wanted you to think about. I wanted to
share that with you because that was just on my mind – like centrifuges and
how centripetal force works, and how the axes move around the heavenly bodies, and how the North Star has not always been Polaris, because of the wobble of the
Earth’s axis or axes. And also the fact that with all of this violent bursting
forth we know that things were a lot larger and through all of this volcanic
activity, things would have been cooler. But also, all of this debris and soot
would have been in the atmosphere for quite a long time and could
significantly cool the earth for years, which would lead to an ice age. But not
only that, UVA rays are coming in so plants, once the ark is settled and you
have all of that volcanic ash, which is really great for growing things, once you
have that you’re going to have a lot of UVA rays so things aren’t going to grow
as big and what do we see happen? We go from like Jurassic sized animals, these
humongous plants, to things that are the same size that they are today. We don’t
have these gigantic creatures because we don’t have the atmosphere for it, the vault of heaven, is gone. We don’t have a greenhouse effect, so the cooling, and the
UVA rays contributed to that and that only backs up what the Bible says. So
anyway, I hope you enjoyed that. et me in the comments below if you’ve seen
anything else about Noah’s Ark and how science backs that up and I would like
you to like, subscribe and share and I’ll talk to you later. bye! (Music plays)

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