【48】Rigid Industries 30″ Midnight Edition LED Light Bar | 5th Gen 4Runner Mod [4K]

this is five minutes from where I live.
it’s nice okay I finally wired the 30 inch RIGID
INDUSTRIES midnight edition. From the front, it looks blacked out. I love that look. next to it, it’s the stroke that I
installed. so when I go off-roading I can notify the motorcycle riders. also in the back, I installed the strobes Rear LED and that’s from Amazon that’s real cheap. and that’s another strobe I have 4 strobes total and I’m gonna show you how I’m gonna wire the strobes. but this video is regarding the rigid industries on a Prinsu 7/8 roofrack. I finally finished wiring and I’ll show you. so for now, I’m using these default lights that came with Rigid Industries
lights but I ordered the OEM looking lights. so it’ll be LED
ditch light, then backup light, then strobes. When you run the wire through, it comes out through there. it comes out right there, right side of that silver plate. so you grab the wires from there and pull it through. so what I did was, I put a relay and I just got the screw that fits that hole. there’s one here, there’s one there, there’s one hole here 1 hole here, 1 hole here and there’s a
bigger holes but I just chose the smaller one and I put a relay right
there then I plugged the negative, the ground right here along with other LED lights. the positives I put it on top
right there and I hid the wires and I zip-tied all the things, then
this is the tricky part. I ran the wires through here underneath, then I
removed the tubing and I hid the red wire underneath the weather stripping
and I put the black wire on top of it and I siliconed it. so it looks like that
but it was very difficult to put red wire underneath the weather stripping like that. right here, I couldn’t put it in. It’s little messy. okay so that’s my method but several
other people on YouTube basically removed the tubing and there’s two wires, red and black. so what they did is they either put a electrical tape all
the way and placed it on the groove. shoved it in there so it just stays
there, that’s one method. second method is some people put a heat tubing from here to here and put black and red wires and use a heat
gun to make it tight and then they placed it right on top of that groove
and that’s the another method. I should have done that but I mean this
turned out okay for now because you can’t really see. it’s all silicone so it’s permanent and it’s weatherproof. that’s where the wires come down for the LED light. I’m going to hide the wires better. I removed the weather strip right here. I cut right here and removed that part. I
put the wires through on the things then I removed this part because that’s where
the connection is. so I completely cut that out this portion So the wires can run through. The thick wire can run through, so I cut this side and then I made a little groove so
that wire can exit out through there. it looks normal from outside. I
cut it out so that’s one method I did so I don’t know how you guys gonna do it.
pretty nice this way so it can really hide the wires and basically this thing
is mounted right here which is permanent and this is a
double-sided tape so I have to replace that because right now there is no
tackiness here. so from inside that’s the default light control that they gave me
but like I said, I ordered one that looks like oem button so it’s coming.
this is how bright it is. well it’s really bright. it’s hard
to open my eyes it’s hard to tell from here but I have to film when I go
outside in the complete dark so this is LED on with the ditch light on. I will show you what it looks like from outside. It’s super bright. I can’t really open my eyes. it’s so bright. camera doesn’t really show because it keeps re-adjusting to the light
but it is really bright that looks awesome
look at that so that’s what it looks like. I’m gonna hide the wires. You can easily grab these
wires and then just shove it in this grooves. right here and then it fits. if you
put it on the grooves. It will stay on I pressed it so it is staying. right they’re just being on okay I’m
glad I didn’t get the full rack but I got Prinsu 7/8 because there’s no wind
noise. I can still use the LED light bars rigid industries midnight 30-inch okay this is the ditch light from KC Flex those are both on. it’s super bright. light up everything. Rigid Industries
30-inch midnight edition. just lights up everything and the ditch light so ditch light is aiming there and there.
That’s my headlights. some beautiful weather in Southern
California. a little bit windy today this is my strobe light. I got a Prinsu 7/8 Rack and this is the distance between that and when they give you the weather
fairing, very narrow so I don’t have to cut out like one in the front because basically
it’s longer on the front because it dips down but mine is in the middle so
mine is really narrow. because the light bar is in the back, I don’t hear any wind noise. The reason why it’s silver here is because Prinsu gives you the silver bars for the front. So I spray painted it but it’s chipping. I’ll activate the lights during the daytime it’s super bright it’s hard to open my
eyes at this level Each LED is illuminated along
with ditch light I will turn on all my lights including
the headlight oh this is headlight, fog light, ditch light everything’s on during the
daytime I have a Philips hid light and then
stock fogs because I like the stock fog light look and this is a switchback LED
– amber – white ditch light and 30-inch okay so thank you view my video and I will come back with more exciting videos

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  1. Very nice. What type of awning do you have on your vehicle? It looks very nice with the black aluminum case.

  2. Awesome vids brother ! I can’t wait to step into the 4Runner world!

  3. Only so many vids you can do on rice burner SUV. Your in Comiefornia and LE, do some stuff on the 2nd ammendment there, your thoughts, your feelings towards gun owership. do you agree with your states firearms laws and the "red flag law"? Do some shooting vids man, some self defense vids.

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