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an actress with Joseon eyes The Jewel of Chungmuro, affectionate by Korean directors Jessica Jingle Jessica, only child, from Illinois, Chicago. Classmate Kim Jin-mo, he’s your cousin. The actor I’m going to introduce today is… park so dam Park So-dam was born in 1991 as the eldest daughter of an ordinary family in Seoul She moved to Jamsil at the age of five and has grown up to be a steady student under a very strict father She loved solving math problems and was a girl whose dream was to become a math teacher. She was so athletic that he entered a track and field competition and entered second place as Songpa-gu’s representative. Then she happened to watch the musical “Greece” when she was a freshman in high school. Ever since she saw the musical, her heart was beating all day, and she felt blood spurting “My path is over there,” thought Park So-dam. She had a dream of being an actress, but she had difficulties. Parents She talked me into it for nearly two years, but my father stopped her from dreaming Despite her father’s opposition, she didn’t budge on the meaning of acting. A mother who wanted to fulfill her daughter’s dream will send her daughter to an acting academy without her father’s knowledge. She applied for admission to a university famous for her acting, but she was repeatedly dropped out. She had fallen into a great sense of shame. When all the applications failed and she was about to give up her acting career, She was last accepted to the Korea National University of Arts. Korea National University of Arts is one of the best arts schools in Korea. Finally, she told her father that she would become an actress. My father’s reaction was unexpected. I thought he would still like it but he scolded me a lot and fell down with his neck My father didn’t really want me to be an actress Although she was accepted into art school, she made a tremendous effort to win her father’s trust. She wanted to be an actor on stage and did not consider movies or dramas. Because she didn’t think her face would fit in with the camera Then she happened to appear in the movie Ing-Too-Gi, and it was a lot of fun. She enjoyed the atmosphere of laughing and talking when she was ready for the shoot. She said she liked the movie better because it had to be very meticulous and detailed. After graduating from school, Park So-dam goes to numerous movie auditions. But society was cool. To the shame of the title of art school graduate, there was no contact from either Unfortunately, the cast was unsuccessful, but director Lee Joon-ik met during the audition. He said, ‘You are the eyes of Joseon.’ Since then, she has also starred in feature films for the first time in her career, going back and forth between single and short films. Now you’re alone. I’m sure you’ll welcome her like a family. Kyungsung School: The Lost Girls’ Horror against a School in 1938 Park So-dam’s simple acting and emotional analysis skills, which have been cast as Yeonduk show that he is at a high level The audience, who thought only of Park Bo-young’s friend imprints the character Park So-dam on their head with a distinct presence Since then, she has been offered a lot of casting offers. In 2015, it wasn’t a big part of a 13-million-hit veteran. Park So-dam’s performance as a thin-steeler received good reviews from the audience. In the movie “The Apostle,” she had to act rudely and arrogant toward movie stars. She was not daunted at all, but rather praised by her seniors as she performed in-depth. Song Kang-ho said. You’re doing great. Let’s meet more later. she said she wasn’t forgotten One day, Park So-dam heads to the audition section of a movie. This movie is called the Korean version of Exorcistra. Black Priests The audition hall was filled with wild noises. The character Park So-dam challenged was a girl with four evil spirits. sound of lion’s cry, the dog’s cry She said it was a work that challenged her to the limit, such as acting to burst into tears. She boldly shaved her head and showed a tremendous amount of energy, and the audience lavished rave reviews of “The Black Priests gave birth to Park So-dam.” Many people know that Park So-dam has expanded beyond movies to TV dramas. However, after the Black Priests, the contract with the company was terminated and the work did not come in as a strong image of the previous work. She traveled during her absence and took time to heal her mind. She had a strong desire for acting, but she goes to audition regardless of small roles or independent films. Park So-dam, who has the charm of drawing paper, crossed the historical stage of modern drama and showed her own charm in any role. She has also received many offers of advertising. Because of her innocent mask, she also advertised a lot of cosmetics. This is an opportunity to promote Park So-dam’s face through the advertisement of the job platform. Park So-dam participated in many films, but not many representative films except for “The Black Priests.” Then, she contacted director Bong Joon Ho. The title of the movie is Okja. While looking for an actor to play the role of “Mija,” Park So-dam, who seemed to be able to act as a teenager, caught his eye. The casting was never announced, but the relationship between the two became close. They often drank tea or chatted. Three years later, she contacted director Bong Joon-ho again. She will be asked to appear in an unnamed movie. He only told me that you were Song Kang-ho’s daughter. After months of work had been completed, Bong Joon-ho contacted Park again. His seventh feature film in 2019 was a black comedy genre film about a meeting between the upper and lower classes and two families. Parasite She is cast as Kim Ki-jung, an aspiring college student. a well-suited performance for students abroad with impudence Like the lines in Choi Woo-sik’s play, she actually shoots aura that is best suited to the image of the lower class but also With the big success of the movie, one of Jessica’s lines becomes popular among overseas audiences. The film won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and has since won numerous film awards. February 9, 2020 at the 92nd Academy Awards an award for work, director, screenplay, and international film The film will win as many as four gold medals, making it an unusual page in the history of the film. The parasite has caused a worldwide boom again. The movie is re-opening and entering the box office again. As a result, the popularity of the actors is skyrocketing. Everyone thought she was suddenly famous, but the actor who crossed the big and small waves. an actress who has worked hard for her dream and is here now. I’m really curious about the future course of this actress who will be coveted by a world-class director.

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  1. 박소담이 솔직히 바로 확 눈에 띌 얼굴은 아니지. 대신 시간이 지나도 질리지 않을 얼굴임. 성형을 하지 않았다는게 오히려 매리트가 된거같음. 고민이 많았을건데, 그게 신의한수인거 같음.

  2. 여행을 가서 마음을 힐링한게 좋았어 역시 여행을 가야돼

  3. 무쌍중에 최고. 성격과 어울리게 청순하고 순둥순둥하게 생김

  4. 경성학교때부터 지켜봤었고 같은 나이 김고은이 날개돗듣이 인기몰이를 하는 동안 시청률은 안좋았지만 뷰티풀마인드에 여주 연기도 좋아서 제발 한번만 더 한번만 더 뜨자 했는데 이번에 기생충에서 완전히 뜨게 되어서 팬으로써 매우 기쁘네요

  5. 진짜 마스크가 백지같다 해야 하나… 뭘 그려도 다 자연스러운 그런 마스크임

  6. 예전부터 팬이였는데 박소담특유의 아름다움이 있고 제발 얼굴 손대지말기를 바래는 배우임
    연기야뭐 이제 말할가치가 없고 너무좋음 항상 긴고은에 좀 밀리는 인지도와 배역 때문에 속상했는데 물론 김고은 배우도 좋아함 그친구야 먼저 탑 스타였으니 ㅎ 아무튼 기생충으로 더욱 날아가길 바램
    그리고 조선의눈??? 우리나라 의외로 다양하게 생긴 민족임 여러민족 섞인 ㅡㅡ

  7. 미모는 눈이 아니라 입에서 절반 이상이 나온다는 말이 진리임………………………
    웃을 때 입이 이뻐야 얼굴이 이쁨……눈이 아무리 크고 아름다워도 입 하관이 엉망이면 얼굴 완전히 망침….그만큼 눈보다도 입이 중요함.
    사람들은 그걸 모름…박소담은 눈이 작고 밋밋하지만 웃을 때 입이 엄청 고급지고 이쁨….치아도 이쁘고..웃을 때 범낭도 뚜렷함…
    그래서 그 모든 것을 덮은 것임….사람은 입이 이뻐야 이뻐짐…

  8. 진짜 오리지널 조선눈보다 작은? 요즘은무쌍이 매력잇고 개인적으루 조아하지만 박소담은 눈도눈동자도 가로 세로다넘흐작고 넘흐 찢어짐 광고에서 처음봄 은교인줄ᆢ그러나 전혀다른 내눈엔 눈밖에안띄임요 그만큼 눈만보이게됨 ᆢㅋ 무쌍이라도 매력잇는 무쌍은아닌듯 제취향임당 머 또이런얼굴이 개성은잇슬듯욤

  9. 박소담님 경성학교 베테랑 검은 사제들때부터 눈여겨 봤었음 이 귀엽고 연기 잘하는 배우는 대체 누구지 하면서 신데렐라와 네 명의 기사에서 정일우님하고 호흡을 맞추시면서 본격적으로 제 눈에 들어오기 시작했었는데 정말 재미있게 봤던 작품입니다 박소담님의 귀여움에 빠져서 헤어나오지 못할 정도였음 얼마나 좋아했었냐면 당시에 제가 상당히 좋아했던 손나은님의 존재감도 잊을 정도였습니다 외모 연기력 다 훌륭하신데 생각보다 빵 못뜨시는 느낌이 들던 와중에 기생충이 초대박을 터트린거에요 순간 이런 생각이 들더군요 아 이제 사람들이 박소담님의 진짜 가치를 알게 되겠구나 하는 요즘 너무 기쁩니다 좋아하는 배우가 하늘로 비상하는 모습을 볼 수 있어서요

  10. 박소담이 언젠가 송강호 배우와 같은 나이의 배우가 되었을때의 연기가 기대된다

  11. 검은사제들때 악령 빙의된 목소리 전부 박소담이 실제로 낸거라는거 듣고 대단하다고 생각했어요ㅋㅋ 기생충에 박소담 너무 매력적인 캐릭터ㅠ 뇌리에 남음

  12. 아니 딴학교는 탈락하고 한예종합격이라닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  13. 다 탈락하고 한예종 합격한거면 탈락시킨 곳들이 박소담이 너무 잘해서 선생들이 부담스러워서 그런거 아닐까??

  14. "너가 조선의 눈이다."가 아니라 "너는 조선의 국모다." 이거 아니야? ㅋㅋ

  15. 전형적인 한국인의 얼굴을 가졌다…그래서 난 박소담이 너무 좋다…

  16. 매력있는 눈. 화려한 아름다움이 아니라 매력있는 아름다움이라 해야하나? 동양미가 있다해야하나?베테랑에서 처음 보자마자 눈이 갔음 저 배우는 누구지? 하고… 검은사제들에서 악령연기는 진짜 놀랐고 더 팬이 되어버렸음 기생충으로 잘 되어서 너무 좋음. 박소담씨 더 좋은 모습 보여주길 바랍니다!

  17. 검은사제들 을 뛰어넘은 기생충 김기정 아니 제시카 인케지 진짜 ㅎㅎ 소담이누나는 진짜 매력있어!!

  18. 돋보이지 않는 마스크가 돋보이는 매력의 배우
    마스크에 가려져서 그렇지 목소리 톤이나 딕션도 훌륭한 배우

  19. 장수원도 경희대 갔는데;;; 연기도 못하는 가수들은 그냥 동국대 경희대 잘도 가던데 너무 한거아냐?? 안목없는 나도 검은사제들보고 좋은배우라는거 알겠더만…

  20. 삼시세끼에서 알아봤음ㅋㅋㅋ 도화지같은 매력? 이라는말이 딱 맞는듯

  21. 근데 내 최애작품은 신데렐라와 네명의 기사. 넘 예쁘고 청순하게 나와서 좋음.

  22. 역시 사람은 성공하고 봐야돼. 박소담 나온 경성학교 검은사제들 봤지만 별로 비중 못느꼈고 베테랑서는 나온지도 몰랐다. 성공하고 하나하나 찝어주니까 이제 확실히 보이네. 그 당시에는 언급도 안하더니 이제 언급해주는게 성공했구나 이제 박소담

  23. 쌍커플 수술하고 칼 대는 순간 망합니다~ 쭉 이 얼굴로 대성하시길! (이미 대성하셨군)

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