[티비냥] (ENG/SPA/IND) Son Dam Bi Even Dieted by Drinking Only Alcohol | #LifeBar | 181018 #4

[Hee Chul] You did that because you like it
[Hye Jin] Is that the Son Dam Bi diet? You’ve always been like that with alcohol Alcohol Dam Bi diet I don’t eat anything, just drink But you know what happens
(Lose weight but look haggard) When you drink, you really… [TV Meow] (for Dam Bi) They call it the grapefruit
diet for dieting You’ve found a guy or boyfriend you like
(Diet is a concern? Is Dam Bi dating?) No, it’s just that dieting was
pretty easy up till my late twenties What do you mean by dieting was easy? Really, what does it mean
for dieting to be easy? What I get is that if I wanted
to diet in the past, I could do it easily But when I look at myself these
days, I’m such a pig You? You’re a what? – No, but I can’t seem to lose weight
– I can’t lose it He has an advantage, look at this No matter what, his jawline is always He always has this jawline here, really – It’s always there
– No matter what! In the past…
(If we’re talking about jawlines…) He’s going to show us an old picture of him See, I used to look like this in the past
(Flower boy in the past with a V line) – You were very thin
– You look quite Japanese Look, so skinny I was like that but now When I first debuted,
there was an actress called Shin Ae Not Shin Shin Ae, but they
said I look like Shin Ae – But you’ve gained a lot
– We really have I was so popular back then Don’t hit me, I’m so sensitive (Hysterical because of the passing of time) You can’t read the room But for actors, they film you here and here
(Dieting is a must for actors) They pan from below
(Camera angles catch even hidden fat) Maintaining this jawline So when it’s filming day,
people barely eat the previous day It’s so much trouble, look at In Kwon It doesn’t apply to me,
I don’t think about things like that But if you search Kim In Kwon online,
the Kim In Kwon diet comes up (Kim In Kwon’s jawline gets
sharper after his diet) How did you do it? There was nothing else I think finding it harder to lose weight
as you get older is natural All you can do is exercise and not eat But when you don’t eat, you gain it back
(Listens closely) So in my case – I’d put butter in coffee
– Butter? I put butter and coconut oil in,
so I wasn’t hungry – You weren’t hungry?
– I wasn’t hungry Oddly, it worked well for me
I looked it up on the internet If you keep not eating when
you’re feeling hungry, You can keep going if
it’s just at a level that bearable No, but that doesn’t work I don’t know what that means at all You know what that feels like, right? I would lie down for two hours hearing
my stomach growl and struggle to sleep I’d wake up hearing it growling too Then put butter in your coffee – At night, put butter in honey tea
– No way could I do that High fat, low carbs
(In Kwon’s diet is hard to put into action) I don’t think I could do it either But it really depends on each individual And also, I drink If you quit drinking,
the weight would fall off So when I drink, I don’t
eat any side dishes And it messes with my insides Since you only drink alcohol when you diet Try putting some butter in your alcohol I’d rather squeeze it all out
(Alcohol and butter, what an amazing pair) – Wow, that’s the worst
– It would be so strange No, it’s pretty decent For people who drink, it’s hopeless
(Hard to diet when you like alcohol) – Yes, it’s hopeless
– You can’t lose the weight I used to be someone who didn’t gain weight There’s no such thing as someone
who can’t gain weight But when I’m on a show,
I don’t have any energy unless I eat – Yes, you can’t talk
– I can’t bounce around That’s why the dishes
in ‘Life Bar’ are the problem – What are you talking about
– Don’t make these delicious food You say that but you ate
over 10 shrimp by yourself? Shrimp isn’t fattening And this is from nature, so
it won’t make you fat – I like the way you are now
– Really? Oh, but if you knew me back then,
you wouldn’t say you like me now You look perfect for your age Just accept it and move on “In the past, in my hayday” That’s one of the things old people
who complain always say – That’s what you’re becoming
– What I think, is that I always have to try
to maintain my body… You have to do it Women are waiting for Son Dam Bi’s answer The conversation keeps going somewhere else But we need to listen to this What you do and what you eat I’ve tried a lot of diets these days – But I’ve seen a lot of failures
– What did you fail at? Once, I tried to eat only meat Or that one food diet and I once drank nothing but alcohol [Hee Chul] You did that because you like it
[Hye Jin] Is that the Son Dam Bi diet? You’ve always been like that with alcohol Alcohol Dam Bi diet I don’t eat anything, just drink But you know what happens
(Lose weight but look haggard) – When I drink… no, no
– No, it’s bad for your health That’s how much I’ve tried to lose weight,
I know it’s bad for me But there really is nothing
you can do but exercise What do you do to exercise? I always play tennis, go to the
gym, and do pilates The 3 S’s Because I don’t do cardio,
I do it through tennis Pilates and working out
at the gym are for muscles But no matter how much I exercise,
it isn’t as good as it used to be That’s what makes me feel frustrated I always say that too That’s when I first felt,
wow, people must be so frustrated [Dong Yup] She said the same
thing, the same thing But because it’s a routine
we can’t help but do I thought there would be something special
but we’re all the same I once lost 9kg in two weeks
by only eating tofu – But then you become…
– So lifeless – I recently also went on a semi diet
– You went on a diet? There was once when even I felt like
I ate too much across ten days I weighed myself and I was at 125kg – How much do you normally weigh?
– So you lost 5kg? I’m normally 120kg So mean Watch yourself, mate I was 120 but I gained
5kg and it felt weird [Hye Jin] You felt a sense of danger I went to the gym and worked
out for an hour and a half I kept exercising and I lost 5kg overnight – In a single night?
– No way – So envious
– You’ve never been over 100kg, right? If you reach that, you can
drop 5kg in one night – It just drops off
– So envious So if you want to feel the joy of dieting,
weigh over 100kg It’ll drop off, 1kg, 10kg
It feels so good

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  1. 술만 처먹는게 다이어트면 난 섹스만하는 섹트를 하겟다

  2. 신동엽씨 주당맞음?ㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋ혼자얼굴엄청빨개ㅋㅋ

  3. 미추리에서 손담비 살 많이 쪄서 나오던데 뭐 살쪘어도 이쁘긴 하지만 아무튼 나이먹어가면서 신체대사 떨어지니까 생기는 살은 어쩔수없는거 같음

  4. 100키로가 5키로 빼는거랑 50 60 나가는 애들이 5키로 빼는거랑 다르지 암..

  5. 김준현씨가 10일을 과식한건 얼마나 드신것일까ㅋㅋ

  6. 스무살중반까지도 난 살이 안찌는 체질인줄 알았는데 나이먹으니 찜…잘빠지지도 않아…

  7. 원래 살이 많을 수록 빨리 많이 빠진데영
    그대신 빨리 많이 찌잖아영

  8. 근데 인생술집 진짜 술 마시는거에요? 아니면 물이랑 보리차 마시는거????

  9. 나잇살이괜히 있는게아님 기초대사량도 달라지고…

  10. 김준현 저 돼지는 김희철 사진보더니 갑자기 "왜색" ?? 뭔뜻인지는 알고 말하냐??? 씹돼지야? 누가보면 일본 졸라 싫어하는줄 알겄다

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  13. 레몬이나 식초가 많이 들어간 술, 음식은 다이어트에 조금 도움이 되겠죠~^^

  14. 나도 진심 살안찌는 체질인줄알았다ㅜㅜ지금 날씬하다고 방심말기를…그리고 늙어살빠지는이유 큰병생겨서ㅜㅜ아 슬퍼

  15. 여성분들 굶는다이어트 원푸드 다이어트는 다이어트가 아닙니다 그거는 미련한짓입니다 단순히 굶고 영양섭취를 덜해서 근육이많이빠지는 아주 미련한 다이어트입니다 근육이 빠져서 단순히 체중이 내리고 몸의 부피가 줄어서 살이빠진것처럼 보이는거지 결과적으로 5키로를빼도 4키로가 근육 1키로가 지방이면 그건 의미가 없습니다 그니까 저탄수 저염식 고단백으로 하고 운동을해서 체지방위주로 빼야 성공한 다이어트입니다

  16. 안찌는체질은없다.장기를 수술해서 문제가잇는경우외엔..다들 그자리에서 열심히먹지 뒤에선다이어트한다.그래서유지하지
    마른애들은 집에가면안먹어.나잇살도
    찌면 배부터찐다.이티형..방법은 식사조절..반이상이 식이조절이다.

  17. 와 김희철 데뷔초 사진,, ㄹㅇ여자라고 해도 믿을 듯,,, 그리고 술만 끊어도 살 빠진다는 거 진짜인듯,, 거기에 음료도 추가,, 전에 콜라만 끊었다가 바로 2키로 빠졌었음,, (다른 거 먹어서 다시 돌아오긴 했지만ㅎ;)

  18. 술많이 처마시는 계집들의 구녁에서 썩은막걸리냄새난다…

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  20. 멀얘기하는지알겠어~운동해도예전같지않게안빠지는거 다이어트는조을증와~~

  21. 손담비 턱선 많이 변했네.. 턱 골격 길이 자체가 변한것 같은데..

  22. 김희철이 김준현 앞에서 돼짘ㅋㅋㄱ니 살쩠니 하는거보니깐 웃김

  23. 술담비다이어트

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  27. ! 어떻게 하루에 5kg이!ㄷ

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  29. 개돼지들의 띵언 나왔다. 맛있으면 0칼로리 ㅋ

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  31. 나도근데 식욕보다 수면욕이 강해서 심지어 귀차니즘도 심해서 밥먹으로 걸어가는게 귀찮아서 그냥 잠자버림 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ그래서 하루한끼먹음 직장 점심시간. 그래도 한끼만큼은 가장맛있게라는게 원칙인데 직장친구들이 뭐그렇게 비싸고 많이 먹냐고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  32. 어떤 자전거 좋아하는 외국인 출근하기전 새벽4시 일어났어 출근 하기전 까지
    매일 자전거 100km이상 타는사람도 있던데 정말 대단한 사람 인듯 자전거대회 있을때
    유급휴가 내어서 대회참여 하고 나도
    하루에 최소안 10km 타야하는데 ㅠㅠ

  33. 어릴때부터 운동이랑 담쌓던 내가 28살때 1주일에 3~5일씩 헬스장 가서 1시간정도 3달 했더니 10킬로가 빠졌음. 그러나 10년후…예전과 똑같거나 더 오래 해도 몸무게가 빠지지 않고 힘들고 피곤하기만 함…ㅠ.ㅠ

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  40. "If you want to feel the joy of dieting weigh over 100kg" looool best dieting advice ever !

  41. In this case I am kim joon hyun. I don't understand what they say about dieting. And since I'm lately become slightly overweight, I could gain and lose 1-3kg a night. I was also surprised that it possible. Before, I was never like that.

  42. But it’s true tho. The more we weigh, the easier it is for us to put down our weight. I usually range between 43-44kg, when I reached 48kg bcs of my lifestyle, I could go back to 44kg in 2 weeks or so, but cut my weight to 41-42kg is really hard even when I watch all my foods & activities.

  43. when you sit indor beside people that not wearing a hat. it's better not wearing a hat. ^^

  44. 진짜 어릴때는 안먹고 운동하면 뱃살은 진짜 빨리 빠짐. 긍데 지금은 배가 너무 안빠져여 짜증남ㅋ

  45. 손담비온니,,,중단발도 개이뿌다ㅜ 실제 성격도 향미같네 털털해❤️

  46. 난손담비 이쁜건지 모르겟더라ㅋㅋ연기도뭐그닥
    미쳣어 토요일밤에때가 제일 전성기인듯

  47. 근데 나도 고등학생때는 조금만 안먹고 운동해도 잘빠지더니 대학졸업하고나서는 똑같이 해도 잘안빠짐 ㅠ

  48. 사람들이 잘모르는게 있는데
    저탄고지 너무 마른사람이 하면 몸무계 증강되고 여자보다 남성이 잘빠집니다 아무나 다 하는건 아닙니다

  49. 김준현같은 덩치는 똥만싸도 5키로 떼만밀어도3키로는 빠짐

  50. 키토제닉 다이어트 많이하는구나 연예인들 … 다이어트할때 속다버리고 너무 몸이안좋아지니까 차라리 저탄고지가 나은것같음

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