🌊Tsunami Viii – Green Light (official music video)

24 thoughts on “🌊Tsunami Viii – Green Light (official music video)

  1. Cmon. You need more fame wtf I actually love this song. Deserves at LEAST 100k views but wouldn't be surprised if it hit 2 mill one day. Keep getting yourself out there. There isn't anything wrong with you as a rapper, you got flow

  2. #B2HH VIDLIST 7.31.16 (Summer Edition) https://bound2hiphop.com/lists/b2hh-vidlist-7-31-16-summer-edition/

  3. Already started writing my own verse that's partially in Korean cuz I felt I should yell "It G Ma" listening to this. I dabbed so hard my arm cracked.

  4. yooooo this shit lit. that should of been a single. you need to push that. #zoelife

  5. Came from mamas little boy 8 and all of yours are fire I can vibe with them all day 🌊

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