🌞LITOM 24 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor SOLAR LIGHT REVIEW 👈

okay so today I had an LED solar motion sensor light from litom I’m going to take a look at this and then install I have already opened the box the box contains the screws and wall anchors I’ll talk about later on there are so many places that this can be installed can rinse all on your decks and porch work shed or even your own so this light has 120 degree angle detection right here in this consents up to a distance between ten and twenty six feet there are three different lighting mode medium light mode this changes during the day then turns to medium light in the dark you can say on two four six hours when it’s fully charged the second mode is the daylight sensor this turned on a dim light and darkness right at night with no motion is detected it turns on a bright light witnessed with motion is detected it stays bright for a good 17 20 seconds and reverses dim light on this normal motion the third mode is sensor mode this mode does not emit light at night unless motion is detected and then it turns to a bright light for a good 20 seconds and then goes out when there’s no more motion the slide switch on the back allows you to change some to the different modes as you can tell right now it’s off but there’s one two and three to go between the different two that I just mentioned it has 24 lights all across these are all LED this is the solar panel on top this has a really attractive design and if you look outside find a good place to place this and how check back later should unite us working so you can put this here on citing gossiping on the fence yeah that’s another location that would be good or the front of the house yeah I have an idea of a good place to put it we’ve had a problem with predators including cats and here coming around the pond and harassing the fish and the water lilies and then it’s really dark here at night so why don’t we put it right there in the fence post so that they can serve two purposes it can help keep away predators and provide some light the driveway so I decided to put on the nail yeah that way we can see if we like it here lifts on and off easily although you said it does come with screws and wall anchors you can choose to use those I’m going to put this on the third node and what was that motion motion detection only we’ll check back later so it’s really dark let’s go see if the light turns on wow there’s also some thunder it’s been raining and it is really up you can see the lightning huh okay and it’s been an overcast day but hey so it does work like a mom good tendency away before it turned on you have something like that and it’s a nice bright light you think that will scare the Predators away yes why don’t we see flip the switch and see what its CEO modes there’s more thunder so there’s a there’s a light this was a really dark night out here walk up and see it gets brighter Hey okay wow that worked so that was mode too so you want to try mode one the mode one is where it stays bright the entire time we should get one for both sides yes of the driveway so this probably works best with a little higher yes we’re going to try my three one more time wait so I like to go out and then approach it again okay yeah works every time if you’re inside and you the light goes off you obviously know something’s going on yeah so motor is a good one the motion detection so this is the litem LED solar motion sensor light such a great product is something I’m happy to have part of my house thanks for watching

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