🌻 Top 4 Solar Fence Post Lights For 5×5″ Poles – Review of The Best Outdoor Solar Post Cap Lights

Top 4 Solar Fence Post Lights For 5″ x 5″
Poles Review of The Best 5×5 Solar Post Cap Lights We have analyzed 2315 customer reviews and
examined 18 products to give you this top 4 video review. All the solar fence post lights reviewed in
this video is for 5×5 inch poles. You will find our number one pick at the end
of the video. And links to all of the products are in the
description below. #4. iGlow 8 Pack White Outdoor
These Lights will only fit 5″ x 5″ posts. Comes with 1 Ultra Bright White LED that will
last up to 100,000 hours. Included are pre-installed Rechargeable AA
batteries that will last up to 2 Years before needing replacing. The iGlow post light has an automatic sensor
that activates at Dusk. Comes with a new and improved solar panel
for superior charging performance. They are weatherproof and designed to protect
the lights from all forms of weather. All fencepost attachments and parts are Included
in the package. Here is what most customers liked about the
GardenBliss Solar Light: “… They looked nice and worked well for
about 6 months. …”
“… Beautiful night glow …” “… Work very well, seem to hold the charge
for several hours! …”
“… Easy to install. …” Few customers found that:
“… turned yellow after a few months. …”
“… The battery is only a 600 mAh and it is a NiCd. …” A new iGlow 8 Pack White Outdoor light will
cost you $59.99. #3. X lux Warm Light S55 Solar Light
The S55 Solar light comes with an auto ON at night and OFF during day
Has warm white light for a more romantic and cozier feel. They are waterproof from rain and snow. Ideal for decorating your house and garden
or illuminating paths, decks, docks, boats, driveways, stairways, and pavements. Customer loves the XLUX S55 solar light because
they are: “… Easy installed and works great. …”
“… Amazing beautiful soft lighting!!!!! …”
“… These work well, nice brightness. …” Some customers did not like the following:
“… They were all plastic and loosely fitted together but nothing I didn’t expect. …” You can get the X lux S55 Solar for $15.99
for a set with 2 units. #2. GreenLighting (4 Pack) Solar LED Light
The GreenLighting Solar LED light can be used on almost any post no matter its size or material. With an included adapter each light can be
designed to fit between 4 inches and 5 inches in size. Once installed you can relax and enjoy them
every night without having to go and turn them on thanks to an auto on/off switch. Pack includes 4 post cap lights that each
measures 6″ x 6″ x 4.75″. Customers who bought these like that:
“… Purchased a set of 4 of these about 3 years ago and they still work perfectly. …”
“… Very attractive, useful signpost accessory. …”
“… New ones have an on-off switch and easier battery change. …” And some customers were unsatisfied with the
following: “… They don’t last all night …” Price of the 4 Pack GreenLighting Solar LED
is $109.99. #1. InSassy Solar LED Outdoor Lights
Our number one pick is the InSassy Solar LED Light. It just came out in a new version has a more
efficient solar LED design that allows you to choose from Warm White or Mood Color Mode. It will fully recharge the battery in 5-8
hours even under cloudy conditions. This Solar LED light is solidly built, it
has weather resistant level of IP55 and constructed of A.B.S material for protection against rain,
snow, or frost. Here are the top things that customers who
bought the InSassy Solar LED Lights are saying they like about it:
“… It looks really cool and my neighbors are asking me where I bought these . …”
“… They are very nice accent lights. …”
“… Work great and easy to install! …”
“… For the price, these are a nice simple option for lighting. …” You can find the link to the InSassy Solar
LED Outdoor Light below the video, the price of a pack with 8 lights is $48.99. Want more garden tips and garden product reviews? Hit the subscribe button now… Also, here are some more garden light review
videos we thought you might like.

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