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in the center of the fire belt is the archipelago of hawaii at first sight an idyllic paradise but a paradise not without danger of all natural disasters the Tsunamis are undoubtedly the most hazardous in hawai have caused more deaths that all earthquakes hurricane eruptions floods and tornados together walter tal ni is a professor of oceanography of the University of Hawaii and also a world authority in Hawaiian tidal waves have suffered 40 tsunamis in the last 200 years to the Guiana city of Gil Av known as the world capital of the tsunamis and one of the worst perceived still in the memory of many of the neighbors of this place on April 1, 1946 occurred here a tsunami by seven o’clock tomorrow many men were already working and mothers and children already they had risen so everyone was awake when there was that sudden low sea previous to the tsunami my mother called me and all my brothers and told us bening come here why are you going to contemplate something that maybe you will not see for 50 years and its family were not the only ones they were fascinated by the show almost everything I have used it came to see it the water receded more more and more forming a wall about 200 meters more and more and bigger my mother took us to the window and we saw how it was going back to the sea we are all perplexed contemplating that great show the truth is that we were fascinated a scene that the islanders witnessed with astonished eyes I think they viewed it as a kind of curiosity they had not seen never anything the same the water was not greenish or white it was a black water mixed with tons of sand and in the distance and in the distance a great black horizon a huge dark wall and we knew that the greater the greater would now also be left at discovered the whole area where before islanders were fishing but there there was only water bottom and the see that should have filled them with astonishment octopus fish and eels stranded by everywhere on dry sand and rocks someone who was there I do not remember who screamed with all his might run and berries and we ran like soul that take the devil the terrified passers-by they found themselves running away from a Water mountain of almost ten meters altitude nothing can stop the are too powerful too my mother went for a hammer and he started to break the windows we are all looking at the Suddenly a tremendous crash hammering my ears then it was when my mother picked up my two little brothers to the baby and they called to embraced them very strongly and then the windows jumped out of the frames and the roof sank on us in the midst of panic and destruction of the imm lost sight of his two little brothers while the others struggled to save their lives when I went back to see my mother told me I do not know split and I looked at her and she did not I stopped repeating the lost ones they have released the water has taken the worst part suffered the thousand residents of the neighborhood without machi ripped all the rennet houses and he took them crawling through this whole sector from the city to this area of ​​ponds here and some of those houses were in turn dragged towards the sea by the ebb tide of honor when backing we within what we have had Good luck the ceiling comes on us yes but to the breaking the wave hit laterally the building taking everything by means but in this direction before sinking the roof so that the ona drag all our neighbors one shouted save me save me save me but We could not be too high a witness stated that he saw the wave coming and that lifted the whole locomotive train included and that the retro rolling as if it was a toy I saw the roads and crash into a palm tree and every new wave started another section of track a way that was made entirely whole of a high alloy carbon steel the waves swallowed one house after another and when they returned to the sea they dragged people and vehicles the waves pushed the cars and the then stamped against roofs left them completely crushed pressed I confess that I Since that day I respect the power of the sea I respect a lot of this nightmare settled with 150 people dead and great part of a city completely destroyed

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