a beach on the south coast of california you are about to receive an unexpected visit aggressive nature tsunamis ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem this is our problem tidal waves huge killer waves of a unimaginable strength nothing can stop them are too much powerful they are killers to kan to violent betrayal and deadly we have already seen what the Seaquakes we have seen them kill people destroy buildings and devastate communities scientists have discovered in the seabed a new and terrifying 11.9 Threat What is more frightening is that we have discovered that we still know very little of them and that we are not so to except as we thought a threat that lurks especially at the shores of the United States nobody had ever thought that the coast southern California could be hit by a tsunami but right now in the coastal strip most populated in the country could happen the unthinkable next to washington lake are the laboratories of the agency for the study of the ocean and the atmosphere spearhead against the tsunamis and research center of one of the Senior experts in the field eddy partner of the last century the tsunamis caused 70,000 deaths in Everyone. tornadoes and hurricanes and storms natural phenomena to which all who else who less are accustomed are phenomena that meteorologists can control and evaluate when our populations threaten but imagine yourself in a threat practically uncontrollable that nobody he knows when or where he can unleash until it’s too much Afternoon. is what happens with the tsunamis affects all countries nobody in the whole Pacific is safe of the tsunami the Pacific is the area with the highest risk of tsunamis the entire planet and has its explanation in it are some of the most active volcanoes in the world reason whereby this area has been given name of fire belt when the tectonic plates collide and they are deformed amounts of energy leading to large earthquakes and eruptions volcanic areas both on land and in bottom of the sea these underwater earthquakes are the cause most common of the tsunami phenomenon when a fault rises up I get the water that is on it and when it falls again generates a succession from the epicenter of big waves in a chain before one of these waves is reached to break suck as you progress to great part of the water that surrounds them which makes it grow without stopping until it unloads on the coast in a single instant all the power that a violent and gigantic tide the energy contained in those walls of water is unimaginable in the center of the fire belt is the archipelago of hawaii at first sight an idyllic paradise but a paradise not without danger of all natural disasters the Tsunamis are undoubtedly the most hazardous in hawai have caused more deaths that all earthquakes hurricane eruptions floods and tornados together walter dani is a professor of oceanography of the University of Hawaii and also a world authority in Hawaiian tidal waves have suffered 40 tsunamis in the last 200 years to the Guiana city of Gil Av known as the world capital of the tsunamis and one of the worst perceived still in the memory of many of the neighbors of this place on April 1, 1946 occurred here a tsunami by seven o’clock tomorrow many men were already working and mothers and children already they had risen so everyone was awake when there was that sudden low sea previous to the tsunami my mother called me and all my brothers and told us bening to come here why are you going to contemplate something that maybe you will not see for 50 years and its family were not the only ones they were fascinated by the show almost everything I have used it came to see it the water receded more more and more forming a wall about 200 meters more and more and bigger my mother took us to the window and we saw how it was going back to the sea we are all perplexed contemplating that great show the truth is that we were fascinated a scene that the islanders witnessed with astonished eyes I think they viewed it as a kind of curiosity they had not seen never anything the same the water was not greenish or white it was a black water mixed with tons of sand and in the distance and in the distance a great black horizon a huge dark wall and we knew that the greater the greater it would be the wave was also left at discovered the whole area where before islanders were fishing but there there was only water bottom and the see that should have filled them with astonishment octopus fish and eels stranded by everywhere on dry sand and rocks someone who was there I do not remember who screamed with all his might run and berries and we ran like soul that take the devil the terrified passers-by they found themselves running away from a Water mountain of almost ten meters altitude nothing can stop the are too powerful too my mother went for a hammer and he started to break the windows we are all looking at the Suddenly a tremendous crash hammering my ears then it was when my mother picked up my two little brothers to the baby and amarna hugged them very hard and then the windows jumped out of the frames and the roof sank on us in the midst of panic and destruction of the imm lost sight of his two little brothers while the others struggled to save their lives when I went back to see my mother told me I do not know split and I looked at her and she did not I stopped repeating the lost ones they have released the water has taken the worst part suffered the thousand residents of the neighborhood without machi ripped all the rennet houses and he took them crawling through this whole sector from the city to this area of ​​ponds here and some of those houses were in turn dragged towards the sea by the ebb tide of the ona when backing up we within what we have had Good luck the ceiling comes on us yes but to the breaking the wave hit laterally the building taking everything by means but in this direction before sinking the roof so that the wave dragged all our neighbor one shouted to save me save me save me but we could not too high a witness stated that he saw the wave coming and that lifted the whole locomotive train included and that did not record rolling like If it was a toy I saw the tracks and crashing against a palm tree and each new wave started another stretch of via a route that was made all whole of a high carbon steel steel the waves swallowed one house after another and when they returned to the sea they dragged people and vehicles the waves pushed the cars and the then stamped against roofs left them completely crushed pressed I confess that I Since that day I respect the power of the sea I respect a lot of this nightmare settled with 150 people dead and great part of a city completely destroyed unam ended up with that designates in Japan the tsunami means hello port and it’s precisely japan the country more whipped by tidal waves 150 exactly in the last 10 years that have been charged 50 thousand lives in 1993 it was the turn of ocu ziggy a wave of 28 meters came down on this population killing 239 people but the okushiri tsunami was nothing compared to the colossal tsunami which in 1896 ended the life of 28 thousand men women and children but other countries of the pacific either they are immune to the tsunamis indonesia has suffered 34 in the past a hundred years in these old images of one of they can see that in the great Water velocity leaves almost no escape to those who try to escape from ella scientists believe there is a direct correlation between intensity of an earthquake and the waves seismic that causes as it was of manifested in the earthquake that occurred in chile in the year 1960 one of the biggest of history a huge seismic wave it spread through the Pacific to the speed of a jet plane the city of gilo one suffered once more the consequences died 61 people and the double in Japan 122 is huge Lola confirmed two theories up then irrefutable about the Tsunami was unleashed by an earthquake and also for an earthquake with epicenter under the sea but on July 17, 1998 these theories were going to be compromised Papua New Guinea seven in the afternoon the inhabitants of lagoons and healthy celebrated that day a holiday of Thanksgiving nobody suspected what was about to happen six minutes later More than 2,000 people had perished it offered a dantesque panorama lagoons and shannon had been up then a paradise where the fishing with a fertile land and a population fervently catholic three villages populated the strip of sand that mediated between the sea and the lagoon three villages in full harmony with the nature until that day these images were recorded only nine months before the catastrophe and they are especially conductive the vitality and overflowing joy that show these children none of them already live in the place that he occupied his school the wave of more than 15 meters left a naked beach naked and a beauty of bitter I remember that beautiful afternoon of July these children lost their lives without get to know how or why it was heard a tremendous noise and many left for see what happened because that’s not very close very close and we all shut up for live the best by asking ourselves what could be that noise that we had not never heard and then many left running to the beach to satiate your curiosity and and I do not know but something inside he told me that this was a Tsunami was not sure because it was a phenomenon that I had never witnessed but I hearing that the noise was the first thing I thought is a seaquake but before you can react the wave and I was there we saw the wave coming a wave Huge the size of a house I had a bag in my hand and I did not I thought twice I let her go immediately and I climbed in a hurry up to the top of a tree but that wave was so huge that even at the top of the tree I went through above I do not know how I could save see me already others the wave dragged us in towards the interior of the lagoon that it was turned into a huge cluster of remains and debris after paradise had transformed into hell I I was finding mothers mothers and more mothers with their little ones in their arms and when I was going to signal them to the cross on the forehead I found them cold died without it cost me much to assimilate that I saw many mothers bury their children there were corpses of children for all parts and I felt helpless and overflowed as everyone was inevitable feeling embarrassed by something like that but the nightmare was not over This is a difficult region access medical help was slow to arrive already numerous injured this delay cost them to lose arms legs and in some cases the own thousands of people lost their home and everything you own and there was no longer one family all and healthy to which this tragedy do not hit coffee we have committed to pay it as vice team of divine justice is this was one of the greatest natural catastrophes that has suffered papua new guinea in all History 2,200 dead and in the thought of all the citizens of this country a just ask why from the data that we have can be extracted some conclusion in this classroom 10 thousand kilometers of armhole there is not a name that perhaps knows answering that question is not disposable the professor coast but the x directs the engineering department of the University of Southern California his extensive knowledge about hydrodynamics make it one of the most knowledgeable of the phenomenon seaquake two weeks after the tragedy of sisa did not put herself in front of the investigating commission of the disaster not It is a very safe place in case of seaquake there is no safe place there is not just at that moment witnesses face costs but the crisis about the height and speed of the wave and the devastation here was one of the worst we have seen the wave penetrated the earth like a huge excavator dragging almost everything to its step up to more than three kilometers inland in the first kilometer there is not a single house standing the only visible sign that there had lived someone were the pillars the props that held the structure of the houses was a really bleak scene this team had never investigated a tsunami like that this sector well in this direction of west to this the destruction here was total but the villages located to scarce kilometers do not suffer any damage the bewilderment grew with each new measurement to specify the height of the wave the coast but the kiss drew a graph of the level reached by water at several points discovering with astonishment that in certain zones that level was ten times higher than that is usually achieved after an earthquake of that intensity from the beginning we saw since this was not a normal case the earthquake was not intense enough as to generate a wave of 16 meters 5 meters is the maximum height of a wave after a tremor between one and seven 5 meters but not 16 meters So something did not fit what it was then the cause of this tsunami and the response to this weird phenomenon apparently unexplainable is in the marx itself them six months later he got in March a second investigation in underwater floor investigation in which the scientist philippe watch soon we will observe that this was an area of abundant faults with seafloor plagued by large and more and very declives pronounced and therefore with a high potential level to provoke strong landslides that was the answer to the mystery a strong and rough displacement of earth caused the detachment of a large underwater cliff that when sinking sucked an immense body of water that triggered a huge tsunami Proportion 2.12. nobody thought until then that those landslides could cause phillips tidal waves and their equipment they discovered a new and deadly variant of this phenomenon were not only amazing results were also disturbing because those landslides may occur in other parts of the world that was the teacher’s great fear but the kiss if the tsunamis caused by landslides were possible in any place the southern part of california could be for its orography a high zone risk hello joe hello what if i did not love her discovered that he had traveled the world whole to study a phenomenon whose greater threat was much closer all these blue lines that we see here they indicate differences of depth and where many lines are concentrated means that in that area and large unevenness that is a very abrupt background that is to say with a high potential for cause tsunamis 10 kilometers from the southern coast of california starts a search to detect potentials Tsunami triggers the research team that uses a Advanced detection system by remote control is in command of the geologist gary green in the background is that surface josé iturria where those shell are guillén the canyons and cliffs a sailor is they differ very little from those of the land surface not only its appearance they also relate their behavior they begin to fall at the beginning slowly then faster and finally in barely an instant all his material was it softens suddenly and falls off in block tumbling down slope to a speed of vertigo imagine that this happened in a submarine cliff like in any landslide the resulting avalanche would be incredibly powerful and destructive on land the food is usually rocks and jugs or tons of compact snow under the sea the sediments are sands abrasive or tight and heavy sludge only under the sea can a landslide exert a devastating side effect After that sudden subsidence a depression in the background where the water the most that is how a seaquake nobody has ever claimed a tsunami as the one that just described gary green but this one caused by an iceberg in Greenland may be enough for us form an idea CORREA 3 this wave did not exceed 5 meters altitude but imagine one capable of dragging a boat to the top of one of these hills a wave of that size beat the Californian coastline according to several testimonies coming to drag even a boat until this consecrated church to Santa Barbara and located 100 meters above the level of the sea ​​that could trigger a tsunami similar gary green believes discovered what was the cause of that tsunami in this area could have detached 1.5 cubic kilometers taking as reference the city of santa barbara for example that would be one more about six or seven times higher that the city a detachment therefore of a enormous magnitude as it is I think we are close before the arena it was making visibility very difficult now the image seems much clearer let’s see what’s below it could be look well in this line ascending and Gary is worried just to enable an area where they could occur new landslides here there is a great seismic activity that means that if there is an earthquake or very likely case would precipitate towards the bottom lots of sediment and we appreciate signs of cracking in that unevenness clear indications that it is cracking could cause medium term a tsunami can in other areas from california run the same danger it is quite possible that in other areas of this region especially in the southern part of california are being developed similar geological processes but still are to be identified among all the coasts of all oceans a tsunami in california would be probably the one that hardest materials and humans would cause beautiful beach for example registers an influx daily up to 250,000 people e here in Malibu to these houses of more of one million euros nothing could save them high risk of landslides cordon the area and california is proud to have the largest marina in the world The king’s marine remains and debris are they pile up everywhere already is on the way we wait for instructions and further south find the ports of the angels and long beach almost one million barrels of crude are unloaded here every day fire brigades prepared for to intervene is like a bomb about to burst aceta 16 answer all this coast is a huge catastrophic area in Power we know that earthquakes are the main cause of the tsunamis Japan has suffered some of the worst earthquakes of all times but california is also located over one of the biggest fault zones of the world and has known the devastation seismic in good number of occasions part of the fault of san andrés happens just below the city of the angels all the seismic activity in this area is strictly monitored from the Earthquake control center southern california This is one of the great points of encounter of tectonic plates very prone therefore to suffer strong earthquakes like the northridge in the year 1994 occurred around four o’clock and mean in the morning is to say at a time in which almost the entire city slept not there was nobody in the mall that collapsed and in the medical center whose upper floors are also they sank like many garages there would have been many more victims and the tremor would have been mid afternoon there were a million people on the radius of action of that earthquake was one of the most destructive tremors of our history caused damage by about 50,000 million euros and 35 people died as a consequence direct from this earthquake until now those responsible for civil protection have only been worried about the material damages and humans caused by earthquakes terrestrials convinced that the risk of causing smi tidal waves almost all the earthquakes that we suffer in Southern California are terrestrial there is a small number of sea faults inside but the majority is here under our city so the risk of tidal waves is Minimum 50 therefore no one loses the I dream about this, let’s worry about the earthquakes not because of the tsunamis but scientists as coasts but the kiss believe dangerous to take for granted these approaches for a long time it was thought that scary figures of victims of some tidal waves were a sad fact but relatively isolated and of origin submarine but Papua New Guinea was going to bring to the world a terrible surprise now we know positively that the origin of that tsunami was a terrestrial earthquake which contradicts all the theories formulated up then about this and this recent discovery has completely altered the schemes of all the experts in Seaquakes many people were reluctant to admit that a terrestrial earthquake could cause a seaquake the consequences for california they could be terribly prestigious seismologists have affirmed in reiterated times that the risk of tidal waves is minimum and the population usually he tends to believe such a claim but the new evidence offers us a very different vision this is the question is possible in southern california a shift of earth like the one that triggered a wave of 16 meters high in lagoons and healthy in Papua New Guinea and unfortunately The answer is yes being what effects would a great tidal wave in california southern one of them would be curiously a gigantic fire when the crude deposits of the port of the angels the case of tsunami many flammable liquids contained in large numbers in a harbor would float on the surface for being lighter that the water and they would light up with • Ease of use a fire of cala envergadura would cause incalculable damage and who will remain trapped in the middle of that fire would be a serious danger that’s exactly what happened in the city of hofu city during the 1993 tsunami the fire that was declared in the port it could not be stifled for several days after causing more damage even that the wave that caused it experiences like this one have put on alert the fire department of the Angels these firefighters are prepared to face one of the toughest challenges of the nature let’s hope something like this does not reach happen ever but we have to be prepared for it we must know how react to a tsunami if what the experts say is true e certainly with his arsenal of means and equipment can face practically any threat the thermosensitive cameras can detect to people buried and other fiber optics that you can see through the debris but we’re really prepared for a big tsunami in terms of means to combat effects of a tsunami we no longer have equipment rescue helicopters systems search and detection of boats salvage divers units fire extinguishing everything necessary we have it covered only we need to adapt those means in order to that in a case of fires and large-scale and form-related collapses simultaneous we know how to use properly our resources is to say we must be prepared when the wave of a tsunami hits earth its effect is like that of a great flood torrential amounts of water mud and debris sweep everything to his step only two spans of water moving at the speed that the wave of a tsunami would drag anyone they have nothing to do with those big waves that fans like so much surfing is a huge avalanche of water that leaves nothing standing when hit the coast and drag rocks trees buildings first inland and then in reverse direction when going back over their Steps a water current of about 50 kilometers per hour equals one wind of about 50,000 kilometers time that can give us an air a closed car retains enough air like to float and be dragged by the Rubble of debris and water so if someone was in full collision course between two cars moving to more than 50 kilometers per hour can you know what wait allow me a recommendation if you look in that situation, he exercises everything possible from that waterspout because besides water it carries more things and they are those things what people mark in 1964 an earthquake shook the Strait of Prince William in alaska causing also substantial damage in anchorage to but it also caused a great tsunami that spread south as it passed along the coast, it ports of Kodiak Valdez and Seua before finish your trip in crescent city in north california to less than 1,000 kilometers of the angels much of the city was mired in the most absolute destruction the lamentable thing of the catastrophe of crescent city was that despite having declared the alert many citizens came to the shore from the sea to observe the wave of this recklessness cost them their lives at eleven -The? voltaire darly is developing effective protection measures against tsunamis in a place where they are so frequent as in hawaii only here in gilo some tidal waves have caused more deaths than in any population of the united states and we know there will be more tidal waves we can not do anything for avoid it it is simply a question of time but what we can do is adopt measures to avoid having figures of victims like the ones we’ve had and the best method of doing it is to inform about the nature of this threat and on how to act to be more protected the intention of the tsunami museum of peaceful is that the Hawaiians have always present the threat that the Tsunamis represent their exhibitions offer not only information about this phenomenon but also revealing testimonies of survivors these testimonies can serve to make this threat never falls into oblivion every time he said there has been some catastrophe either abroad or in my own country comes to my mind all what I lived, I survived a catastrophe I suffered my own flesh If you come out alive give thanks to God friend because god has been very good with you but there are much more ways direct to protect a population danger of tsunami get away from the coast danger of tsunami away from the coast hour twelve-thirty limit in Hawaii the evacuation routes are signaled and can even find in the telephone directories here it is possible to evacuate all the population in Japan they even have other support measures huge gates and walls of 10 meters to stop the advance of the sea sirens and evacuation fruits They are similar to the Hawaiian here the tsunamis are part of our life and our history we know that the we have suffered repeatedly that are a real risk in Gilo is not difficult to keep the population about the risk of a seaquake but what happens in a city is that busy that has not gone through that experience will cost to convince the people of the angels that they have greater grounds for concern than the pollution and traffic I do not think the southern coast of california be prepared for a disaster of that scope that we can then do to protect our coastal populations when the danger may already be imminent the worst of all is that ours is a of the most densely populated areas of the united states our coasts are very flat the wave could penetrate hundreds of meters inland and the beaches are totally devoid of natural barriers and dykes ni breakwater there is absolutely nothing e then what protection does it have? exactly california there is street lighting but not even one Mermaid many signs but none warns of the risk of tidal waves here prohibit skating seems more important this location center Tsunamis can detect large waves in high seas at the other end of the Pacific but would be totally ineffective against a tsunami located only about kilometers offshore in that assumption we would have less than 20 minutes to to get safe to run away with that is said all of southern california has suffered and other tidal waves in the question is not whether or not the question is when will they be repeated started by both a race against time los angeles lacks a plan security against the catastrophe that threatens its coasts and that could hit this beach inside of brief minutes when there is no more time or place to escape The cans


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