💡 Elmchee Rechargeable 12,000 Lumen Headlamp… What you didn’t know 💡

hey YouTube what’s up Phillip Bridges
here and today we’re going to do a a little unboxing review of the mg mg l qi
i don’t know how you pronounce a I think it’s LG it’s a twelve thousand not
twelve hundred twelve thousand lumen headlight now I was looking for a
headlight on Amazon cuz it’s getting to be winter time and it’s getting dark
early and everything like that so for doing chores and stuff outside because
we have some horses and cattle and everything so you know by the time I get
home it’s it’s dark out and sometimes my wife does chores too and it’s it’s dark
out basically so I wanted to get a headlight that was pretty bright
I’ve seen some different headlights out there and everything like that and they
just they don’t have the lumens and the batteries don’t last very long you’re
always changing all batteries and everything like that so I came across
the LG 12,000 lumen light and the cool thing about this is it’s only $15.99 I
was wondering how good of light could it be for $15.99 so I bought one and then I
was like you know what if it does turn out to be good then you know I’m gonna
wanted another one so I ended up like within like 30 minutes later I ended up
buying another one too and I was really surprised when I got this I know how
good of a light it is we’re gonna open this up this is the one I got it’s my
wife re-opened hers I can’t get it away from her we’re gonna open this up and
we’re gonna take a look at it if you want I’ll put the link into the
description below and you can check that out if you want to order one as we open
this up you know they they give you we open it up and they give you a
normal USB charging cord because these are rechargeable batteries that they
give you which is really nice all right so we got the rechargeable battery cable
so now they give you these two little rechargeable batteries rection booklet
got the bubble wrap then you got this headlight now it kind of seems bulky at
first I’ll tell you that when you use it you don’t really care that it’s on you
kind of forget about it let’s open up these batteries now you may ask how long
a battery what’s the lifespan of these batteries
elmtree says that these batteries will last you $100,000 that’s a pretty long
time and they this light does have a two-year warranty on it and elmtree says
that they will give you a 100% satisfactory replacement or your money
back which is really good on that two-year warranty so the little you got
the little battery compartment in the back we put the batteries in the back
will shut it and the USB plugs in little hair on the back to the back of this
charging unit you can charge it you can hook it up to
any USB charger that you have even if you get like one of the little battery
USB chargers the mobile ones or whatnot you know plug in anything your laptop
and so a red light will write a red light will light up when it’s charging
and it will turn green when it is complete so it takes about four to five
hours to fully charge this and your runtime
on this LED light is going to be about five to six hours depending on the
lights the light beam that you use so mainly if it’s just on height it’s gonna
be about five hours so this light has six modes or six LED lights on it sorry
six LED lights on it and it has eight modes the headlamp
pivot 90 degrees which is really nice seems like it has it stops clicks every
couple like it probably has about five five different stops that you can have
it at and for the first mode you got four key lights and you got your high so
this is your uh this is uh your high beams and then if you press it one more
time you have your low and then when we press it again for the third time now
this is where you get your twelve thousand lumens this is all of those
lights coming on together your highs and lows and then if we hold it will not
hold it but if we press it one more time you’ll get a strobing effect which is
really nice that this is water resistant not waterproof but water resistant so if
it gets snow rain anything on it even dirt you know dirt
it’ll it’s pretty resistant to dirt and it is shockproof so like if you drop it
not like electrical shock proof but if you drop it it will absorb some of the
ill absorb the impact and it’s pretty rugged in that way
now although like with the charging like I said before the charging unit has a
overcharge protection protector on it and it has there’s like five different
things it has a the over circuit the over over voltage though you know
overheating and everything like that it has a protector on all of it it also has
four auxiliary lights so on the top when we hold down the button for about three
seconds now you’ve got high beams of your auxiliary lights and these lights
are pretty bright not as bright as your high and low beams but they’re great if
you don’t need a lot of light and are just looking for something outside or
anything like that that you have and then you’ve got your lows and then what
a nice thing is your third one is a little red but little red light and then
your fourth you got your flasher your red flashers so this is great for
someone who is walking does walking at night or anything like that I would
highly recommend if you get one of these I would get one and keep it in your car
for emergencies anything like that where you’re gonna need light or a flashing
light and what’s cool on the back is if you hold the power button a little red
light shines on the back little LED and then if you hold it down again it’ll
it’ll flash old strobe which is a really nice feature to have because of when
you’re walking and your back is turned towards cars that are coming down the
road or anything like that there’s a little red light blinking on the back so
people can see you and you just hit it to shut it off again overall this light
for fifteen dollars is freakin amazing it there they do have another model it’s
13,000 lumens but I didn’t see it on there at the time so
I was just I was just amazed by this 12,000 lumen one that I wanted to check
it out see if it was worth it and for $15 $15.99 and some change it was
totally worth it you can put this thing on and you can have it shining anywhere
you want you can direct it anywhere the thing is it’s cool it’s just it’s just
awesome even in pitch black at night like you can walk around and just light
up the area it’s so cool and like I said for $15.99 it’s a really good deal so if
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