?Atomic Beam SunBlast review: as seen on TV SUNBLAST solar light

do you need a little extra outdoor
security lighting and don’t want to run wires today we’re gonna be looking at
the atomic beam Sun blast by bulbhead looks like an interesting product this
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now let’s tear apart this and see exactly what it does the atomic beams
Sun blast was purchased from Walmart for about I think it was 1999 but I love his
bald head has this tearaway backing my favorite way to get into an a seen on TV
product so let’s tear that open real quick just like that we’re in alright so immediately I see the Sun
blast unit right here it’s got a motion sensor a solar light and it’s got a spot
for the LED light so that’s kind of cool let’s see it’s got an on-off switch in
the back high and low that’s neat I’ve got some directions which I’ll read
off camera it also has some 3m mounting hardware or some screws if you want to
put it into the screw hole so let me take a look at these directions see
exactly what I need to do and then we’ll test this out okay so I just finished
reading through the directions if you see on the back here there’s like
rectangle on this side and direct hang on this side remember I showed you those
3m strips earlier that’s what you could hook those to and if you do not want to
screw it in that’s how you can adhere it to the wall they recommend cleaning the
space first so the 3m has the ability to bond on the back it does have an on
switch for high and on switch for low and then a
an off position I’m going to show you that in just a second but I was reading
through the directions and bulbhead recommends that you install this away
from trees because you want to get the best possible sunlight onto this solar
panel so it charges so what I’m going to do because it’s got a little motion
sensor here I’m going to turn it to the high position I’m going to cover the
solar panel and I’m gonna indicate the motion set Oh see how bright that is now
let’s look at it in a low position just a little bit dimmer I wanted to show you
the difference of the two and then I’m going to take this outside and actually
check it out at night to see what does I’m gonna creep up on it and see if I
can surprise the Sun blast let’s take it outside and install it okay so I have
this old shed here on my property and there’s no power out here so I installed
the Sun blast light right here using the screws that were provided now I will say
they strip pretty easily so if you want to have a decent screw you might want to
switch it out for something else I put it out here just because if I ever come
out here at night I’d like to be able to see things so we’re gonna test it
tonight right now it’s a little too bright out for this to click on I just
wanted to show it you installed I wasn’t able to use the 3m stick because this is
wood here but let’s come out here later this evening and check it out so right
now I’m standing exactly thirty feet from the sensor I’m gonna take some
steps forward to see how long it takes RIT to come on so let’s take a few steps
I’m getting pretty close oh I’m right now just about fifteen feet away so
that’s like your range area now this light will stay on for thirty seconds as
long as I’m not moving it’s a pretty good sensor I mean it’s very bright I
have it on the high setting so it’s pretty cool let’s go do my final review
I’d love to know what you think about the atomic beam Sun blast leave it for
me in the comment section below I’ll be sure to get back to you tell me what you
think about this little product we’ve been talking about the
solar-powered atomic beam Sun blast it’s an exterior light that’s powered by the
Sun and you know what it really shines bright it’s got a really good motion
detector you saw was about 15 foot away and it snapped down real bright I like
that it’s good for security if you’re out at 9:00 you don’t have power on
maybe out buildings or somewhere around the house and you want to have some sort
of security light I like that feature 20 bucks you can’t really beat it I’m
actually gonna get a few more of these and I’m gonna mount them near my actual
lights that are powered because I don’t go outside at night a whole lot and
sometimes when those lights burn out it gets dark when I do go outside so it’d
be nice to have a backup motion sensor so I don’t know if you heard in the
video when it was dark out it when it turns on it’ll stay lit for 30 seconds
as long as there’s no motion so if there’s still motion around it’ll stay
lit but if it’s quick run by it’ll be on for 30 seconds it’ll shut off I did say
make sure you install in a high Sun area and not underneath trees but this was my
review of the atomic being Sun blast I like the product I think it’s a durable
little light that you come outside for inexpensive that was my review this is
Jeff with Jeff reviews for you as always thanks for stopping by have a great day
since you stuck around remember this old thing the Bionic light from Bell &
Howell has got the magnetic base or magnetic piece in the light I don’t know
I’m gonna link this video up here one thing I didn’t know it way back then has
this thing’s a battery hog I changed these batteries out probably once every
two weeks because you definitely know it gets dimmer and dimmer anyway do you
want to see this it’s good for indoor outdoor I’m gonna link it right up here
so I’ll see you over at the Bionic light review

12 thoughts on “?Atomic Beam SunBlast review: as seen on TV SUNBLAST solar light

  1. It looks cool on the door!
    (PS. thanks to stopped my mine then it reminds me to catch your videos up, Jeff. I have been working whole day whole night for a week…i missed a lot)

  2. How would you compare the light on high vs lower setting outside? Thanks for the review!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t revived it. Now that I know it works. I’ll get one for my garage.

  4. Thank you !!! Does anyone know a cheap outdoor video camera with a monitor I can get for cheap .??? PS i know it wont be as cheap as an on seen on TV but wanna get as inexpensive as I can …. Thank You & Have Great Night!!!

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