💡LED Light – Never Use Corn Light Bulbs 🙄

Hi, I’m Dan Lauritzen from Polaris Light. Today what I want to talk to you
about is Corn Light LEDs. These fittings are really really
damaging the reputation of the LED light industry. I want to try to explain the logic behind why this is such a poor solution. So basically, this is the
product that I’m talking about, it’s called Corn Lights. And a lot of people are selling
these as a great solution to replace metal halide fittings. Now basically, what you do is you screw them into to your normal
metal halide high base and it looks like such an easy solution because it takes zero capabilities to install one of these, you can do
it yourself. However the logics of this fittings is that it’s giving you even worse lifetime, and it’s going to give you even
worse lumen output. Now the logic of this is,
if you screw this up into a high and existing high bay fitting. Basically you’re going to lose all of the lights coming out from
the side of this fitting. Now that’s 80 percent of the LEDs that are pointing
in the wrong direction. Basically these 25 LEDs are the only ones pointing in the right direction
towards the floor. Now imagine that you are taking out of 400 Watts
metal halide and you’re reducing the energy
consumption by 65 percent by using one of these, now that’s great. The problem here is that you’ve only got like 20 percent of the LEDs
pointed towards floor. So what we usually see is that
you’ve got locks levels actually going from 120 locks down to 60 locks. Now 60 locks is really poor from a health and safety point of view and that’s not what we’re all about. Now the other way that you can
install this is by installing it into what we call a shoe box fitting. Basically it points the cone light
in this direction you screw it in. Now again the logic goes against you. The 25 LEDs are pointing in this direction which is not going to help anybody. The other half of the lights are actually pointing upwards towards the ceiling. Now basically in this way again you’re down to 40 percent of the LEDs pointing in the direction towards the floor
where you need it. So again we’re seeing when
they are installed in this direction that you are only getting about 40% of the output that you need and you’re taking the locks levels
from your metal halides from 120 locks to somewhere about 80 lucks. Now that’s really really poor. Now our high bay fittings the cost is about 25 percent more than these cone fittings. But first of all, you are going to
tripple your light levels. You’re going to go from 120 up to 300 or 400 Locks with the same amount of energy use. The other thing is that our light fittings will last you between five and eight years. Now screwing this putting this into an old style fitting, usually you will have a lifetime of two or three years and then you’ll be all at it again so you’ll have lower light levels and they will last a lot less. For 25 percent more you can get a brand new fitted that’s
going to last between five and eight years. For me that’s a no brainer and that’s why we are warning
against using these cone fittings at all. Please stay away from them. Thanks so much guys.

13 thoughts on “💡LED Light – Never Use Corn Light Bulbs 🙄

  1. Why the short life expectancy ? LED bulbs last the longest and run the coolest…Are you sure about your stats ?

  2. The flaw in your logic is that the original light bulbs , Albeit MH or HPS ot LPS or even the old standard Mercury Vapor bulbs also had at least 50% of the light going in a direction that it was not needed . All of this said comes back to the quality of the fixture its self . The important thing is the reflectors. This is what directs the "SPILL LIGHT" back to a usable direction . . Better yet is a light fixture that has a true Mirror reflector . All of this said , A LED light where all of the emitters are exactly directed the way you would like them is in truth impractical to have for all applications but Yes it is the most effective way to get every possible lumen out of a light source. With the multitude of applications out there one must make informed choices.

  3. Are those CFL tubes in the ceiling of that warehouse? Round CFL tubes, not 'directional'?

  4. the LEDs pointing in the wrong direction theory does not make sense. A MH lamp does the same thing. There are NO reflectors on the MH lam[p itself to point the light in a downward direction. Most high bay lights have a giant reflector on them to point the light downward.

  5. The corn light should work in high bay enclosure as its in a reflective enclosure and thus directs the light downwards, high bay light fitting has to have some of the guts removed as not needed to run LED lights, right?

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