? SOLAR LIGHTS Security White & Color Changing (NEW 2018) Motion Sensor REVIEW ?

okay now it’s really dark out here the
lights are both in color-changing mode so watch what happens when I approach all right the bright white light came on
changed from color-changing to white light and that cool those lips you just saw
are the new motion sensing lights that we just got from Seekone they’re dual
headed wide-angle and they have the option of a color changing and we got
some thunder going on outside right now so you may hear that in the back stay
tuned and we’ll tell you more about the lights and we’re going to show you more
of them in action so these sequin lights are both
waterproof in motions of big lights as you could tell here here are the motion
sensor yes and the solar panel it’s right there in the top they have it I
want 180 degree wide angle there five modes for security why you can really
hear the thunder out there it’s not even a dark and stormy night it’s just a late
afternoon in June they have seven color changing loads so we’ll tell you a
little bit more about these lights and then we’re going to show you some more
out to her footage at night ok so they come with hardware to install them
screws in halal online cards now what we did we’ve had these out and then brought
this back in for the video what do we do you Lillian you put them up what would
you do just swipe it on nail in the back I nailed some nails into the fence and I
made sure that they were the right width so that I could just slide it on ya
worry about it not have to to even bother with the screws I guess they feel
more secure with the screws but then just slipping a nail into the in our
case the fence so where you’re going to install this works so I’ll tell you a
little bit more about the specs it’s ip65 waterproof which is a high
where perforating can withstand heavy rain and other extreme weather
conditions this is a great security light outdoors it’s actually good for a
security or beverage decoration don’t you think yeah definitely especially
since it has the color-changing mode that kind of makes it fun so what I can
let’s take a better look at the unit and then I’ll Jen the lights here and see if
we can show the functions so I love the look of this kind of reminds me of a UFO
it reminds me of a bug especially when a lights up difficulty animate it’s it’s a
fun design so why don’t you show some of the buttons so there are two buttons on
the front you have the on and auto button all of the instructions on how to
change the different settings are in the instruction manual manual that comes
with the light itself it will help guide you through whether you want the motion
sensing with light or you want just all the colors to be on there’s also the
main on and off switch on the back make sure you turn that on
before you try fiddling with this because it took me a second to realize
oh yeah there’s a button on the back well there we go okay so I’ve lowered
the lights there’s still some light in the room here but it’s quite a bit
darker so what’s what mode you have that oh now I believe I have it on the
standard color changing mode I’m gonna see if I can get to show you the regular
bright light I’ll read what it says and the instructions for the lighting modes
there you go that is your standard security light okay press first so the
first press is motion sensing and called that’s against what you just said yes
Auto on with high brightness keep cycling Jim all together the lights if
there is no motion the second press motion sensing and white mode Auto Bahn
with high brightness and it keeps Jim white right if there’s no motion the
third press is motion sensing and off mode so it’s Auto on with high
brightness and then it’ll shut off if there’s no motion or 30 seconds you this
since this is solar-powered I guess your brightness is gonna vary depending on
the time of year when the location we the first day that we put it up and even
put it up in the afternoon and it was still lighting at night the first day so
it didn’t take a full day so this is the new 2018 look for this light and if
rides up to eight to ten hours of continuous lighting we had two of these
sequin dual headed solar motion lights installed on either side of the gate
defense going to my backyard they’ve been up for close to a week now and
they’re working out well so as soon as as soon as it gets dark I’ll be able to
get some video and give you an idea of what they look like well it’s not quite dark yet but it’s
Twilight it’s getting dark and the lights just came on they are in the
color changing mode very cool effect so they’re in the low light mode watch
what happens when I approach my lab right light great security
feature okay both of these are in the low light mode again lots of life very cool and very bright so these are
the Seekone solar power dual headed motion detection lights thanks for
watching and be sure to check the description section below

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  1. Garbage. Water leaked and shorted lights. Not waterproof as described. China Crap!

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