💥SANSI LED CERAMIC LIGHT BULBS 🌞150 Watt Equivalent Product Review 👈

hey guys I have a new light bulb or
light bulbs from Sansi they are 18 watt LED bulbs the equivalent to 150 watt
bulbs they come in a pack of four and I have one in here in this lamp so here’s
the box it came in and it comes with a pack of four like I already said I will open it up
here’s some lighting fact in the product the brightness is 2,000 lumens and it
costs only two dollars and seventeen cents a year to liight this bulb every day
for three hours the life of the bulb is a 22.8 years
that is a very long time for a bulb to last one thing that makes these bulbs
special is that they are ceramic with a hollowed out design so as I said earlier I
had already put one of these in a lamp and as you can tell it is very bright
more than your standard bulb many bulbs are made out of metal and
plastic and this ceramic bulb lasts longer
so here is how bright it is…as as you can tell it is very bright the quality of the
light is very good…it has great light distribution these bulbs are about 5000
Kelvin which is a nice daylight light bulb obviously this is a very distinctive
looking design of the hollowed-out ceramic design makes this bulb more
durable and long-lasting and has great heat dissipation to recap this is the 18
watt 150 watt equivalent ceramic LED bulb from Sansi – it is energy
efficient it has very long life and has a great bright clear light quality
check out the product description and link below thanks for watching Oh

4 thoughts on “💥SANSI LED CERAMIC LIGHT BULBS 🌞150 Watt Equivalent Product Review 👈

  1. good
    subsecreb may Ch

  2. Not a bad video but maybe for future reference do as little more research because most bulbs are made out of glass and metal and Kelvin is a unit of measure for temperature

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