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hi everybody and welcome back to 3tailsrv.com in this installment we’re going to show you a cheap and easy DIY
project to cover the Awning of your RV’s this project will take you less then
two hours and cost less than $20 to complete it will protect your RV
awning from harmful effects of water, UV dirt, debris, bugs for many years Creating the Awning Protector The first step is to measure
the length of the awning and write it down Now it’s time to assemble the
2 pieces of pipe then we can take the measurements and transcribed on to the pipe marking allocations for the cuts are you locate the mark on the pipe and
cut the pipe. We used a chop saw you can use a hacksaw or a jig saw. After all cuts have been made we used a peace 80 grit sandpaper to remove any and all sharp
edges or burs along the inside of the tube. For the next step we used the factory line on the top and
placed tape along the pipe then ran the tape the tape lentgh of the pipe and press the tape down and into place Next we used our circular saw or you can use a gig saw and cut along the pipe along the tape edge take your time and go slow we recommend using safety glasses as plastic sharks can be dangerous
projectile once the cut has been made completely remove the tape. I found it easier to pull part along the edge where we had just cut. The plastic coragate has plenty played and will retain its shape. then just push and press the tubing over the awning and simple and effective DIY project for your RV Until next time where ever the road takes you Live simple Live Free and Enjoy the Ride

12 thoughts on “🔴 How we made an RV Awning Protector for Under $20 | RV Living

  1. This is awesome…………..thanks for sharing, from the looks of it do you think that the more flexible piping like you use for dryers would also work? I think I would like to do this but not sure of the flexibility of the pipe you used. I am a girl (Cyndi) and my strength might not be as good as yours. LOL

  2. sooooooooooooo, to use the awning, one must go up and take the tubing off?

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  4. I've been watching a lot of You Tube the past year and I just found your channel. I was immediately struck by how concise, informative, and well edited this video was. The music was awesome and the music voice over mix was perfect. I could go on, but suffice to say; a job very well done. Oh yeah, the content was good too. I've subbed and will be checking out the rest of your library. Cheers from beautiful B.C.

  5. Excellent idea!! One additional step might be to sand both edges of the long cut as well to remove any burrs that might damage the awning fabric. But what an awesome and inexpensive idea for a DIY awning cover!

  6. I actually have a question. How wide does the cut need to be to be able to fit over the awning ? do i make one cut along the pipe or two cuts?

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