?️ water in footwell: ? Renault Scenic 2 how to clean drain

Recently I found a lot of water in a flootwell under the driver’s seat this happened after a long rain I learned that water gets to the salon due to clogged drain in this video I show you how to clean the drains to further water dripped to the ground and not in the salon also at the end of the video see the effects of long term stagnation of water. Hook and pull the plug remove the protection wheel remove the Drain valve Remove the sealing gum Remove the four screws and remove the panel unscrew and remove the wiper Unscrew and remove the second panel The left and right can be seen the drainage holes clean out a niche and drainage from dirt and dust If you see water in a footwell of driver it is an urgent need to Dry I recommend remove drain valve. I took action too late You can see that the water ruined electrical wiring Windows started to not work properly and on display you can see message handbrake error

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  1. great video, thanks for sharing

    @2:40 where on the vehicle is that corroded connector? bottom pillar?

  2. Hi again. So I have one more (hopefully last!) question.

    I'm splicing the wires together, one by one, like you said. But I've noticed that on the connector block there are some wires that don't have a mating wire on the other side.

    For example, wires 50, 51 and 52 are all double wires. They all come 'in' to the connector but they don't have a wire coming 'out' the other side of the connector.

    My question is: what should I do with these wires?

    I hope this makes sense. I hope I've managed to explain it clearly enough.

    Thanks again.

  3. I took action too late, now my car is not starting and the machenic guys said, i need to pay 1000euros to change all the connection is that right

  4. Hi all.. this is what I am having.. the Windows are going down, the car ain't starting on the first click of the button and the parking brake fault has come up. how do you get to that box? I have no idea where it is.. I have tried moving the chairs forward and back but nothing obvious where i can find this box.. please help! or if you have a video it would be brilliant.. thanks

  5. sorry not sure.. I have a UK version so right hand drive.. so is it under the drawer of the driver away and need to take the drawer out ? do you have image of where it is ? Or a video? thanks soo much

  6. Anyone any idea what type of clips are used to hold the wheel arch? Seen at 0:38. I want to order a set so I can do what the video shows. Those plugs break when you pull them out so I need new ones, but I can't seem to find which of the two types it is: 7703077435 or 7703077225. The last one is somewhat thinner than the first one (10mm vs 16mm?) But both pop up when searching or shopping for "renault wheel arch clips". Very annoying. Any help is welcome.

  7. Hi, I have similar situation-how did you dry your car? I have some amount of water giggling under floor(driver seat)-in service they don't have an idea-how to dry it(((

  8. Hi, I have similar situation-how did you dry your car? I have some amount of water giggling under floor(driver seat)-in service they don't have an idea-how to dry it(((

  9. OK you left to long to do it but at least you got on to doing it ,Renaults are designed with these faults built in to generate millions in dealer profits ,I got a modus and it has basicly the Same set up , I cut the flaps of mine so the water can just run out , a tip here here is when you have cleaned it all up go to tool station and buy either a spray can of silicone or wax I bought both I use the wax for the bulkhead and fixtures and fittings under the car door shuts /tail gate don't forget to wipe off any excess, and I use the silicone for all of the electrical connectors and fusebox/relay /door rubbers ect , when you got a renault you need all the help you can get !

  10. thank you very much while it rain I found water and I don't know where it came from now I can fix it thank you

  11. was having a problem with wiper blades (bearing shot) Garage Had tried to bend wiper arms towards screen and came across this video was also having this problem after a large rain fall in the uk, next job for the weekend and i am not mechanic. Thanks

  12. This is a brilliant video, and I managed to get at the drain valve at the bottom of the car only. I managed to unblock it which is great and water is coming through the scuttle panel now. The problem is I still have water in the Footwells how do I get rid of the water in the footwell?

  13. I had ALL the symptoms of this video when my handbrake stuck on. A.A loosened it and I got to a garage. That was 2 weeks ago. Fixed now .,… £400!! BE WARNED.

  14. Fuck Renaults.. I have a laguna.. stood stationary for a week.. have waterin the footwells of both driver and rear passenger side. NEVER NEVER buy a Renault.. No other car ever did this.. 160,000 views on this video says something about Renaults

  15. This happened on my modus that I have fixed. Here's a tip,if you want to get rid of the water in the storage box…. Slice the carpet on 3 slides to create a flap, now you will see sponge, cut it out, at the bottom u will now see a plastic plug which you can squeeze and push through from below to allow the water to drain. I put a small dot of silicone on this and allowed it to set then set it back in and the gap allows remaining water to drain over the coming weeks after which IL pick of silicone and replace the plug

  16. I own a Renault Grand Scenic 2005 and what a piece of rubbish.

    I find that if you remove the top cowl as the gentleman in the excellent video did (16mm wipers nuts,
    just couldn’t make it 17mm, could they?) and then push a piece of 3-core electrical wire right down the drain tube, it unblocks easily. No need to trouble wheel arches.

    You will be doing this a lot if you park under trees. On the upside, all that damp should prevent the heater motor blower fan resistor causing a fire as they have been known to.

    Remember kids, “Learn mechanics…..drive a Renault Scenic”.

  17. English subtitle inside 🙂 Help viewers from other countries translate the subtitles: Press "3 dots" near the video, choice "Add translation", than choice language. Thank you!

  18. Thank you, i solve the problem, next time i just put water pipe direct in the rubber drain. Water pressure it will blow off the drain. So painful is remove plastic above the wheels

  19. Fucking French wankers.All they're good for is making cheese and giving in to Nazi aggression.

  20. *Been told that Renault engine was way better than before, now reliable. I bought a scenic 3 2015. But had this silly issue, water in the floor … Ruined my connectors (under driver seat).
    Completely my fault, I did not read the scenic manual, I probably missed that I mustn't park my car under trees, drive while raining etc …. Last Renault !*

  21. Hello, so what exactly was the solution here? Removing the valve piece from behind the wheelarch or removingbthe whole drain tubing?

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