016. Williams Dam & Covered Bridge – Lawrence County, Indiana

In this episode of Lotus Petal Adventures,
We headed to Williams, Indiana Home of the Williams Dam & Covered Bridge. Construction began on the original structure
in 1910 built as a hydroelectric damn
to power the surrounding areas, despit great efford, numberous log damage
and set backs, and even worker drowning in 1912,
the dam was finally completed and began operation in 1913, Unfortuantely, the same year as the ‘Great
Flood of 1913′ that left over a quarter million homeless,
and hundreds of others lost their lives. The dam went on to generate power for about
four decades before being decomisioned in the 1950s. Located in the unincorporated town of Williams
established in 1876, Spice Valley Township,
Lawrence County, Indiana. and situated on the East Fork of the White
River. After exploring the historic structures,
we launched the rigid inflatable boat t/t Naia,
just below the 17’ falls, and headed south on the River toward the Williams
Covered Brige. Williams Covered Bridge is Indiana’s longest
double span bridge, at a total length of 402 feet,
including a 13 foot overhand, and stands over 19 feet tall. It was build by Joseph Daniels, in 1884
and named after the nearby town honoring settler Issac Williams. Residents needed a way to transport their
horses, buggiest and wagons across the White River. It features a rare Howe truss. Many other bridges in the state utilize different
types of designs. The bridge was so strong that it was able
to hold motor vehicle traffic all the way until 2010,
when it was significantly refurbished. Today the bridge is only open to foot and
bicycle traffic, and was placed on the National Register of
Historic Places in 1981. Once underway, we enjoyed a 6.5 mile cruise
along the White River, with is beautiful nature views and solitude
before we turned back toward the dam.

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