1 Corinthians 15:34-43 (How Are the Dead Raised Up?)

I don’t know it might be started but oh
there it goes Thursday it seems to take longer to get going yes the Wednesday
night sure 81 cop bend open my soul faints with longing for your salvation
my eyes fail looking for your promise I say when will you comfort me now I am
like a wineskin in the smoke I do not forget your decree how long was your
servant waiting when will your when will you punish my persecutors
if you arrogant dig pitfalls for me contrary to your log all your commands
are trustworthy company for men persecute me without cause they also
they almost wiped me from your current but I have not forsaken your precepts
preserve my life according to your love and I will obey the statutes your mouth
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let’s see here we’re in now 1 Corinthians 15 verse 34 right now
so whether me no I enough prayer requests where we put us a little behind
yourself 29 it is why are people baptizing it is for us why do we
endanger ourselves every hour I say I die every day I mean that brother
justice surely is a glory over you in Christ Jesus our Lord if I fought wild
beasts in Ephesus for merely human reasons why what have I gained and if
the dead are not raised let us eat and drink tomorrow we die do not be misled
bad company corrupts good character 34 come back to your senses as you want
stop sinning for there are some more ignorant Oh God
I see this your shame okay little different with the New King James it
says awake to righteousness and do not send for some do not have the knowledge
of God I speak this to your shame okay so we got before we actually start
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Halloween and so I thought if anybody comes by here and goes trick-or-treating
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door and give them the Bible how’s that okay yeah Reformation day we’ll get them
reformed what’s that lets a treat yes but we got trick him first
so okay 15 34 let’s see here what am i notes say on that Paul now sums up the
entire passage of 1 Corinthians 15 thus far after this he will head into a
slight the different direction while still
speaking of the resurrection but here after concluding his defense of the
resurrection he provides a stinging rebuke intended to keep the Corinthians
and thus us because this is an epistle in God’s Word it applies to us now from
heading down the path of doubt or heresy again in doing so he begins with awake
the Greek word is technical it is used only this once in the New Testament and
it can be rightly translated as sober up it indicates awakening as if from a
drunken stupor when someone is tired they may be naive about a matter but
still be able to think clearly however when in a drunken stupor right
thinking is impossible he had given all of the evidences and defenses necessary
concerning the resurrection this is the point of this chapter of 1 Corinthians
15 he’s going to speak about it right till the end now they need to soberly
process what he has said he continues on with to righteousness this is an adverb
and so the thought is more appropriately appropriately rendered sober up
righteously he’s asking them to come to a sound state of doctrine and to live by
it in order to do so he further enforced them by saying and do not sin you know I
told you a week or so ago I had somebody email me and say well if salvation is
eternal no we can do whatever we want and we’ll still go to heaven and I said
that may be the case but that doesn’t jive with what the Bible says we’re not
only saved for eternity we are soothed with the spirit as a
guarantee and if it’s not forever then it wasn’t a very good guarantee it’s
also not reflective of the God of the Bible but secondly it is completely
contrary to our salvation to what to continue to live in sin we’re to be
saved out of that life but whatever people can believe whatever they want on
that particular issue but he’s asking them to have this sound state of
doctrine and to live by it and to not sin the implication here is which should
be taken as an axiom is that bad doctrine is said
we’ve got to think that one through there if your doctrine is not proper if
it is unsound it is sin especially if you’re teaching it to somebody else when
what is presented with proper doctrine and they either reject it or are
unwilling to take the time to understand it they err nobody will be able to say I
just didn’t have time to learn the truth man finds time for every unnecessary
thing on this planet but fails to make time for knowing fellowshipping with and
being obedient to his creator and this is sin anybody that says I don’t have
time I just don’t have time you know they do they’ve got a job that they work
the same as anybody else and then they go home and they probably watch four or
five six hours of TV a day some people they go to sports games they do this
they do that nothing wrong with enjoying yourself in life absolutely nothing
wrong with it but if you have time to do those things and you don’t have time to
read your Bible thirty minutes in the morning a few minutes at night before
you go to bed and to go to a Bible study or attend one on line you’ve got a
problem there that’s a real problem and you’re the one that will be accountable
for your doctrine when you stand before the Lord now obviously you’re learning
from somebody whoever you’re learning from they are the ones that are
responsible for teaching you your doctrine but you are still responsible
for taking it end and if you haven’t read the Bible you have no idea what
somebody is teaching whether it’s true or not you can only assume that what
they’re teaching is correct but there are great teachers all over this country
you’ll hear them on moody radio if you’re driving down the road and two of
the finest teachers you’ve ever heard will say completely the opposite thing
on a point of doctrine now there’s only a couple possibilities there when it’s
right and one is wrong or they’re both wrong but they both cannot be right this
happens all the time it happens in Christian counseling somebody will say
you need to do this and the other one will say you don’t shouldn’t do that at
all yes 33 pretty picture absolutely keep filled with the spirit
100% he’s absolutely right about that you know in the way that you were filled
with the spirit we said this 10 million times in the Greek when Paul says be
filled with the spirit it is passive in the Greek it’s not an active verb
passive verb every time he writes it is passive so that means that you have to
do something and then it will happen you if you think of that sprinkling of the
red heifer the people walked up to be sprinkled but they didn’t do the
sprinkling on themselves they passively stood there while somebody else
sprinkled them and when you are being filled with the spirit you’re either
praying or you’re fellowshipping with other Christians or you’re reading the
Bible you’re doing something that allows the spirit to fill you you were never
actively filled with the spirit you don’t do something and he actively fills
you it is you do something and he passively fills you that is the ceiling
and or the filling of the Spirit we need to remember that’s an important point is
that you have to be doing something in obedience to the Lord or in fellowship
with others in order to be filled with the spirit so blame buttons absolutely what we were talking about earlier you
can lose you will loose or alerts and you will lose your joy one thing you
want to know is that they can’t hear you when you’re speaking so speak up really
loud okay because it’s yeah the so to confirm that do not sin is tight the
proper doctrine he next says for some do not have the knowledge of God in
particular he is speaking about those in verse 12 there he said that some some
among you say that there is no resurrection of the Dead as the
resurrection is one of the principle doctrines of the faith to believe such
rubbish or to teach it is sin people come along all the time making unfounded
statements about Christianity either purposefully or out of incompetence and
to listen to such people can only lead down heresy hi
and then on to apostasy Avenue and to be caught up in their lives shows a true
dullness of the mind in order for them to realize since he says I speak this to
your shame he’s being very firm here he’s not just mincing words and he’s not
being he’s speaking directly to these people he is speaking to the entire
church at Corinth but also to each individual and because his words are
recorded in the Bible he is speaking to all churches and all individuals
throughout the church age this dispensation of grace we have
responsibilities and Paul is not holding back on it he’s telling us directly who
are all individually responsible for our doctrine it is true the teachers are
Marcille which is recorded in James 3 verse 1 brothers not many of you should
purpose to be teachers knowing that you will receive teachers will receive the
strict stricter judgment but everyone should at
least know the basics of the faith when a cult comes knocking at the door there
should be enough knowledge of Scripture to tell them to beat it and to stop
teaching falsities and you don’t want to get into debate with these people and
you don’t want to greet them because it says he who greets them shares in his
wicked work unless you’re trained in doctrine you shouldn’t even be talking
to people that come knocking on your door that are bringing heresy with you
because you will find yourself believing them when they’re teaching something
which is completely false but once again you would never know that unless you’ve
read your Bible and you’ve studied it and you’re at least aware of the basic
tenets that are in Scripture hello miss Garrett how are you tonight life
application what is most what is of most value to you in this life everything we
possess and everything we do is temporary and it will eventually
disappear into obscurity except our relationship with the Lord
and the only way to properly understand this relationship is through knowing
Scripture if you are reading it and studying it constantly you are showing
great disrespect to the Lord who gave it to you I mean took 1,600 years of human
history to get this word compiled for us and to get it put into an order into a
structure that we can read it we can understand the dispensations of time we
can understand what his intent was before the law
why he gave us the law why he gave all the records of the people that failed
and succeeded and excelled in the times of law why Christ came at the certain
time he came and why are we in this dispensation right now all of these
things we should have at least a little bit of an idea over because we’ve read
the Bible and we have at least a knowledge where those things are and how
the structure is and then the rest of our life we should be trying to figure
out in understanding why God gave us this in the way he has given it to us so
there you go ok 35c this is uh one of the most common questions that you’ll
get with people and I mean anybody anybody that doesn’t have this question
is probably not really curious soul what kind of body are we gonna have how are
the dead raised I mean Paul’s gonna go into detail on it
thus far Paul is spoken about the fact that the resurrection of the Dead is
what’s been occurring it is occurred in Christ and so there is a precedent for
it if there is a precedent that logically it follows that the
resurrection is a natural outcome of being in Christ for the believer Christ
came out of the grave you’re in Christ you’re not being imputed sin the law is
dead to you and you’re dead to the law and therefore you must come out of the
grave that’s as logical as it could be Peter said and that’s – that it was
impossible for death to hold him it’s because he was without sin when you were
in Christ you are without sin you were covered by Christ’s righteousness and
God is not counting men’s sins against them 2 Corinthians 5:19 so we’ve got
that precedent and now that he has fully established this truth which he’s been
talking about for the past many verses he poses questions which had certainly
been asked of him from this II will provide answers sufficient for our
present state and our future hope as the fact of the resurrection is established
the introduction of the questions moves to the manner and form of it concerning
manner the question is how are the dead raised up
they’re almost an infinite number of things that could go through the mind
concerning this how could the dead be reanimated I mean
how is that possible what about someone who got eaten by sharks alligators or
worms I mean really people ask these things you know some people say that if
you are cremated you can’t be saved Church of Christ doctrine there okay
that’s it recorded anywhere in scripture absolutely not and some people are
incinerated people were incinerated when the bomb went off in Hiroshima right oh
yeah you get in the fire okay people have these questions what is
it that happens to a body when certain things happen to it how could a dead
person dissolved in a nuclear blast be regathered together and come alive again
what about those who died 2,000 years ago how can a person be restructured
after such a long time questions like this address manner in the process of
the resurrection next concerning form the question might be with what body do
they come with the resurrected feel pain like we feel now will we be able to fly
what we’d be able to see 3d well we need food to eat will we need to sleep so
that we can rest do we need exercise to stay fit what
about a child that dies will he resurrect as a child well an old person
remain old will we know one another will we have the same affections likes and
dislikes that we have right now on and on we could posit questions concerning
the form of the resurrection this is especially the case because Paul uses
the term come rather than return if the manner questions are logically
considered and answered for example cannibals cannibals who once a Christian
missionaries and later came to Christ themselves the form questions
necessitate coming rather than returning in this we can know that the body of the
resurrection is the same in individuality but not necessarily in
makeup Paul will give explanations of this as he continues life application
God has it all figured out if he promises a resurrection for those who
are in Christ it will come about just as he promised and it will be glorious I
like to go back and from time to time remind you of the naming of Cain and
Abel when Eve named her son Cain it was
because she was excited she thought that this was the redeemer I have acquired
Canaan a man with the Lord she thought he was the Redeemer he was
going to get her back into paradise that’s you could see the excitement in
it she’s done something she’s earned her way back into heaven she’s participated
in her salvation I have acquired a man with the Lord and then came Abel and
what did she name him Capel breath breath that you can see on a cold day
that just disappears and she realized he wasn’t the Redeemer and I’m stuck having
more children and this is going to go on for I don’t know how long in this body
that has pain that has sorrow that has misery and woe and to this day we’re
still in those bodies and we’re still inheriting the same sin all the way down
through time but we can see when what’s-his-name Solomon said vanity
vanity all is vanity he was using the same word that she gave to her son avail
heavenly vanity of vanities it’s just breath going out everything is
vanity and we can see that this is what’s going on in human history and
people have questions what’s going to be like when we are resurrected how is it
going to be what’s my form and manner gonna be like that’s what Paul wants to
tell us but we have to think about where we are and where we came from in order
to understand the glory of what lies ahead because what she left was glorious
what Adam left was glorious and that was probably all they could think about for
the rest of their lives is what they had and what they no longer had and how long
it would be until they got it back he believed he believed that it would
happen the Lord gave them the covering the picture of being covered in Christ
but they still waited until the day they died 930 years later for Adam but it’s
coming and when they go rise again some day with us we’re gonna say how
marvelous this is and Adam and Eve are gonna say how marvelous it was we’re so
glad to be back here just think of it anyway there you go 1536 so how foolish
what you sow does not come to life unless it done
there you go Paul’s words here are in response to the questions posited in the
previous verse concerning the how in the what of the resurrection his answer is
directed to those who would submit such questions in an attempt to trip up
another not specifically to someone who is merely curious about the matter in
other words a person who asked those questions in a dismissive manner
attempting this showed the illogical nature of a literal resurrection is who
Paul is responding to that would be the jobs witnesses who say the Christ rose a
mighty spirit being that’s what they say he didn’t raise physical when it’s as
clear in the text as it could be look at my hands look at my feet a spirit
doesn’t have bone and flesh as you see I do and he ate with him and he did all
these things with them here a he ascended literally in bodily hello miss
Garrett how are you and so uh anyway forgot what I was saying when my mom
walked in but now anyway his answer begins with a mild rebuke he says
foolish one it is equivalent to saying Oh unreasonable and the choice of words
is supported by his continued comment what you sow is not made alive unless it
dies it sounds like what Jesus said when the Greeks came up and asked him a
question remember that and he’s okay there you go the word u is emphatic what
this means is that anyone who has ever planted a seed or even anyone who hasn’t
but still understands what occurs when a seed is planted should be able to
understand that it is a comparable analogy to the resurrection itself it is
seen daily and it is understood clearly as pretty much everyone knows what
happens to a seed in this situation then the you this emphatic you is to be
understood as all people including the deniers of the Resurrection a seed
remains a seed until it is used for some other purpose if it’s eaten that’s no
longer a seed but it becomes a source of nutrition for the one who ate it but if
the seed is stored even for thousands of years it remains a seed remember the
Methuselah poem over in Israel they found those date palm seeds there were
over two thousand years old and what did they do they planted them
some of them germinated now we have to day and date-palms growing in the Judean
Desert and that just within the past couple of weeks what was it a month ago
now they found out that they have males to go with the female that germinated
first and so very soon we are going to have real to day and date pumps for the
first time since the Lord walked on the earth that’s pretty amazing but that’s
what a seed is the seed remains the seed until something happens to it
seeds have been found in Israel here it is China and elsewhere that go back eons
when planted they do what seeds are intended to do first they break down
pull notes that it dies and then they come back up in a completely different
state the body of the seed as a whole dies it decays in order to become a
source for food for the germ if you’ve ever seen a mango come over to my house
after the mango season and we got mangoes all over the place that the
squirrels have gone and buried a little bit and what happens the mango itself
becomes a part of providing nutrition for the seed on the inside and it lives
off of that mango as the seed starts growing and it grows down and it’s using
all of the fruit around it as its nutrition until it comes out as a tree
and so we have little mango trees every year popping up all over the place okay
the body of the seed as a whole dies it decays in order to become a source of
food for the germ in this new life occurs pause using this analogy not
because it is an exact representation of what occurs in a believer but because it
demonstrates that even in nature there’s a comparable occurrence to what is
taught concerning the resurrection Jesus uses the same terminology as I said in
John chapter 12 where he says John chapter 12 and verse 24 most assuredly I
say to you unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies it remains
alone but if it dies it produces much grain life application here we can
transfer all of the data on an old vinyl disc to a magnetic tape to a CD or even
to a computer’s hard drive the same music is retained even though it’s in a
different format if we can do this with tinker toys
much more can God ensure that all of what comprises us will be retained and
restored as well have no fear that God has it all under control
they’ve just what was it about a month ago maybe it was less three weeks Google
got its quantum computer to do something it did something that would have taken
ten thousand years with the greatest supercomputers on this planet and it did
it in 100 seconds 10,000 years with the largest supercomputer on this planet in
100 seconds and that is a tinkertoy we think we’re seeing the mind of God with
stuff like that we’re not we’re seeing Tinkertoy stuff if we can develop that
it is so far below God that it means absolutely nothing every bit of
information of who you are is stored by God every bit of it
then as he noted a minute ago it’s all gonna be presented before the Lord if
you’re in Christ and it’s either going to be you’re getting the rewards for it
or you’re going to have loss because of it but everything that we are will be
presented to him what what have we done with our lives to bring him glory it’s
our choice we got the choice now live for God verse 37 when you see Paul
continues with his remarks concerning the resurrection body using the analogy
of grains in order to show the marvelous nature of what’s going to occur in this
he begins with and what you sow earlier in chapter 3 he noted the process of
planting and watering in regards to the Gospel message he now returns to that
analogy once again with the sowing of grain even though he was a Pharisee a
tent maker in an apostle he had a sound knowledge of the process in planting a
garden or a crop you will choose a certain type of seed to sow in hopes of
a future harvest but when you plant seed you aren’t sowing that body that shall
be instead all you’re doing is putting seeds in the ground mere grain perhaps
wheat or some other grain as Paul says one can discern between different types
of grain but it doesn’t mean that the grain itself will look like what the
seed produces what goes into the ground maybe small
brownish heart and somewhat round but from it will come something soft green
tall and which produces leaves flowers and new grains a completely different
body comes out of the ground than what went into the ground and yet the
original identity of the seed is completely preserved this goes all the
way back to the very first page of the Bible in the first chapter it says this
people asked did the chicken or the egg come first well the answer is found
right here with what he says in what Genesis 1 verse 11 then God said let the
earth bring forth grass the herb the ield seed and the fruit that yields the
fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind whose seed is in itself on
the earth and it was so in the earth brought forth grass the herb that yields
seed according to its kind and the tree that yields fruit whose seed is in
itself according to its kind and God saw that it was good he made the tree he
made the fruit on the tree the tree had the seed and everything was ready when
he prepared it everything was ready I’m sorry the bible does not give us an out
for evolution if you want to believe in evolution that’s your choice but the
bible does not give that isn’t out it doesn’t even give us an out for long
term creation the bible says a guy created in six days and we can know that
those are six literal days from several different ways that we’ve talked about
in the past there’s six literal days alright believe whatever you want with
that particular issue I was raised here in Sarasota and I went to Philippi
Shores elementary school and then I went to Philippi Shores I’m sorry a Brookside
junior high school and I went to Riverview high school and they taught
evolution and that’s what I believed I believed that for years and years and
years and I came to the Bible I said well this is just kind of a myth enough
whatever and it didn’t take long for me to realize that this book is not a myth
and that what it proclaims is a word of God and what it proclaims is true so
there you go anyway he created the chicken with the egg inside the egg
didn’t come first and the chicken didn’t come first and the tree came with the
fruit and the seed in it God ordained that things would produce after their
own kind despite the seeds being
completely different in appearance the identity is not lost in dissolution it
is retained and yet it bears a marvelous new look such will be the case at the
resurrection I planted let’s see in the past couple weeks I planted some
different types of grasses and we fed some more coconuts fall and I got some
coconuts coming up and I planted some jackfruit a few months ago and I’ve got
jackfruit little jackfruit trees popping up all over we it was only just a couple
months ago I planted a little black seed in these things on papaya thousand
little black seeds in there I planted them in the ground I’ve got one that’s
over ten feet tall now and it’s got papaya is this big and it’s only a
couple months old you know don’t get really big eventually but yeah when did
I plant that four months ago yeah probably four months ago and the
things giant its whopping it’s as happy as it can be but it doesn’t look
anything like that little black seed that I put in the ground then look
anything like it okay there you go so this is what the Bible is teaching us
that something goes into the ground in one form and it comes out another a
jackfruit tastes the only way I can explain is it tastes like bubblegum it’s
really really good a jackfruit when I lived in Malaysia they they would have
fruit that were so big the tree couldn’t hold it so what it would do instead of
coming out on the branches which it would have them on the branches as well
but it would have ones that were so big it knew it was going to produce a big
one it would come out at the base of the tree right out the base of the tree
itself and it would lay there on the ground like a big walrus or something
and it would get bigger and bigger and bigger and big what’s that yeah well no
they’re they’re not pumpkins these are much better yeah but that’s that’s a
buying that grows this isn’t actually a tree where it just pops out at the side
of the Train just lays her like a big pimple and so it gets bigger and bigger
and when you cut it open it’s got these little things in there they’re like it
looks like little I don’t know they’re about this big yeah and yeah you just
pull them out and it tastes like if you want to taste jackfruit and it’s really
good and you’ll like it don’t get me wrong but it’s not as good
as fresh it’s just go over to Publix and you can buy it in the international food
section you know they have the Mexican stuff and it’ll say jackfruit nits will
be in a can and you’ll get the taste of it it just won’t be as good as fresh but
I’m telling you you will like it I don’t know anybody that
doesn’t like jackfruit durian I understand people yes I brought some in
we last year it was that jackfruit that I planted last year I took the seat and
I planted it and it popped out and I’ve got five or six or eight trees and I
planted a couple at the mall and I planted one at the house and there you
go but if this tree does not look like the seed at all but I tell you what I I
thought I killed it it was getting really healthy and happy and I put some
Miracle Grow on it thinking I was gonna make and it didn’t like that and it lost
a lot of leaves and I thought I killed my jackfruit but it’s got new leaves
coming out so I won’t fertilize it anymore I’ve just I just wanted that
thing back I can’t wait I’m salivating thinking about this it’s really good
well anyway just think a bubblegum and that’s probably as close as you’re gonna
get life application though we may be
planted meat the clods of dirt today we shall rise again in a glorious way okay
15:38 God gave us a body and as he is determinate into each kind of seed he
gives its own body okay that’s almost the same as this all
right as noted in the preceding verse God originally created the trees and the
plants and each contained seed according to its nature this was seen in Genesis 1
11 and 12 which I read you a second ago likewise the other life which was
described in the original creation account was according to its own kind
this included the sea creatures the creeping things the beasts of the earth
and even man each thing reproduces after its own kind that is why we do not have
debts okay we don’t have dogs mating with cats and coming out with something
different all right we have dogs and we have cats okay
this precept dismisses both the long term creation and any sort of evolution
the trees were created they did not evolve and they were created as fully
functioning and capable of reproducing because of the seed that they bore the
same is true with each form of animal life Paul’s words bared this out these
things didn’t evolve into what they are rather he says but God gives it
body as he pleases and to each seed its own body now where am I here was upside
down yeah 15:38 okay and not only is this true at the original creation but
it is true with the resurrection the form of the resurrection body is
according to the pleasure of God the same life that went into the ground as a
seed will spring forth anew with the body that God chooses for it likewise
the same life of the person that was planted in the ground at burial will
spring forth anew with the resurrection body that God has prepared for it so
life application one we will not we will not evolve into a resurrection body
instead God is prepared one for us and this is what we will wear in our eternal
walk in his presence to whatever this body will be like it will be wonderful
so prepare to be amazed 39 yes evolution the value of what these
yes it would be in a real bad bad situation yes ok how does something that
important evolved into that position exactly well I’ll tell you I’ll tell you
one that is just perfect example of that is you have the exploder beatles you
ever heard of the exploder beatles ok they’re a little beetle that protects
itself by forming an explosion it has two chambers in its body ok
and it has in this these two chambers different gases ok and these gases unite
when it wants to scare something away it goes out of this orifice and it unites
and when it hits the oxygen it causes an explosion which scares away the things
around it if this happened in any any other way then the way that it is
designed the exploder beetle would explode it wouldn’t live it wouldn’t
survive and you’d get one chance at so evolution could never overcome the
practice of the exploder beetle it could never overcome it because the next one
wouldn’t know the reference point that that one had exploded itself with okay
so the explode herb you know there’s all kinds of things you know you get the the
woodpeckers they have these tongues that come out
well actually the tongue is so long then it wraps around its head and goes all
the way down here you know these things are designed these things didn’t happen
by chance and it couldn’t have developed over a trillion zillion gazillion years
it’s just not possible but but what the giraffe
it’s got chambers to keep it alive because its neck is so long that it’s
got these chambers in it to keep the the blood and the oxygen everything properly
balanced I saw something very sad about giraffes yesterday on the news I’m not
going to tell you but I want you to know that sad things happen in this world I
can’t wait to leave this world anyway 15:39 okay I got an email today my
friend has been reading in advance you know to see what he could you know he
wanted know in advance what we’re gonna be studying today okay and he said that
somebody sent an email or no he read a commentary he sent me the email he read
a commentary that one scholar says that there are only let me see the same flesh
there’s flesh of men flesh of animals flesh of fish and flesh of burn since
there’s only four types of flesh that is it okay that’s not a very good handling
of Scripture because each one of those categories is in the plural okay fish
even though we’ve say fish it can be singular or plural they’re all in the
plural in the Greek okay there are all kinds of flesh all kinds of flesh there
are many many different types of animals now for categories maybe there may be
more I don’t know you’ve got insects and do insects have flesh or that you know
whatever but he’s making a general statement here he’s not making an
all-encompassing statement and he does the same with stars later okay
so it you’ve got to be careful with the commentaries you read because people
will just decide something and they’ll say it and they’re writing it
mean it’s correct as I said you’ll have one scholar say this I get this every
Monday I read how many scholars every single Monday every word that they write
on a particular verse before I make my commentary for a sermon I do it every
Monday and I often Albert Barnes may be my favorite scholar of all time Charles
Ellicott is wonderfully I think he flipped out in the New Testament a
little bit but he’s very good okay and you’ve got these guys are very very
sound theologians we got Adam Clarke and you’ve got you know just a list of them
okay and they will come to exactly the opposite conclusion they speak fluent
Hebrew and Greek okay that’s what was required of them back then in the
eighteen and 1700s is they had to know these languages fluently okay
so when somebody a debate says well that guy knows what he’s talking about
because he speaks Greek it doesn’t mean he knows what he’s talking about because
these men disagreed completely 100% and he spoke Hebrew and Greek and they
understood the biblical Greek not just modern Greek and modern Hebrew as Sergio
will tell you he’s over there right now okay he will tell you that Biblical
Hebrew is much different than modern Hebrew the people that are speak Hebrew
in Israel today do not understand the nuances of the Biblical Hebrew will
grobin understands the Hebrew of the Bible far better than Israel then Sergio
over in Israel does and yet he doesn’t speak the language at all but he
understands the mechanics of the language so don’t be fooled by somebody
just because he speaks Greek or Hebrew or he’s gone to school for it that
doesn’t mean that he’s a sound theologian it just simply means that he
knows the language okay I know English it doesn’t mean I know everything about
the English language and I certainly don’t you know how to run a waste letter
plan any better than I did 15 years ago when I let over 10 years ago when I left
the wastewater business right you have to be trained in the discipline and you
have to keep yourself in it things change but the Bible will not okay
anyway I’m trying to make the point here is you just need to be careful about
these things read listen assimilate but take for granted until
you have come to your final determination on things as the Bible
says and this is a paraphrase because I’m not going to be able to quote it
properly but one person presents its case and it sounds like the right deal
and then the next comes forward and it’s completely different he says oh well
he’s right okay that’s a paraphrase it’s not even close to what but it’s the
intent of it you get a lawyer that presents this case and you sit there if
you’ve ever been in a trial and you say oh that guy is as guilty as he can be
and then the defense guy comes up and you say I can’t believe that guy is
innocent I was going to convicted a guy and he’s you have to pay attention
because one of them is leading you down the wrong path for whatever reason okay
15:39 you read that Paul is still answering the question found back in
verse 35 how are the dead raised up and with what body do they come after those
questions he used the seed as an example we could grasp put a seed in the ground
and out comes a plant and yet it is the same life so why should it be considered
impossible for the resurrection body to be substantially different than the
earthly body while being the same person to highlight this further he notes all
flesh is not the same flesh the word flesh here denotes the body as much as
the material with which the body is made you’ll see this in the Hebrew as well
you’ve got different words that indicate flesh in the Hebrew and in the Greek in
the New Testament you have different words which will speak of the flesh okay
and then one word can have ten different meanings based on the intent you can say
don’t walk in the flesh it doesn’t mean the same thing as I have flesh okay it
may be the same premise but it’s making a moral application rather than a
physical application so you got to be careful when you’re looking at these
words anyway it denotes the body as much as the material with which the body is
made each animated being has a body unique and perfectly suited for the
environment in which it lives thus he notes that there is one kind of flesh of
man and other flesh of animals another of fish and another of birds the body of
man is given to man based on his capabilities he was given dominion over
the earth and in order to fulfill that he was given hands to grasp legs to run
a mind to think and so on but he was also given the ability to swim in the
ocean with the development of technology he can swim under the waters even for
extended periods of time I’m watching the Outer Limits again anybody remember
that from when we were I was a little kid when it came out but the voice comes
on at the beginning it’s got this fuzzy picture and it says a do not attempt to
adjust your television set right and it goes through this thing telling you
everything’s ok we’re controlling the transmission well last night this guy is
in the South America he’s a business guy and he’s diving off of his big expensive
boat that he keeps down there and when he’s diving there’s this fish looking
thing okay see he was down there for a long time why because he had a tank on
his back all right scuba even back in it was like the early
sixties that that came out maybe the mid sixties but had to be the early sixties
anyway and so he’s down there for an extended
period of time because God has given us the wisdom to think things through and
to be able to do that we can go down to great depths and these things that can
they’ve gotten down to the very bottom of the Marianas Trench now inside of
these ships okay it’s steel that’s so thick that it couldn’t collapse under
twice the weight of the ocean whatever but he’s given us that wisdom and
because of the technological developments man can also fly thus man
has a body which was designed by God to fulfill the commission he was given the
end of thinking of that I was on Facebook yes I was on Facebook just
before we opened it and there’s Ray Willett in Papua New Guinea all right
he’s posting there with some people that he is now you know working with and he
said this guy for the first time called me his brother today now this is a guy
that was just a young kid when I first met him and he was knew that he was
going to be a missionary and yet he was scared he was scared of I don’t know if
I can do that and then what happens is he marries Jess and they talk about it
there they know they’ve got to do this and then they get a kid and they get
another kid and another kid but they know they have to go and they’ve given
up everything in this life to go to Papua New Guinea to share the gospel
with people that have never heard it before they
to write a language for whatever tribe that they go into that doesn’t speak
English or any of the other languages that have already been put into written
form and they’ve got to do this and they’ve got to get the word translated
and they’ve got to get the people educated and what the gospel is they’ve
given away their lives for that but that wouldn’t have been possible at the rate
that they have done it here today if they couldn’t fly they’ve flown how many
times up to Missouri they’ve driven by car to Missouri right this is possible
because God has given us the wisdom to do these things up until just a short
time ago a person would get onto a wooden boat and each sail across the
Atlantic Ocean to America and he’d get off of his wooden boat and he’d get into
a carriage and a horse would draw him to wherever he was going that is exactly
what happened over 2,000 years ago when Paul got onto a boat sailed on a wooden
boat across the sea he got off where he was going and he would either walk or
get on a horse-drawn carriage and he’d be taken to where he is and within just
a couple of years we have been able to expand on that to where we don’t need a
wooden boat anymore we don’t need a steel boat anymore we’ve got aluminum
aircraft that weigh 250,000 pounds without people on them they can fly all
the way across the world and now we can get the gospel out that quickly and we
can get people up to get trained that quickly we can even get trained online
so God has given us these types of wisdom okay the animals all have their
own bodies each suited for the purposes God intended squirrels eat nuts but
guess what they also store them sometimes those nuts are forgotten
they’re covered over by mud from a flood or maybe even the squirrel dies leaving
the nut uneaten when this happens the nut sprouts into a tree and so squirrels
serve a purpose in this way helping to sow new forests or continue for us that
exist that’s do the same thing you want to know the great reforest er of South
America it’s the fruit that they will reforest an entire area that has been
completely decimated in just a couple of years because that’s what fruit bats do
okay this is just one example in an almost infinite variety of things that
various animals do with the bodies that they have been given and one of the cool
things about this is that ducks created by God okay and I think I’ve
given this example before I may not have in this class but every year I see the
Ducks behind them all when I’m working every day okay I’m taking care of them
all and I’m cleaning it and I get this little family of ducks they come by once
a year and here comes mom and she’s got a duck’s behind her and the next day mom
shows up and she’s got six ducks behind her and then a week later mom’s got five
ducks behind her and then there’s four ducks behind her somebody is eating
those ducks because that’s what God is ordained that everything lives off of
something else but guess what we still have ducks six thousand years
later because God is ordained that ducks make enough ducks so that there will be
a survival of the species while they’re still feeding other animals God is
infinitely wise that we can have ducks thousands of years later we got men that
have guns and have shot ducks for hundreds of years and we still have
ducks Paul notes also that there is another of fish if flesh were flesh
without variety then we would think it impossible that a being could live under
water we would have no concept of something that could accomplish this
feat but there are fish because there are we can see that life can live and
thrive where we cannot so why should we think it impossible that we will someday
be given bodies that are substantially different than the ones we now have once
which are able to live and act in a way that we cannot even get comprehend Paul
finishes the verse with another birds will we be able to fly in our
resurrected bodies I don’t know but I’ve had dreams where I’ve flown and I’ve had
dreams where I’ve actually lived under water too so I mean if I can dream it
God can you can make it happen anyway birds can fly even though we can’t they
have another type of flesh that we have they have been designed to do what birds
do like the squirrel many birds provide transporting services for seeds and nuts
and as they do new life springs up along with this they live their lives doing
all those things that birds do working harmoniously within the rail
for which they were designed if you’ve ever heard the Chuck Will’s Widow at
night because they are here in Sarasota it’s a wonderful sound and it’s not just
that they’re out doing bird stuff and they’re attracting other birds they’re
also giving us something that gives us memories it gives us happy thoughts
because every time I think the Chuck whales Widow I think I’m growing up in
Florida out on Siesta Key where there will let a couple people out there that
was wonderful now you never hear the Chuck Wells Widow anymore because
they’ve developed Florida they have a fragile environment and so once in a
while when the wind is coming from the east across the bay there’s a section
you know where right right down here where there’s no development okay
and they have the pine trees that are necessary for the truck wells widow and
they are in there when the wind is from the east I can hear them on the dock but
other than that I don’t hear the truck wells widow anymore when we were young
we had Florida Panthers by the church up at the north end of the gate we had we’d
still have a couple Bobcats out there we had wetter those the bobwhite whales we
haven’t seen the bobwhite quail on Siesta Key probably since I was 10 maybe
even younger than that this is what happens but God has made all of these
things for our happiness and our joy as well as for you know their own thing
they’re doing their own thing they’re getting trees to grow and they’re doing
all of this and that but as what’s okay yeah bobwhite quail still at your place
oh the park that’s right I haven’t said I’m not kidding I haven’t seen a
bobwhite quail in as long as I can remember but I remember seeing mom and
the little ones falling after them years ago years ago we also had the pygmy
Rattlers out there which we don’t have anymore and thank goodness for that but
there’s good and there’s bad with everything but now what we have is a lot well birds will do that that’s right or
some may may see them but that’s true a bird will drop a fish in there and the
seeds are yeah yeah that’s right so and it happens and things get receded that’s
exactly right if you want to know how rattlesnakes get onto the key because
her rattlesnakes when I was growing up about this and they swim right across I
was at the kayak with my friends that were visiting and there was a
rattlesnake swimming right across the it was a big one I got my thing and
picked him up we got a photo of him but yeah with the at the or not with my hand
I gave that up when I left Malaysia okay when it put out my right eye that Cobra
I never picked up a snake since then okay but yes that was a
manok I didn’t know that it was a spitting cobra so at least I can be
forgiven of that I knew it was a Cobra I didn’t want to kill it in front of my
kids so I grabbed it behind it’s next no problem I was gonna throw it in the
woods and it put out my right eye that’s my fault I’m not doing that anymore yes
but he put it out it was literally eaten right off everything was eaten off and I
spent a week in the hospital or about a week in the hospital because of it but
yeah and you know it hurts I’m gonna tell you when you get snake poison in
your eye it’s like acid it just eats everything off it was but came out okay
I could still see when I left the military so whatever anyway um life
application hang on oh no I’m gonna read one more paragraph you’re a final
thought concerning animal life and the resurrection body would be to consider
the butterfly it transforms into its beautiful state from a mere caterpillar
if this is possible within the natural creation why should we assume that it is
impossible for the resurrection body to be wholly different than what we now
know while still being the same life force that we always have been memories
and all life application if we have nifty bodies that can do really amazing
stuff now imagine what God has prepared for us in our resurrected bodies don’t
be afraid of death it is a temporary thing and it is a necessary stop on the
way to some amazing glory okay now hopefully the Lord will come for us
at the rapture and we won’t have to die okay but that’s hopeful that is you know
any one of us could walk out today and get run over that’s the way that life is
all right if you ever want to see sudden death and I know it’s kind of perverse
to do this but you just go on YouTube and say people dying suddenly and there
are a million videos so that you can watch people flying out of card windows
because he didn’t they got in an accident the car starts rolling and out
they go he didn’t know he’s gonna be dead a second earlier we don’t know and
that’s why we need to be prepared for at all times just there’s a million
different ways to die okay there’s one good way to go and that’s the rapture
but I’m not counting on it I’m gonna continue to do what I’m doing and the
Lord’s gonna come when he’s going to come but I would like it to happen don’t
get me wrong I’m not in any way trying to say it come right now Lord take us
home Moses and Elijah here’s I don’t know I don’t know what you’re referring
to so damn oh yes now I’ve heard that I have heard that we know that this is
Moses Moses and Elijah and so we’re all going to know each other in heaven I
don’t follow that precept III don’t think that we’re gonna be omniscient in
any way shape or form I think it was pretty apparent when Moses and Elijah
showed up that they knew who they were for whatever reason okay and maybe they
had be introduced and it’s just not in a narrative I don’t know people have said
that I have heard that before I’ve heard it in quite a few sermons but I don’t
think that we aren’t you know and I better not say that anyway it may be
true we may all know everybody as soon as we mean oh you’re John that was uh
you know in those yeah whatever that may be true but I am NOT going to
make that leap because that’s almost taking us to a point of not omniscience
but it’s taking us to a point of knowledge that I think we still have to
grow through knowledge nametags you’ll find Mahathir law huh spas do you have
to three have three of them for that guy but anyway yeah okay 15:40 another the
only difference with this one says celestial and terrestrial but yeah it
says basically the same okay um if this verse isn’t read as a part of the whole
paragraph and one immediately goes to the next verse which is verse 41 it may
leave the misperception that verse 41 is explaining verse 40 that the celestial
bodies are the Sun Moon and stars mentioned that this however would not be
properly explaining Paul’s use of wording instead it would provide a false
antithesis to a body’s terrestrial okay that’s the pulpit commentary that said
that I was quoting them okay in other words Paul has three separate groupings
from verse 39 to 41 verse 39 flesh men animals fish birds verse 40 bodies
celestial bodies terrestrial bodies and that verse 41 glory Sun Moon Stars and
star from star the word for celestial here is a piranha
eppur a Neos it signifies that which is heavenly it is used 19 times in the New
Testament and it is consistently speaking of a heavenly matter meaning a
spiritual one one of those 19 examples will help clarify what this means I’m
gonna take you to Ephesians chapter 2 verses 4 through 7
it may be true Burke I think about that every time I come across that I don’t
know if that’s correct I just don’t want to make that that dogmatic
interpretation of it but it may be true and I never dismiss it I just like I
don’t want to say yes we’re gonna know everybody immediately oh that’s true
they and I would agree with that they knew that I would agree with that
premise right they’re 100% ok patience – 4 through 7 but God who is rich in mercy
because of this great love with which he loved us even when we were dead in
trespasses made us alive together with Christ by grace you have been saved and
raised us up together and made us sit together in the heavenly places in
Christ Jesus that in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of His
grace in his kindness towards us in Christ Jesus in this the word heavenly
is speaking of the spiritual realm of heaven not the cosmos where the Sun Moon
and stars are we are currently seated with Christ in God’s redemptive plans
even though we have not actually arrived there yet once again another verse for
eternal salvation in God’s mind it is a done deal it is done okay this is the
type of heaven that the word signifies understanding this we can properly
perceive what Paul is writing about here it is not specifically angels but
heavenly beings there these are being contrasted
to earthly or terrestrial beings we are earthly right now every one of us is an
earthly birth being we’re not a heavenly being the same word Epler Aeneas will be
used three times in verses 48 and 49 when speaking of our resurrection bodies
which will be like the resurrected body of guess what anybody that’s right just
like Christ therefore Paul is showing us a taste of that now by placing this
comparison between two examples of natural types of bodies those in verse
39 and then those in verse 41 as noted this is not specifically speaking of
angels but it is a comparison to such heavenly beings this is stated by Jesus
concerning those of the Resurrection and Matthew 22:30 for in the resurrection
they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are like the angels of God
in heaven and not yes to further substantiate this and make sure I put
that down properly okay there we go to further substantiate this we can see
a similar analogy of the resurrected bodies two stars this is found in Daniel
chapter 12 so let me take in there really quickly and he says there and 12
he says Oh to start with first one at that time Michaels shall stand up the
Great Prince who stands watch over the sons of your people and there shall be a
time of trouble such as was never since there was a nation even to that time has
that ever happened in human history now it’s coming future okay and at that time
your people who is Daniels people the Jews Israel that’s right your people
shall be delivered every one who is found written in the book and many of
those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake some to everlasting life
some to shame and everlasting contempt those who are wise shall shine here it
is like the brightness of the permanent firmament and those who turn many to
righteousness like the Stars forever and ever and so we can see in this verse
Paul is using both the natural types of bodies those of verses 39 and
verse 41 as examples to help us understand the difference between the
heavenly and the earthly bodies of verse 40 life application whatever are coming
heavenly bodies will be like they will be amazing they will be so vastly
superior to what we are clothed in now that we should rejoice that the thought
of heading off to be with Jesus let us not fear the temporary hold of physical
death it has no mastery over us and I’m speaking to believers anybody that’s
listening on livestream right now or watches on YouTube later and you have
not received Jesus as your Savior this doesn’t apply to you what you have is
coming have coming is corruption eternal corruption okay I would ask that you
would call in Jesus today because what he promises is glorious and it’s
guaranteed I mean it’s one of those things that Christ didn’t just come and
come out of the grave just to show us that he can do it and how bad we all are
he came to save us that’s that Indian guy that spoke at the church a couple
weeks ago said the guy said well I follow Christian I well I don’t I don’t
want to follow Krishna because he came to kill sinners and this guy said well
guess what that’s the big difference is that Christ came to save sinners world a
difference there 15:41 the son is one kind of splendor the moon another and
the stars another and star differs from star in splendor
in the previous verse Paul noted that there are also celestial bodies and
terrestrial bodies but the glory of the celestial is one in the glory of the
terrestrial is another this verse now is not explaining that but rather it is
confirming the truth in another way just as there are different types of flesh on
the earth there are different types of glory in the sky above us when we look
up we don’t just see one object in the sky rather we see different objects at
different times in the app a variety of purposes first there is one glory of the
Sun the Sun rules the daytime it provides heat to the world and it lights
the day God purposed this it is a certain distance from the earth so that
the right amount of heat and light arrived for life to continue and if
you’ve noticed that the moon is in exactly the right spot within the
distance from the earth to the Sun so that we have exact eclipses and we can
tell things about the universe simply by watching an eclipse in the way that the
light goes around it in a certain way and they’ve been able to prove I’m
Stein’s theories simply by going to some place up in the Arctic when there’s a
yeah oh no no no Rory in the Eclipse and they can look through the atmosphere and
they can say look Einstein was right he thought this and now we’ve confirmed it
they had to do it many years later but they finally did it and now we know
these things but that wouldn’t have happened if the moon was say a thousand
miles closer to the earth or ten thousand miles further away or whatever
but God has done this so that we can know everything is balanced and properly
maintained okay so we don’t just see yes there’s one glory of the Sun I said that
there’s also another glory of the moon when the Sun is hidden from our sight
the moon is often there reflecting the light of the Sun it appears closer or
farther away at various times and it can go from a tiny sliver to a full circle
as it moves it serves God’s purposes in a variety of ways for the benefit of his
creatures on earth especially when you’re in love with a girl and you’re
young and you want to go out and sit by the moon boy it serves a great purpose
there doesn’t it okay and Paul notes that there is even
another glory of the Stars for one star differs from another
are in glory not only did the stars differ in the glory they radiate on
earth in comparison to the Sun and the moon but they also do so in comparison
to one another they are set in the heavens and often appear as groupings
which we call constellations yes the North Star remains fixed in one spot
some stars appear bluish others have a silvery or reddish tone every one of
them is there for a purpose and not one is unknown to God that’s recorded in
Psalm 147 where it says this on 147 first four it says he counts the number
of the stars he calls them all by name that’s right and as Burke said to me one
time I always remember that since then is that it’s almost an afterthought you
think of the stars out there the multitude of stars when what’s-his-name
Hubble looked out there and realized that that’s not a star that’s another
galaxy and another and another and another and there’s billions of galaxies
and every one of them has billions of stars all of that is summed up in one
part of one sentence in the creation account and God made the stars also the
attention of God is on this planet and on the people of this world that’s where
his attention is everything else has done for the benefit of that there are
constellations how do we know because the Bible speaks of the constellations
Orion the bear whatever he names the constellations and therefore he put them
up there for a reason job what did I say oh you’re saying yeah my mom is over
there saying dope dope job yes that’s right the constellations and there would
not be the same constellations if you were on another planet because you’d
have a different reference point so when God speaks of the constellations he’s
speaking about it from the reference point of planet Earth okay there’s a
reason why he did these things Genesis 1:14 through nineteen notes that each
and all of the heavenly orbs have a purpose according to the wisdom of God
I’ll take you there Genesis chapter 1 where he says hang on
Genesis chapter 1 verse 14 then God said let there be lights in the firmament of
the heaven to divide the day from the night to let them be for signs and for
seasons and for days and for years God put those things up there for us to know
that certain things were about to happen or that have happened and we can know
that that was what he was speaking about and let them be for lights in the
firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth and it was so so first he
says therefore signs and for seasons were to know the structure of the times
of the planting and reaping and harvesting but even before that he says
they wrote their signs which are for our understanding of what God is doing in
redemptive history okay he goes on and he says then God made two great lights
the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night he
made the Stars there it is also everything else is just in one little
part of a sentence oh I just put it all together that quickly I just spoke it
into existence God set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light
on the earth that is astonishing that’s an astonishing thing if you think about
it when Hubble looked out there and saw all of that he must have been utterly
amazed he couldn’t grasp it some are going away from us superfast he says
that’s the redshift and some are coming towards us real fast and that’s the blue
shift or vice-versa whatever but he knew what was going on out there and he
couldn’t believe it and all it is is just God saying in the stars also verse
18 and to rule over the day and over the night and to divide the light from the
darkness and God saw that it was good so evening in the morning were the fourth
day everything that we see out there when we lift our eyes to the heavens all
of it he did on the fourth day that is rather astonishing life application yeah
we got time if God put such my new care into the structure of the heavenly
bodies which were placed there as signs and seasons for man then how much more
can we be certain that God cares for man and if in our fallen state he attends to
us then how much more attention can we hope for when we receive our resurrected
bodies whatever he s plane for our eternal abode we can trust it it
will be magnificent absolutely now if you think about what Harvard
wrote it was a couple years ago now they came out and they said that they did the
study on the human brain and they have said that we without any doubt at all
proclaim that the human brain is the most magnificent and complicated
structure in the universe so much so they said that it is more complicated
than the structure of the universe itself and how do we treat it we treat
it as if it doesn’t even exist we have things come into our minds and
we watch TV that doesn’t matter at all it just goes in and it comes out and we
don’t think the time to study God’s Word which is given to us as a pattern for
our lives and we don’t even use our minds in the way that God intended for
us and yet Harvard says that it is the most complicated structure in the
universe more so than the universe itself and here we sit not using it how
do you evolve into that yeah you know what they say and some people dispute it
but they do say that the human mind actually is capable of much more than it
actually is used for okay well that how can you evolve something that has
more potential than what you need for it that completely destroys the idea of
evolution it’s impossible that you would develop another arm that you don’t need
yet that you’ll need in 15 billion years of evolution or something it’s not gonna
happen the model of evolution says that you
evolve to meet a need if your mind is beyond whatever it is needed for it then
it did not evolve it was intended for a different purpose and it was created by
God and we’re gonna find out how marvelous that will be someday
42 in raised in Persia okay the only difference there is corruption in
corruption Paul now begins to respond to the
question in 1 Corinthians 15 35 with specific details these are based on the
analogies he provided in verses 36 through 41 which we have done today
this particular verse is responding to verses 36 through 38 the seed went into
the ground in corruption it sprang into a new and exciting form and yet it was
the same life which went into the ground the analogy has been given it is
appropriate and Paul confirms it with the words so also is the resurrection of
the dead what happens with the seed will also be the case with those who died
this then is speaking of the form the form of the resurrection not the manner
their body is sown in corruption when a believer is planted in the ground they
decompose and return to the form of the basic elements from which they were
taken eventually becoming nothing but dust once again as spoken by the Lord at
the very beginning so it is with man to this day but this is not the end of the
story like the seed the body of the believer will change and it will be
raised in in corruption this change will take place and it results its results
will be explained in greater detail in verses 15 I’m sorry 51 through 54 and
I’m so excited about getting there it’s just such a marvelous set of verses the
body we now have is corruptible the body we will be given is in corruptible the
body we now have has have now is prone to weakness it’s prone to sickness to
fractures to infection we talked about how many of them just at the beginning
of the class today and so on the body we will receive will not have such
characteristics of corruption instead like the body of the plant which is
completely different than the seed the body of the believer will be completely
different from what we now experience life application again unless we have
observed a particular type of seed being planted and growing into a plant like a
durian or a jackfruit we could never guess what that plant would actually
look like and what its characteristics would be if anybody said I’m going to
take this seed that’s about this big and it’s light brown and I’m going to plant
it in the ground and out is going to come something that smells so wonderful
and tastes so marvelous as the durian you
would never in your life believe it you would not you though I’m telling you you
guys don’t know what you’re missing you have no idea what you’re missing
when I tell you go down take the adventure go down to 12th Street I know
it’s not nearly as good as when you’re in Malaysia Thailand or wherever okay
where it grows naturally you can’t grow it in Florida as well I’ve had some
friends that had to re in here in Florida but I will tell you that you can
go down to 12 Street and you go into the Chinese place so it’s right at the
corner right behind the I hop on 12 Street and you can go to the very back
of the store and there they a frozen durian and you take it home you let it
sit in your refrigerator for three days is that enough three days and then you
take that baby and open it up and you will never have anything so wonderfully
delightful in your life it is marvelous and that little scene oh yeah you can f
do your bus you can empty a lot more than that I’m telling you it does smell
very bad but once you get into that baby there’s nothing like a durian the same
is true with our resurrection bodies we cannot fully imagine what lies ahead but
we can know that it has been planned by the creator of all things because all
things are possible to God we can be certain that what lies ahead for us will
be marvelous not when I say all things are possible – god that’s quoting what
is said in Scripture but that does not mean that God can make a 1 into a 2 he
can’t make an orange a blue okay we’re talking about logical things all things
are possible to God logical things moral things etc but God cannot violate his
own nature and he cannot make something what’s that
rot bread rock he can make a rock bread absolutely he can 100% he can do all
things there he what he can make oh he can make a rock
pour forth water as well absolutely right God can do anything he cannot
violate his own nature that’s one thing that we need to be aware of that because
all things are possible to God we can be certain at what lies ahead will be
marvelous if you’re struggling with some human weakness today like the people we
mentioned at the beginning of the chat today just remember that in
but a temporary and light affliction compared to the glory that awaits we
have time for one more 15:43 yeah we got time for another go
ahead it 43 it is sown in dishonor it is raised in glory it is sown in weakness
it is raised in power word for word they’re exactly the same Paul is
speaking of the form of the Resurrection responding to the question which had
been asked with what body do they come like the previous verse he gives
contrasting thoughts when our current body dies he says it is sown in dishonor
why do we bury bodies the answer is yeah well yeah no definitely not Dorian the
answer is because they quickly begin to degrade and they become offensive to the
senses and so we secret them away because of the shame as Paul says the
dishonor which occurs in them the state of decay is a direct result of something
else which is shameful that is sin that’s why we secret bodies away that’s
right there in John chapter anybody 11 thank you John chapter 11 it’s been four
days thrown open it there’s going to be a bad smell
don’t you believe that if I my words that you’ll see the glory of God I know
that’s a misquote but there he says right there in John chapter 11 he
understood that that is not the end for those that are in the power of Christ
okay when Adam sinned against the Lord he hid himself and covered himself with
fig leaves there was dishonor in what occurred when
the man sinned he died spiritually further as a result of this spiritually
dead condition the Lord told him that he would die physically he would return to
the dust from which he came after this the Lord clothed him with a tunic of
skin thus covering him all of this indicates that shame and dishonor is
associated with this life in which we live the stain continues in all men
because all are in Adam and thus all had sinned the result of this unfortunately
is death and the result of death is being sown in dishonor however for those
in Christ the seed that is planted will be raised
in glory there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ sin is no
longer imputed to us because we have moved from Adam to Christ
therefore when this body of sin is taken away what comes from it will be glorious
the Greek word for glory does anybody know what the Greek word for glory
glorious doxa okay we would say a doxology
it’s doxa okay it carries the meaning of Honor renowned glory and especially
divine quality the unspoken manifestation of God splendor look yes
the fallen image image of Adam will be replaced with the glorious image of
Christ in addition to this Paul notes that it is sown in weakness our human
lives are exceedingly frail our bodies are susceptible to all kinds of
limitations and potentially catastrophic occurrences we cut easily bones break
sickness is always around the corner from infections columns viruses and so
on I was taking out some of my bromeliads yesterday and I got a thorn
in my finger okay ouch so what I went to bed I woke up this
morning and I pushed on my finger and out come this white pus it had already
gotten infected overnight the body’s trying to get rid of it it’s trying to
get it out of there the earthly body that we exist in is temporary and it
degrades in just a few decades at the end of our days it is sown in this same
weak condition and it degrades even more swiftly until nothing is left but dust
once again however for those in Christ the seed which is planted is raised in
power as Paul is giving contrasts the word for power is to be taken as the
opposite of weakness it is the Greek word Dunamis anybody dynamite it can
carry a host of meanings including physical strength endurance and alike
the weakness spoke of Fretilin frailty and eventually death the power then is
speaking of robustness hardiness and life we will not be susceptible to the
same limitations an ultimate termination that we now face I can’t wait instead
a whole new order of existence would be realized and just in time word just in
time if I go over that I think I’ve told you maybe I haven’t if I go over the
hour and a half it gives Mike a lot of extra work because he puts him on the
podcast he’s got to do something entirely different so we got to keep it
down to the exactly the minute there but anyway at this time we can only imagine
the state of our future body in relation to what our current body is like we can
make logical assumptions what lies ahead but we cannot know exactly what it will
be like however we can be certain that our bodies will be fitting for being in
the presence of the glory of God and they will be sufficient to last us for
all eternity in that wondrous place you know if you are down at the end of this
Bible class today then there’s something wrong with you because I got to tell you
I know there are some times where we go into topics and subjects that will bring
you down but talking about the resurrection and what God has promised
for us in Christ I just I can’t wait I can’t wait this is a sure hope this
isn’t just a dubious though this isn’t just I hope this is I know and this is
my hope that Christ has done this for us thank you Lord Heavenly Father thank you
so very much for the wonderful chance to look into this chapter of 1 Corinthians
Wow it’d be good to get to 1 Thessalonians 4 and tie it in with that
Sunday too but for now it’s just so wonderful to hear about the resurrection
and what’s coming for your people thank you that Christ has done this and
we would pray that many people would be willing to get out there and pass the
word on about what Jesus did so that they can have the same surah hope that
we have in Lord once again we raise up all the people that we mentioned at the
beginning of the service today and anybody else that is privately
struggling with their own troubles and trials and sicknesses or sadnesses or
financial troubles or whatever is going on in their life that will keep them
from from content’ relationship with you that they would be able to put those
things aside and just praise you for who you are
despite them thank you for the hope we possess and thank you for the glory
which is revealed in her Lord Jesus thank you we pray this in his name amen
okay let me back this up say goodbye to the folks online

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