10 Creative Ways to Use a Color-Changing LED Light | Luxli Timpani

Hey there, Jake with B&H. Today we’re testing out the new multi-color
light from Luxli, the ‘Timpani’, which I’m being lit with right now. We’re going to be covering some of the main
features and showing you a bunch of cool ways to use a light like this creatively. For years the only way to get colored light
on an existing fixture was to use gels. Now that’s very costly because you need
a lot of gels in your arsenal to really dial in the exact look and saturation you want. However, with a light like the Timpani, pretty
much any color you can imagine is right at your fingertips. So, the goal today is to create scenes that
really show off the different features and modes of the light. We’ll be looking at the CCT Mode, the RGB
Mode, the Gel Mode, the Special FX Mode, not to mention a few surprises along the way. So, without further ado…action! No…you, you say action. That’s my fault……..action. In CCT Mode, the light can be adjusted from
2800K all the way up to 10,000K. I sat down for a quick interview while being lit with
a soft 3000K key and a hard 6700K hair light. We wanted a splash of color in the background,
so we put our Timpani into RGB Mode and picked out a hue of 360% and set it to 100% saturation. I looked reallllly good. So, while I was getting interviewed my friend
Shiree was getting herself made up to meet me at a party. We used Gel Mode to dial in a few preset colors
to create a fun party vibe. Two Timpani’s were set up using a Magenta
tone and a Teal tone to set the mood. So, after crushing my interview I went out
to the party to meet-up with Shiree. Now this scene was easy to put together with
a few Timpani’s and a little help from their band mate, the Viola light. Two of the Timpani’s were set into the Special
FX Mode – ‘Strobe’ while the third was used in RGB Mode to provide a constant color
in the background. A foreground light, also in RGB Mode, illuminated
our dancers. A little haze in the room to set the mood
never hurts either. So, once I bounced from the party, Shiree
got herself into a little hot water. Luckily the Timpani’s were there to set
the mood. While Shiree was hiding under the stairs we
set a strong moonlight in Gel Mode on a far-side Timpani key light to gently fill in the shadows
with some color. We also used a Viola as a colorful catch light. We then added one more Timpani to provide
a little lighting in the SFX Mode and our scene was complete. Watch out, Shiree! Watch out! After a rough morning, I made my way to a commercial
shoot for some headphones and danced my way through the morning. The director wanted colorful backgrounds and
yours truly silhouetted, but we only had a white seamless. We set up two Timpani’s to evenly light
our white background. Both lights were set to varying colors in
Gel Mode for quick results. We even mixed and matched a few gels together
and the commercial was a resounding success. After a long day I went home and took a nap,
but my cameraman took the Timpani’s home with him to try out a couple of fun and unique
setups. This setup was extremely easy and fun to create. With a few props and a Timpani set to ‘Candle’
in SFX Mode we were able to create a soft flickering light in a breeze while our mystery
writer penned a letter. The intensity was only set to 10% to give
the desired glow. The SFX Mode on the Timpani provides all kinds
of turn-key options for when you need a specific effect. With a single Timpani set to Lightning Mode
and some sound effects a convincing thunderstorm can be set up in just a few minutes. We set the CCT to 8000K and an interval of
5 seconds for the desired effect. Some of the other effects include Fireworks,
Emergency Siren lights and even a CCT Chase mode that can automatically shift the light
from one temperature to another. In the past, many of these effects had to
be created manually or with the assistance of effects boxes. The Timpani eliminates the need to waste time
and resources on getting the shot you need. Another subtle, yet extremely useful feature
of the Timpani is its ability to color match another fixture with + or – green. If you happen to be shooting an interview
under lights that skew slightly green or magenta, the Timpani can be dialed to match. Having this flexibility to match other fixtures
will help you avoid unwanted tints and make post go a lot smoother. In a pinch, the Timpani’s could also be
used to create a key-able surface. We tested this out by hitting a white wall
with two Timpani’s in Gel Mode set to ‘Chroma Green’. After tweaking the brightness and flagging
the spill off our subject we were able to make a clean key. Some other key features of the Timpani lights
is the fact that you can control the light via Bluetooth from your mobile device. This allows you to set a light and walk away
without losing control to make quick changes. The light has a v-mount battery plate on the
back as well, so it can be fitted with a battery keeping your set cable free. There is an LCD display on the back with simple
controls. There is even DMX support for chaining your
lights together. There are no limits to the amount of ways
you can use a multi-color light like the Timpani in your productions. So, get out there and be creative…be a winner. This is Jake with B&H. Just keep shooting guys.

11 thoughts on “10 Creative Ways to Use a Color-Changing LED Light | Luxli Timpani

  1. What went into the decision to shoot at 3200k white balance?

    Was it purely looking at the monitor and playing around with the WB till you liked the look?

  2. Very cool! Would love to try these. We have 2 1×1 Astras. How is the output on these compared to ours?

  3. The Timpani price is a thousand dollars for one fixture. A pack of 15 Rosco gels runs 34 dollars. Which is more expensive again?

  4. Looks like it's an excellent light but he hit me for a loop when he said buying different gels could be really expensive until I saw the price of the actual like he was using. I currently use the magmod system and other little color gels that I actually put on a flicker light and get the same effects at a way cheaper price 3 * less

  5. I was hoping you guys would do a review! I can't wait to order them. Any suggestions on a case for a 3-light kit?

  6. Impressive and affordable lights. In lightning mode, the light should come before the sound, just like a real lightning and thunder 🙂

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