10 surprising things about River Cruising

Ahoy they’re cruises! We put together 10 tips about what you might not have known about river cruising. But first don’t forget to subscribe to our channel right now. So number one is that
river cruising is very different to ocean cruising. But in a good way. I’s a real fantastic holiday. We’ve been super surprised. You get to visit loads of
different places. Even two or three ports in one day and you are super close to
the destination. So unlike ocean cruising where
sometimes you might park in a port or dock in a part of port miles away from the main city or attraction. Here on river cruising you can be in Paris and a stones throw away from the Eiffel Tower. Or in Amsterdam and be two seconds away from the red-light district. These ships hold under 200 people. The ship were on now the “CroisiEurope Loire Princesse” only holds 96 people. How crazy is that! So it’s super intimate. You really get to know the staff,
you get to know your fellow passengers. So it’s been a really fantastic social experience as well. So there’s no threat of seasickness either which is fantastic. Because here on the river
it’s super smooth. You do have less entertainment
and less choice of dining. But we found that the food has been
really fantastic. But the main focus of a river cruise
is all about the destination. So while the ships
don’t have as much onboard. It is really all about being in the destination and exploring the beautiful scenery. So tip number 2 is
getting on and off the ship. Yeah as we touched upon earlier. Embarkation and disembarkation is
completely different to an ocean cruise. It is much more relaxed. It is more like checking into a hotel. There’s no security checks
in terms of putting your bags through a scanner. You can bring on whatever you like. You could go into the town,
grab some wine, bring it on with you. There’s not any restrictions like that. And you do dock really close to the town. Meaning that you can pop off, pop to a
shop if you’d like and then hop back on the boat. Yeah we’ve got on and off three or four times and it’s just as easy as walking on the ship. There is nothing else. You don’t get checked. You just walk on the ship. With ocean cruises you can be parked
miles away, like we said, and you have to get on a bus or a coach. Which can take an hour to get
into the main centre. Then you’ve got to worry about getting back. But here you are literally on the doorstep. It’s so fantastic. Number 3 is that river cruise ships are very similar to each other. Mostly on the outside. Because of the nature of river cruising, more ships have to be a really similar size in terms of height index. Usually River ships will have two or three decks. One with a Sun Deck, one with a restaurant and lounge
and the rest will be cabins. So they are usually quite small. But the difference really is on the inside. So the layout is usually really similar. You usually have the Sun Deck on top which is where we are now. Usually you have two or three decks. One with a restaurant and lounge, some ships have a pool area or a back area on the ship. where you’ve got a little cafe or some
place to sort of chill out. They are mostly similar and it’s on
the inside that they are quite different. With the service that you’re going to
receive, dining, what an offer. and obviously the decor. Yeah and it’s the products that they offer as well. It’s the biggest difference. In terms of what activities are included, what’s included in the cruise and who are
the other passengers going to be onboard with you. And some cruise lines offer an
absolutely fantastic active cruise. So cruise lines such as Emerald and Avalon
where you can choose to go bicycling- Bicycling? Cycling! You can choose to go cycling, hiking, swimming, canoeing and walking. It’s really fantastic. So you can get really active and really immersed in your destination. So number four is that most things are usually included on a river cruise. Yeah generally across the different river cruise companies you’ll find that there’s only one restaurant. So there’s no speciality dining options and you’ll find that they usually include
drinks at mealtimes. It may be a small selection of beer and wine
or it may be a little bit larger. Here on “CroisiEurope” drinks are included at all times which is fantastic. So most drinks like beer, wine, spirits and even some sparkling wines are included. At mealtimes there’s usually a buffet for breakfast and lunch and then a three or four course dinner- for dinner! It’s really good. A lot of cruise lines also include excursions
as well in the cost of your cruise and there may be an extra charge for slightly better excursions or more
immersive excursions. Most cruise river lines
offer free Wi-Fi as well. So it’s great for taking all of those Instagram, Twitter and Facebook photos and making all your friends and family jealous. You’ll find a lot of them now are offering gratuities included in the cost of cruise. So that’s nice it’s not an extra cost. Some cruise lines such as
Avalon also include your transfers and flights as part of the package. Fantastic! Number five is all about
the dress-code onboard. And we were super surprised by this
because there really isn’t one. It’s super informal which is fantastic. So during the day you just wear whatever. Especially if it’s gonna be hot wear. Shorts, t-shirt, make sure you bring
some trainers as well or some sneakers so you can go walking and hiking and
cycling and all that sort of stuff. On a night it’s super informal. People usually just go for trousers and an open shirt or polo shirt and ladies are super informal as well. So really just wear whatever you want. It’s really been good. Yeah it’s very very relaxed and that was actually a really big shock for us. We thought it’d be quite stuffy but it’s really not. But as Ben said. Make sure you do have a look at
what you’re going to be doing in the ports and pack appropriately. So sneakers and lots of sun lotion if it’s going to be a sunny cruise and a Sun Hat. And if you’re going to be spending a night at the theater or the opera. Lots of cruises include things like that. Private performance. Make sure you pack a nice dress,
or something, for that. Especially if you’re a bloke. So tip number six are the cabins. Cabins where a big shock for us as well. They’re actually quite large. We thought they’d be really small. They’re really reminders of a four or five star hotel. – Really lovely.
– Really lovely cabins. You’re not gonna get such a huge
range as you do on ocean cruising and we haven’t seen any inside cabins. No the usually tend to go from
cabins with a window or a full-on balcony. And on some ships you have
full-on Suites as well. So meet multi-room suites. But the big thing for us is having a lovely balcony or big glass window. So you can see all of the
spectacular scenery all around you. And talking about balconies. You’re not going to find as many balconies on River ships as you would ocean cruises. You do see a lot with those beautiful
big windows that open up. But the ship were on now the “CroisiEurope Loire Princesse” has an amazing balcony. It’s the biggest balcony we’ve seen
certainly on a river cruise. But it definitely equals the size of the balconies
that you get an ocean cruises. It’s really fantastic we love our cabin. If you don’t have a balcony though
don’t worry. Because this top deck is fantastic
for getting in the view. So we are on the sundeck right now. All of the ships that we’ve been on have a sun deck and you get uninterrupted 360-degree views of all of this absolutely beautiful scenery. It’s incredible. It is and the nice thing is because the ships are so small. You just a few steps away. Exactly we can get to our cabin
in 20 seconds from here. Or you can get to the back
for a drink in 30 seconds. It’s so lovely. There’s no getting lost on these ships
that’s for sure. Number seven is we were
shocked how much there is to do on these cruises. Yeah we were super worried about
this to be honest. We thought we’d just be sat, on the deck all the time watching the world go by. Drinking a glass of wine. Could we be more wrong. The excursions for a start are absolutely fantastic. Being this super close to the
destination means that you can’t get bored. We can just go for a walk right now into the center of any destination that we land in. Lots of cruises have an active program. Like the active program on “Emerald” and “Avalon”. Which was super fantastic. They have a dedicated staff member
who run that program and we did some amazing things like go on bike rides, go on hikes,
go on walks. You can even do things like canoeing as well. It’s so fantastic. There’s so much to do. And river cruises sometimes take in two
or even maybe three ports in one day. So it is quite an exhausting excursion at times. If you do want to do everything. But you don’t have to. You can relax on the ship if you’d
like to do that instead. But, of course, we wanted to see all the destinations. So the end of the day we were ready for bed. I’ve never been so exhausted before! Want what more to do? There is absolutely nothing more I want
from a river cruise. There was plenty to do on here. So you don’t have to be worried about that. For tip number eight are the water levels. Yeah, unfortunately. Sometimes the water levels are too low or too high and can interrupt your cruise. There’s nothing the river cruise ships
can do about this. This is really just mother nature isn’t it. It is yeah and basically if this does happen you’ll still be bused
to all your destinations. Because, unlike ocean cruising, you’re not thousands of miles apart
from the different destinations. So you still would be bussed everywhere. So it’s really something to think about
and be aware of. But I really wouldn’t be
too concerned about it. It has happened to us before
and it wasn’t a problem whatsoever. It didn’t ruin or hamper the cruise in it any way. But it’s definitely something that we weren’t aware of before we river cruised. So it’s definitely worth knowing. So number 8 Where are the most popular river cruises Ben? Well a lot of the river cruises
take place here in Europe. For example you’ve got the Rhine. Which takes in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. And it’s great for scenery. In France you’ve got the Rhone, Loire and Dordogne… Door going?… and the door going… the Seine and the Garonne. Really sorry about my pronunciation. I have probably just offended
half of France there. But you know what I’m like. But you’ve got some fantastic
River Cruises here in France. You’ve got the Danube as well which
takes in places like Hungry, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. – How fantastic is that.
– So many destination. And you’ve got the Douro as well in Portugal. For the rest of the world. You’ve got River Cruises in Asia and Egypt. These are becoming very popular. Also the Mississippi in the USA. That’s also becoming a very popular destination. Oh I’d love to do that. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it. Cruising up the Mississippi. They’ve got some lovely steamboats. But all these places are a great way to see lots of destinations in one trip and they all offer you completely different cultures at each port. Tip number ten is how many different cruise lines there actually are. Yeah I was really surprised how many different lines we saw, particularly on the more popular rivers
such as the Danube and the Rhine. There is a really wide selection of River
cruise companies. All catering to different markets. So you have more luxurious companies and more affordable ones as well. And cruise companies catering to Millennials, for example, Younger cruises such as “U by Uniworld”. Family cruises such as “AmaWaterways” and a more international crowd like here on “CroisiEurope” which do cater to people from all over Europe. So you do find lots of different languages on board. But that’s the nice thing is that it gives you a different experience. So here on “CroisiEurope”
it’s been a very French experience. Which has been absolutely lovely and it’s been nice to have lovely wines, foods and cheese. Follow our ventures like this
one were on right now on “CroisiEurope” on our Instagram channel. Instagram.com/CruiseWith. And make sure you hit that subscribe button and bell button so you are notified when we upload some new videos. So that’s it till next time. Happy Cruising.

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