100 Plus Pound Blue Catfish: Missouri River, Missouri – Northwoods Angling

(transforming sound) Well we hooked up This thing just doubled over in the rod
holder. I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s good fish it’s moving out It feels big. We got multiple, multiple
lines. I kind of want to give everybody an idea of what we’re fishing here when we’re fishing for these blue cats. We’re
on what’s called a channel swing and I know we have these in Minnesota, but a
channel swing is where the current comes from one side of the river to the next
and right when it comes to this backside Oh we got a double, we got a double Shoot that’s a bigger one! Oh my gosh, Jakob! We got a double. That’s big. That’s really big. All right. That’s a really big one Jakob.
Yep, all right. So…This is Insane I can’t stop it, I can’t stop it, it’s a monster! REALLY HEAVY I can’t even get out – mine’s still sitting
here, so I’m going to clear some more rods Oh my gosh! Make sure that doesn’t get
pulled out of that holder. I’m watching. I don’t like it. (laughing) Yeah buddy! Oh it’s big! This is it. There’s one more There it goes. Alright Well, this is ridiculous. We haven’t had a bite all day. We come to this channel swing and now we got a double. Got it on my new Tommy Cat TomCat
rod here. (laughing) This is phenomenal buddy! I bet you mine’s 20, 30 pounds At least Mine just keeps getting buried down. Yours is big. Yep. So is yours. Mine is big, too. Oh my god! If you guys just saw that, I wish, I wish i could be running the camera right now but this is a big fish. Luke’s got a jumbo! Mine’s big. Your rod’s a lot heavier than mine, too. You have the….He’s using his alligator gar rod. Alright. So here’s the plan. Luke, you stay on your fish. I’m gonna put mine in a rod holder. No hand me your rod and I’ll one hand your rod. Oh this thing is just going. Can you net that one handed? Here we go. Once it’s in I’ll get it. OK That’s one folks! 25, 30 pounds Mine’s way out in the
current and it’s heavy! Do we need to go after it? Might not hurt, but…. We’ll get mine in Oh yeah this is That’s a good fish. This is a pig! Oh, there it goes again. Can you move back a little? Back here? Yup Yeah I can. This TomCat rod just handles them awesome. Does it? Yeah it’s great! (grunting) Alright, hooks out. Let’s move this out of the way. Ok. Put that fish on the floor. Yep There it goes again! Oh my dude! Just so you get an idea of my fish quick. Oh that’s it. Right there. (laughing) Alright I’m gonna actually get the motor going,
because I don’t want to run into anything. We don’t need…We don’t…I don’t think we need to. if he starts running away or something well…been out here for two and a half days Luke just hooked into a jumbo i’m pretty
sure if it isn’t big, something’s wrong Oh my god moving it (grunting) ouch look at that TomCat rod, just getting a workout today that’s a medium heavy, it’s got custom NorthWoods on it (line pulling) it’s big unbelievable that is a fight when you get a big fish like this, it’s important you you don’t want to tire him out too much the best interest for the fishes health that you you chase em down oh yeah that’s big That’s a jumbo (line pulling) (grunting) we just went through a rainstorm we
popped under a tree for I don’t know 20 minutes put all the camera gear away, got set up
in the spot, put all the camera back and just doubled over, doubled up
doubled over umm i’m gonna get ready for the net oh my god Luke O MY GOD….it’s huge It’s a hundred pounder maybe o the hook just came out Did it? No. I don’t know? (screaming and cheering) Yes buddy! (cheering) We got to get it in…get it in I was kind of down in the dumps and…. I’ve never seen a fish, a catfish this big that’s forsure the biggest thing I’ve ever seen…I’m
gonna start the motor I just want to get out in the current here yeah you can try make sure to grab onto the net I got it all right we cannot move this boat
without getting this fish in this is just a complete giant (grunting) O MY GOD FOLKS (grunting) check out this NORTHWOODS ANGLING BOYS (laughing…cheering) O MY GOD (laughing) (cheering) (laughing) YES YES WAHOOOOO Heat beat? O it’s just racing Yeah what 180 – 190? I don’t know what they are but holy
schnikeys Umm…. can we motor back up to the…or should we…
yeah we gotta.. Let me race up there we got to tie up to that anchor (motor starts) we got..I don’t know hundred and forty
pounds of fish in the boat right now that might be a hundred plus I don’t know how big that is… O watch that rod (motor running) oh my god Oh my god (motor running) (laughing) (laughing) Doesn’t even look real No. No. not even close Get that unhooked I don’t even know were to begin (music starts playing) get her unhooked, get the rod out of the way O MY GOD You make it seem like its easy to get unhooked (grunting) it’s so big Pliers (music playing) alright You gotta grab by the mouth, I’ll grab the tail Ok (grunting) it’s owning my hand Good? yeah look at my comparison it’s a daddy fish
and a… it’s a momma fish and a mini fish (sigh) alright Luke we gotta get these fish back Let’s do it, let’s release them I think were going to call this trip a done deal we will probably pack up, head home this is what we needed at the end From Northwoods Angling Luke and I everybody you got to get down to the Missouri
River this is phenomenal We’ll see you on the next one We’ll see you on the next one Oww (grunting) Mine was ready well it’s forty one and a half that’s fifty five by forty one and a half that’s ridiculous…lets get this fish back yep can you do this on your own while I film? (grunting) Ready? Luke what do you got? Fifty five by forty one and a half blue that’s gotta be a hundred pounder dude yep gotta be (water running) talk it up brother ooo hes biting down on my hand (water splash) There he goes (music starts playing) OOO YOU GUYS INSANE I don’t know what to tell you guys..but that was insane I think the shirt says it all brother got meow? I’m shaking I’ve got the chills my chest hurts from hanging over the boat my hands are completely bloody I don’t know you guys..that was I’m in awe we gotta get one of these brother yeaaahhhh holy s**t Welcome to NorthWoods Angling folks..
It’s What We Do! (music gets louder) as much as I want to care about your
fish… it’s hard to! (laughing) alright lets get a double I’ll get my back in the water and then
we’ll deal with him (music playing)

100 thoughts on “100 Plus Pound Blue Catfish: Missouri River, Missouri – Northwoods Angling

  1. That is freaking amazing fellas! I got serious about fishing two years back. My biggest thus far is a 42Ib Flatty and I thought that was huge haha shit no!! 😂 If y'all wanna see it, it's on my FB Kenneth Hunsinger. Caught it last year in Galesburg IL in June off a live blue gill hooked underneath top fin!

  2. Love the video but come on be real sportsmans and fish with one pole each plz..thats like hunting deer with a full auto..just my opinion…keep up the awesome vids

  3. Great fish!!! But please stop saying omg that is using God's name in vain

  4. I saw a huge Channel cat in Lake Weiss .A place called mud creek. Me and my Brother were bass fishing and it came to the surface next to the boat and opened its mouth .I estimated the mouth to be 24" across .

  5. Damn Did you end up getting that Guy stuffed or did you Eat him!!! Man that thing is huge!!

  6. that big fish would be cool to take home for a pet fish you would need a very big tank or dig a pond for it

  7. What did you guys use for bait lol. Did you just hook a whole chicken on there or something

  8. It’s so good that you let the super big ones go after catching. They wouldn’t be good eating and the number of super big really old fish have dwindled over the years with over-fishing. It’s good that these elder fish are still around to do their job of cleaning up the bottom of dirty rivers and streams all throughout the south.
    Good job guys!

  9. ive caught a lot of sturgeon a couple 10 footers but id rather catch one of those they are butes

  10. Good God that's a hell of a fish I should have been that Ride Like That yeah I'd love to hook into one like that got that could use that other catfish for bait for that one man that's monster and that's what you call a fish only time when you can get them bigger as when you go fishing in the ocean but my ass don't go in the ocean nope sorry that's the world's largest desert with s*** that swims in that water that will eat you

  11. I used to fish and swim the Missouri when I was stationed at Offutt. I'm glad to see you released that giant. He deserved to live out his life. That thing was probably 18 years old. Good job.

  12. I did the math and that fish is an estimated 118 pounds and some change

  13. I bet the beer went down easy after that!! Great job getting that monster to and in the boat.

  14. AWESOME! Subbed when you put that monster back for the next to enjoy, she's been alive longer than both of you combined probably. Good shit!

  15. Awesome job guys. That fish is incredible. Get a small saddle and give children rides lol. Keep up the good work.

  16. Great job letting that huge spawner go to let her spawn alpha offspring for years to come.you dont get that big from eating plastic or cutbaits she was a navy seal of catfish .lovecatch and release big spawners just eat the small ones they taste better anyway.to remove a cat of that size you would have lost over 100,000 pluss fry with her survival genes .i hope more people are like you guys.we have this problem on the east coast with stripers.people kill the big ole females during spawning just to get a so called "sitation,trophy " spawning areas must be off limets and only fish under 28"should be kept.you can get weight or mounts by mesurements and pictures .keep up the good work guys

  17. I believe that tomcat rod is good cause he thought it was 20-30 pounds haha

  18. That’s awesome seeing him smile after catching that ole blue nice catch man wow!

  19. That was an amazing fish. I knew you were gonna catch a big one. I still giggled right along with you guys when you got it in. Great job guys.

  20. That fish looks like it weighs fully 10% of the weight of the fisherman who caught it!

  21. Missouri record is 120lb and I would say this fish is closer to that amount. Go take a look your fish looks nearly identical. What an awesome catch!! Once in a lifetime.. Congrats!!!

  22. I guess we just let the fish suffocate…thats cruel….id never leave a fish flopping around

  23. You got an USA fishing rod, if you used a Chinese fishing rod to catch  a big fish like that  it broke already. Way to go man.

  24. I have never seen a blue cat that big. I live in the Muskingdom watershed district. A guy here caught a 76 pound catfish around 76 maybe? it was a world record. He took it home and built it a home in the creek that ran through his property. Should have put him back in the lake.

  25. You released that first poor fish after allowing it to suffocate and flop on the deck for 10 min… I don't care if you keep fish but to do that is just irresponsible…

  26. I fished the Ouachita River in N.E. La for years for these Blues and Opps (Flathead).. I've missed a couple in this range, but my biggest was about 45 lbs..

    I always tell people they can HAVE bass fishing, there's nothing like multiple rods and the mystery of how big that catfish will be when it breaches.. They're a great fight..

    BTW, we've always called that underwater geography you're fishing a cut bank.. Basically, a deep pool on the outer edge of a turn in the river cut away by years of current and debris.. ALWAYS ups your chances for big catfish..

  27. At first I wasn't sure if they were referring to their fish or something else…

  28. Fantastic video, BUT… am I really the ONLY immature one here?

    "I'll one-hand your rod…" I mean, I can't tell if you guys were doing the innuendos on purpose or not! Hahahaha!

  29. I subscribed to you because you're the first person on YouTube that I know came or live in missouri the state where I live👍

  30. "don't tire em out too bad because it's in the best Interest of the fish" proceeds to leave a fish on the floor forever

  31. One hell of a catch you guys got some awesome videos love watching👍

  32. very nice fish ! did u think of getting that fish checked to see if it was a possible State record ? have a great day Cheers every1 !

  33. Nice ones!!! There for a bit I was worried that ya weren’t gonna release em….Good work a lot of times the bite gets hot right before and after a storm…I would’ve went to the nearest gas station to buy a powerball ticket afterwards

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